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Synthesis of Information for Nursing Practice

Clinicians can improve their practices by embracing the new technology and the use of art and science in their operations. Most of the issues that affect nurses have their solutions in the literature, but practitioners rarely invest in the acquisition of information from written literature to inform their practice. On the other hand, synthesizing information from liberal art and science to stimulate critical thinking and improve nursing practice is not easy. One of the areas that nurses lack critical information is in handling cardiac arrest patients. Resuscitation is usually the first aid given to help cardiac arrest patients. However, most of the cardiac arrest survivors end up losing the normal functioning of the other parts of their body (Boltz, 2012). The ability to understand various dangers of cardiac arrest and resuscitation to the patient is one of the major accomplishments and professional growth I achieved in this review. Research indicates that there are safer ways to handle cardiac arrest patients without endangering their lives. The information is available, but it takes the commitment of the nurse to synthesize and understand various aspects of patient care. For instance, to avoid brain damage in cardiac arrest patients, one should make use of a three-step procedure. Induction, maintenance, and re-warming are the three key steps to improving the performance and the health of cardiac arrest patients (Boltz, 2012). The information helps me offer quality services to cardiac arrest patients in my practice.

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Teaching Care Plan

The care plan helped me acquire the necessary skills in handling patients with family related illnesses. People with family related diseases prefer engaging in certain activities that have proven successful before in their family. Understanding patient information is vital in clinical operations. Different health care techniques are necessary for different situations depending on the patient information. Additionally, treating genetic conditions requires a different dimension of understanding. Patient information is necessary for the designing and the management of the health care of the patients (Olson et al., 2010). Conducting the teaching care plan provided me with the right skills towards evaluating nursing care procedures of different patients. Additionally, the activity enabled me to understand the different dimensions of handling clients with different histories. The knowledge and the accomplishments from this activity will enable me to handle patients with more care in the future. Additionally, the activities of the procedure will enable me to develop ideal relationships with my patients, which is the principle in nursing care. Patient information is a great tool towards effective nursing care in the current world (Olson et al., 2010).

Clinical Excellence in Care Provision

The success of nursing care depends on the clinician’s ability to integrate cultural, spiritual, and religious views of the patient in the care plan. Patients view life differently depending on their cultural or religious beliefs. As such, it is necessary for health care providers to understand the various issues that patients consider valuable in their lives. The cultural assessment helped me to understand the different perspectives of life. Sometimes nurses find it difficult to handle people of different faith and cultural perspectives. However, the understanding and the willingness to uphold the patient’s dignity in health care is necessary for an effective outcome (Foreman, Milisen & Fulmer, 2010). The activity provided me with the necessary skills in handling patients with different backgrounds and settings. Patients feel comfortable and well-taken care of if practitioners honor their religious and cultural backgrounds. As a nurse, I must be willing to learn more about different cultures and faiths to enhance my nursing practice. The activity prompted me to search for more information concerning the population that I serve for better service delivery. Therefore, in my future practice, I will be able to understand the reservations and the willingness of patients to engage in certain medical practices.

Improve Patient Care Outcomes

The communication between practitioners is important to the nursing practice. Nurses must ensure that patients can access the right information at all times from the recommended databases. Additionally, communication between various professionals within the health industry is essential. This activity helped me to acquire the necessary skills in transforming and converting patient information into electronic format. Storing information in the PDF format makes it easy for third parties to access the material. The process of converting paper into electronic format depends on various things. First, the paper must be in the right format to enhance the conversation. Some materials require a secondary electronic device to help convert the paper (Foreman et al., 2010). Additionally, health care personnel must ensure that the papers are in the correct format to avoid manipulation by third parties. The right paper format ensures that patients do not alter the required information, thus making the practice of nursing much easier. On the other hand, the practitioners must ensure that the process does not take too long. The speed of the computer and the availability of the right software are essential elements in the paper conversion process.

Exhibit Professional Values

In nursing practice, one is bound to interact with people from varied backgrounds. Regardless of the differences in language and originality, the law requires nurses and health care providers to act within the regulations of the land and the health regulations. Understanding different languages is quite vital to the nursing practice. A nurse must be able to communicate with patients clearly to enhance the quality of services. As such, health providers must learn languages that are common in the community to improve the quality of health care. A simple misunderstanding in communication can lead to loss of life or poor service delivery. Healthcare providers find themselves in lawsuits if they fail to consider different languages in their practice (Melnyk & Overholt, 2011). Therefore, in my future practice, I will be keen to study and understand the various languages of the community that I serve. Nurses who invest in studying different languages achieve success in their fields of operations. On the other hand, collaboration between professionals in the health industry is quite essential to the general health of the public. The laboratory and the clinical departments must have clear communication to improve the quality of health within any institution. Interpreters used in medical practice must have a medical training background to interpret different medical terminologies correctly. In general, I learned that it is essential to follow procedures in healthcare practice (Melnyk & Overholt, 2011).

Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Most of the diseases affecting people today are lifestyle related. Poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise are some of the risk factors of the major death causing illnesses in the world. As such, there is a need for the healthcare personnel to inform the public of better health practices that can help reduce chances of illnesses. Looking at various situations, I understood that people are unwilling to practice healthy lifestyles for various reasons. For instance, cultural practices are some of the issues that hinder healthy living among people. In some cultures, families must stay together in the evenings to build family ties. In the current world, such practices may hinder healthy living because they do not give time for physical exercise (Melnyk & Overholt, 2015). The nature of today’s economy requires people to spend most of their time in offices. Therefore, evenings are the only times that one can engage in physical exercise. The desire to uphold family ties hinders such activities, hence poor lifestyles. The understanding of these various issues places me in an ideal position to handle patients suffering from overweight and obesity. Further, understanding the various cultural setups will help me in preventing the passing on of sedentary lifestyles by parents to children. The best way to handle obesity problems in adulthood is to ensure that parents set a good example for their children for a better future (Olson et al., 2010). Educating the public about the importance of healthy lifestyles is one of the best mechanisms that can help deal with the issue of obesity.

Incorporate Evidence-Based Knowledge and Theory in Nursing

As a health practitioner, I value the use of evidence-based practice in nursing. To enhance my skills, I use evidence-based research to ensure that I am well equipped to handle the current world situations. Most of the traditional methods of nursing practices are outdated (Boltz, 2012). Therefore, health care practitioners must be willing to combine the known treatment mechanisms with research findings for effective results.

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Demonstrate leadership and collaboration to support change

The major accomplishment of this activity was to understand various ways to avoid and deal with errors in the medical field. Errors in nursing are dangerous and can result in adverse situations. However, nurses can make use of various techniques to limit the impacts of errors in the clinical operations. One of the ways of ensuring that errors are well managed is by reporting their occurrence to the necessary authorities. Additionally, the use of Root Cause Analysis helps healthcare practitioners to determine the causes of errors and deal with the Root Cause. Root Cause Analysis provides a safe path for the future practices and instills confidence in both the patients and the healthcare providers (Melnyk & Overholt, 2015). The use of evidence-based practice is another approach that health care providers can employ to limit the occurrence of errors in nursing practice. Lastly, the use of electronic devices to store information ensures effectiveness in nursing practice. Electronic records make it easy for leaders to assign roles and make decisions based on patients’ information without making unnecessary errors (Schultz & Videbeck, 2009).

Allocate and Manage Resources to Enhance Quality

The economic changes require health care providers to be well equipped to deliver quality services to patients. This activity enabled me to practice and understand the need to proper resource allocation in improving the quality of clinical care in health institution. Healthcare institutions must collaborate with organizations that offer certain services to enhance the patient quality in their practice. For instance, counseling firms do a great job of managing patient’s psychological abilities. Collaborating with such organizations will help cut down costs and improve the quality of care. Nurses also need to understand the effects of the environment on the quality of services. Healthcare facilities should take care of the needs of the whole person (Melnyk & Overholt, 2015). As such, the health care facility environment must remain conducive enough to give the patients a peace of mind. Another important aspect of managing resources is to handle similar cases together. Counseling for young mothers and the guidance to childcare can be done together to avoid misuse of resources. Using the right platforms to reach the target market also goes a long way in reducing the misuse of resources. In my practice, I try to integrate these factors to improve the quality of care.

In-Life Long Learning and Scholarly Enquiry

The changes in the economy require health care practitioners to adapt to the new systems for effective service delivery. As a health care practitioner, I understand the need for further education and the use of scholarly material in improving the quality of health. One of the techniques that nurses must embrace in this century is transformational leadership. The approach ensures that practitioners are well equipped to handle different cases in different situations (Schultz & Videbeck, 2009). As a leader, one must ensure direct contact with their subordinates for the greater good of the practice. As such, I always employ open communication in my leadership activities to ensure that all the people agree with specific ways of operation. Another accomplishment I have in this area is the ability to motivate and inspire my juniors to perform better. Open communication, teamwork, and education are important to my health care practice.


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