Biological Processes Related to Human Age

Famous Persons

Becca Levy and Ellen Langer became the very first persons to identify the peculiarities of the peak and decline model and compare the latter to the lifespan developmental model elaborated by Sigmund Freud. The peak and decline model was initially outlined by Herbert Lehman who stated that this model had numerous quantitative advantages while there were also some limitations connected to the conceptual complexities (McKeough & Lupart, 2013). The ageism of society is refuted by the author of the peak and decline model as Lehman believes that creativity is displayed differently throughout the whole lifetime.

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Biological Processes

The biological process that can be reviewed within the current paper is created in association with the age of the given individual. For instance, one may divide children into groups and evaluate them based on their creativity while conducting a cross-sectional study. Most definitely, it will be found that there are certain minimum and maximum values that are inherent in the sample. In the youngest group, for example, the level of creativity is low (developmental factors may be the key contributors). Also, the concept of creativity may depend on the process of school adaptation (Zheng, 2015). Overall, the development of creativity is one of the most complex cognitive processes throughout the whole life.

Lifespan Developmental Model

The very first change in society connected to the life span development model is the ability to develop creativity in older adults as the latter is still able to play. This assumption is based on the concept of psychodynamics that shows that ego function is also still in place (McKeough & Lupart, 2013). The second idea is that every human has the capacity for creativity regardless of any external or internal factors. This has an impact on society because the youth can be asked to innovate based on what can be conveyed by the elderly.


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