Big Five Personality Inventory and Personal Results


In recent years, the Big Five Personality Inventory has gained a lot of popularity in casual and professional circles. The development of such systems has been going throughout the last century with mixed results. However, recent research has shown a measurable level of effectiveness in utilizing the Big Five Personality Inventory in leadership evaluation. This paper will showcase the results of my personality inventory and present my thoughts on how they affect my behavior.

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I have scored high in my openness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. My conscientiousness score was relatively low, however. As with many people, there are both upsides and downsides to my personality. I am extremely open to new ideas and find creativity to be a valuable asset. When working on an unfamiliar project, I often find out-of-the-box ideas to solve problems. My extroversion allows me to easily approach other people, as well as being approachable myself. There are rare situations when I leave people without a response, and I try to be as pleasant as I can be at the moment.

I am also very patient with people and try to imagine myself in their place when dealing with a person who is either neurotic or rude. I am agreeable unless it is a situation where such attitude would be degrading to my loved ones or me. I tend to reserve my judgment on people before I get to know them, and even then try to be understanding. Life is a complicated system, and judging a person without knowing the whole picture is hard for me. There are exceptions, however, but they are rare and often coincide with the societal beliefs of who is considered a bad person.

My downsides come from my neuroticism and middling conscientiousness. I can panic in stressful situations, which reduces my ability to complete tasks. It also can have an effect on my communication as I can lose control over my emotions if I feel like there is no solution to a difficult issue with a close deadline. I am also not the most systematic and organized person. Despite that, I always try to finish everything I start in the required amount of time. I also see myself as a responsible person with great respect for work.

Since certain traits have shown to lead to better leadership, I can determine my readiness to be a leader (Karwowski & Lebuda, 2016). The most important traits for this position are openness, conscientiousness, and extroversion (Northouse, 2015). People who possess all three are more ready to become leaders according to this theory. My openness and extroversion are very high. This leads me to believe that I can make up for my lack of conscientiousness with the other two traits. I may be a messy leader, but I am dedicated to the completion of the tasks through creative solutions and healthy communication.

My personality has an effect on my behavior at work, school, and in teamwork. I sometimes find it hard to stick to the schedules provided by work and school, but often find ways of subverting this issue through creative resource management. I excel when working in a team because through communication I gain additional confidence in my abilities, which allows me to combat my neuroticism.


Human personality is complex, but by simplifying it into five major traits, it is possible to get a vague idea of who the person is. It is not a perfect system but can be used in addition to other tests. I found the majority of the information from it to be accurate to how I see myself.

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