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Behavioral Administrator in a Public Psychiatric Hospital


Human behavior has been the focus of many studies in the recent past. Researchers have formulated theories in an attempt to explain the same issue. Careers that are dedicated to human behavior have found their place in the management of patients in health institutions. The developed society may be free of most infectious diseases. However, mental health conditions remain a challenge to health practitioners, administrators, and scholars.

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Leading studies have attempted to explain the etiology of these conditions, with societal factors ranking highly as major causes of these mental conditions. Stress and societal pressures are among the leading causes of mental conditions throughout the world, with susceptible individuals spending many hours in health institutions. The prevalence of mental conditions varies among cultures, regions, and people of different economic status. However, the link is dependent on the mental condition in focus. This report examines the relevance of work and family experience in the etiology of mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.

The report also assesses mental conditions in the Unites States and the strategic differences in relation to other cultures. It explores how stress and societal pressures may cause mental conditions while at the same time comparing how other cultures focus on health of the individual over the pressures to gain success. The report also uses a theoretical model that is most consistent with clients’ life experiences and cultural perspectives. It proposes the application of a relaxing and supportive office environment where everyone is important and valued.

The Organization

The organization in which psychiatric conditions are managed determines in part the success of patient management. Most societies that record poor management of psychiatric conditions have underlying deficiencies in the organizations where these patients may be managed. The organization where the personal management of mental health patients is to take place is ABC Psychiatric Hospital. This institution is a state-of-the-art psychiatric care center that offers basic services in mental health. While working as a behavioral administrator in this institution, several services should be offered, including the most basic of psychiatric interventions.

Societal pressures in the Unites States contribute significantly to the development of mental health issues and conditions. A comparison of societal pressures in the United States and those in societies that focus on the health of human beings is possible. The information on the mental health conditions in the United States against that of other regions in the world can be assessed in the numerous literatures that have been done on the same topic. According to Mather, Roche, and Duffield (2013), the levels of stress in the United States are not as high as most other regions of the world, although this nation has areas that are associated with work and family stress. The prevalence of mental conditions in some areas such as Los Angeles is higher than other states.

The mission statement for ABC Psychiatric Hospital is that all people are important and that they should be held in high esteem, despite the amount of money they possess. This statement emphasizes the equal treatment that all individuals should receive in the field of mental health, with the institution targeting to offer the same treatment. According to Mather, Roche, and Duffield (2013), the social status of individuals is a determinant of the prevalence of psychiatric conditions. Stress levels at home and work are recognized sources of mental health problems, irrespective of the social status of an individual.

The human services model is applied in this organization. In this mode, the individual is placed above the pressures of society to gain success. Human beings have traditionally engaged in activities that are aimed at gaining success in various areas. The desire to succeed increases the amount of pressure that individuals are prone to. The prevalence of pressure in the general population means an increase in the psychiatric problems. The clients to ABC Psychiatric Hospital include depressed patients and patients suffering from anxiety among other mental health conditions. Patients are from the areas around the hospital, with most of them being referrals from other health institutions in the country.

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The number of individuals suffering from mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression associated with stress has been on the increase in the recent past. The number of institutions that offer mental health services is not enough to cater for all clients who are in need of these services (Mather, Roche, & Duffield, 2013). ABC Psychiatric Hospital exists as a source of new management for psychiatric patients in the United States. The institution offers a variety of services to the large number of mental health patients in this country, attempting to rehabilitate and offer services that are relevant to them.

The institution has a number of ways that it uses in the rehabilitation of these patients, including the provision of basic medical interventions and the application of different bio-psychosocial approaches. The different approaches of managing psychiatric patients in this institution are based on the available evidence from researchers. Therefore, the institution is founded on the provision of basic and danced psychiatric care to patients. The institution is a model for others that use interventions that are aimed at correcting psychiatric problems and/or rehabilitating patients. Human behavior is a central component of the management of patients in the institution.

Some of the weaknesses and strengths of the institution are highlighted in this section. A major strength for the institution is the use of human behavior to help assess and manage patients who are suffering from psychiatric conditions. The institution offers a relatively new way of managing psychiatric patients by offering them a newer form of therapy. ABC Psychiatric Hospital has developed a new and efficient method of treating the psychiatric patients, with the focus being the basic use of human behavior theories.

The new measures that are used in the management of psychiatric conditions at the institution also form the major weakness of the institution. The relatively new ways of exploring how stress and societal problems cause mental illness constitute the main weakness in the institution. Since the methods have not been tried on a large scale, there is a high possibility of failure. Hence, the organization may be at risk of applying methods that do not necessarily provide adequate results.

ABC Psychiatric Hospital is located in a rural setting where the beautiful countryside offers therapeutic relief to patients suffering from various mental conditions. The lush green grass, often-blue skies, and a rolling meadow surrounded by lakes and outside rock gardens and streams form part of the physical environment where the hospital is located. The environment provides a relief for patients who are essentially stressed, thus contributing to the therapeutic management of these patients.

The institution’s building complements the environment in which the institution is located in open areas that consist of hardwood floors. Patients should have the ability to look out and see the beauty of nature while they are inside comfortable accommodations with plush furniture and areas for floor activities. This building will provide an adequate environment for the management of psychiatric patients. The institution has adequately trained and qualified staff members. The recruitment process for the staff is competent. Hence, it allows holistic management of the patients. The assessment shows that ABC Psychiatric Hospital is an appropriate model in the management of mental health patients in a society that has several social factors as the etiology.

The Job

The institution in which psychiatric management takes place has a number of functions, which range from nursing of these patients to the evaluation of the best management methods. Different individuals have special roles in the management of patients. The personal position in this organization is that of a group therapy leader who locates information on how to add a new more self-preserving way of life to a client whose life is filled with worry, anxiety, and other mental concerns brought about by external pressures. This role requires the holistic management of the patient, with thorough history taking to assess the environmental conditions in which the patient is situated.

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In this position, the expectation is that holistic management of patients has to take place. Hence, cooperation between staff members is essential. The other requirement is that I should be comfortable working with others so that I can get assistance where required. The institution also requires that the standard mode of dressing be practiced. Hence, simple dresses are required. The dressing should also be relaxed. It should convey the message of care and respect. The job position requires all clients who need help from the institution to be welcomed in a good manner. The chief method of ensuring this requirement is that the bearer should be approachable and easy to communicate with.

The multicultural theory is an important premise in the management of any patients. However, it is particularly important in the management of mental health patients (Lesser & Pope, 2011) due to the finding that the culture and society within which an individual is located have a great influence on the stresses, which they are prone to. According Lesser and Pope (2011), the multicultural theory is the concept that guides the practitioner in selecting and using the most consistent life experiences and cultural perspective of clients in their management. Patients from different cultures have different stressors, with the response to these stresses also varying (Lesser & Pope, 2011).

The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, with the GDP being significantly higher than most other countries in the world. This characteristic is a key determinant of the prevalence and mental health conditions since the population is at a lower stress level than that of other countries. The multicultural theory is important in that it ensures the determination of the etiology of most of the psychiatric conditions. The special roles that personally performed as a human behavioral administrator at ABC Psychiatric Hospital require the application of the multicultural theory.

My role as a human behavioral administrator at ABC Psychiatric Hospital will be the provision of supportive and a family-type group environment where everyone’s thoughts and feelings are important and valued. The patients receive group and family therapies that have emerged from the many researches in this field of mental health. Multiculturalism in the United States is a reality, with most of the population being from different cultures in the world. The presence of many cultures introduces the complexity associated with the management of psychiatric patients since the genetic makeup and susceptibility to different conditions varies among these groups.

The Staff

The performance of any institution is determined by the collective performance of the staff in the institution and their performance as an individual. The function in of ABC Psychiatric Hospital relies heavily on the performance of the employees in the institution, and hence the high priority given to them in any of the operations. The interaction between patients and the staff ensures increased quality of care, as the patients provide good feedback to the institution. According Lesser and Pope (2011), the motivation of employees is a chief priority of any organization to enable continued positive performance. This situation makes the staff a major shareholder in the institution. Just like many other shareholders, the staff should be treated with respect and high esteem, with motivation being a constant.

Qualification in the management of psychiatric patients is another qualification that is present among employees at the ABC Psychiatric Hospital. The staff members who work at this institution have basic qualification in the management of patients with characteristic features, with all of them being graduates at recognized health institutions. Different specialties within the domain of mental health are represented, including the psychiatrists who run the organization to ensure adequate management of patients. The individuals work as a team in the provision of care for patients, with this plan ensuring high success rates in the management of mental conditions. According to Voineskos (2009), a holistic management approach where every profession is involved allows better patient recovery.

Communication consists of the other favorable characteristic for employees who work in an institution such as the ABC Psychiatric Hospital. The institution benefits from the group effort as opposed to the detached management of patients, the result of which is high ranking among the other institutions in the category in which it operates. Employees communicate among themselves while at the same time upholding vertical communication with their managers and supervisors. Communication has to take a multidimensional shape for it to be adequate. This institution is a major model for the practice of this concept.

Employee motivation guarantees positive results to the employees and the institution as a whole. Motivation is in the form of monetary and other rewards, with the salary being the single best motivator of performance in institutions. The motivation of employees at ABC Psychiatric Hospital is adequate, with the management ensuring an adequate salary and the provision of other necessary working conditions. Personal remuneration is sufficient, and so is the environment in which my work takes place. Various managers and senior employees are also accessible, thus making it easy to provide feedback on different things in the organization.

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The research in employee performance indicates that employees who have the necessary facilities have a better output compared to those who have insignificant support and motivation (Voineskos, 2009). Health institutions are mostly affected by these findings, as is the institution in question. There is a room for improvement in staff management. The human resource department should ensure that this outcome is realized adequately and on a timely manner. Improvement in these areas should see improved performance of ABC Psychiatric Hospital in the future.


Different researchers have conducted researches that apply in the enhancement of organizational basis of a psychiatric hospital. The researchers enhance the organizational nature of the institution, including the provision of the right working procedures and methods. Some of the researchers who conducted research in the area include Burlingame, Earnshaw, Hoag, Barlow, Richardson, Donnell, and Villani (2002). In their research, any health institution should ensure that health workers collaborate in their management of patients (Burlingame et al., 2002). The team that is involved in the management of staff competence in large health institutions such as ABC Psychiatric Hospital patients should consist of academicians, administrators, and health directors (Burlingame et al., 2002).

In Burlingame et al.’s (2002) research, the proposed collaborative program of the above team was tested using scientific methods and experiments, with the results supporting the efficacy of the interventions. They concluded that the programs would be effective in large health institutions where the programs were applicable. Organizations such as ABC Psychiatric Hospital fail because of certain errors that are present within the system in which they operate. According to Cullen, Nath, and Marcus (2010), it is critical that organizations understand the errors that hinder their care for psychiatric patients and other patients who have mental conditions.

The management of mental health patients will improve if the institutions avoid the errors mentioned by Cullen, Nath, and Marcus (2010). The researchers describe some of the errors that hinder the best “practices for safety in medicine and surgery” (Cullen, Nath, & Marcus, 2010, p. 197). The different types of errors in inpatient psychiatry were assessed in the research, with some of the remedies being provided. Voineskos (2009) is another researcher who provides important updates on the psychiatric intensive care. The research provides important updates on the management of patients with psychiatric conditions. It offers an “updated and extended contents of a successful, comprehensive, and concise account of best clinical practice in psychiatric intensive care” (Voineskos, 2009, p. 853).

According to Voineskos (2009), the above researchers indicate that the management of patients in the field of psychiatry should be holistic and multidisciplinary. Psychological interventions are inadequate in the management of these patients. Specific interventions should be applied. Voineskos (2009) provides an important review of individuals who work in the field of psychiatric intensive care.

The practice of poly-pharmacy in the management of psychiatric patients can be beneficial because patients may benefit from the different effects of the different drugs (Finnerty, Kealey, Leckman-Westin, Gupta, White, Engel, & Opler, (2011). Traditionally, poly-pharmacy has been a challenge for psychiatrists due to the different interactions and combined side effects of the medication. However, evidence supports the informed use of poly-pharmacy.

The types of patients in psychiatric intensive vary in different parts of the world. This variation was the basis of the assessment that was provided by Wynaden, McGowan, Chapman, Castle, Lau, Headford, and Finn (2001). The report indicates the different patient populations in one of the psychiatric intensive care units in Western Australia. The patients found in these units required a particularly high level of care (Wynaden et al., 2001), thus supporting the notion of a multidisciplinary approach that has been suggested by the above researchers.

Staff members in any psychiatric institution have to use their skills in the management of patients who have different levels of psychiatric conditions. Two chief characteristics that the staff people in these institutions need to exhibit include confidence and expertise, with their communication skills being particularly advanced (Wynaden et al., 2001). These units often have a potentially aggressive section of patients.

Without proper management and observation, management may be hindered. Psychiatric institutions such as ABC Psychiatric Hospital also have a significant population of patients who are easily and highly aroused. This case may also lead to problems in the management of patients in the institutions (Wynaden et al., 2001). The study demonstrates that the best practice in patients’ management should be a multidisciplinary approach. These research findings indicate the need for different professions to engage in the management of psychiatric patients.


In conclusion, the management of patients in psychiatric institutions is dependent on several factors, most of which are discussed in the report. The institution in which the future management of psychiatric patients is to take place is assessed, with this institution being the ABC Psychiatric Hospital. The report has assessed the different roles and functions of the institution and the major components of the operational team.

The personal position in this institution is that of human behavioral administrator who is suited to the personal training and experience. The management of a psychiatric institution is exemplified by the different areas as discussed in this institution. The staff member is motivated, adequately paid, and willing to work in the holistic management of the institution. The different researches that evaluate the role of the multidisciplinary approach in psychiatric institutions have also been provided.

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