BrandMaker Company Building and Using Power

What are the key challenges to be addressed by CEO Tom Morris and his management team at BrandMaker?

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There are quite several challenges facing the operations of BrandMaker. Some of these challenges are emanating from the internal operations of the company, although most of them are external. It is vital for the management team and the CEO of the company (Tom Morris) to address these challenges as soon as possible to avert any possible losses.

To begin with, Tom Morris should remain firm and consistent when making any decision. He should not compromise the well being of the company due to the persuasion of the employees (Study Mode, 2013). The internal challenges facing BrandMaker have been discussed in the following paragraphs.

First, it is important to mention that immediately after John Goodwin retired; the company began to experience difficulties. A power gap was created in the organization immediately after he retired. His main role before retirement was to take care of the Corporate Identity Marketing Division (CIMD). The power vacuum struck the company because succession plans had not been put in place. As a result, the CIM division was significantly affected. Employees were also left in a state of uncertainty after his sudden departure (Study Mode, 2013).

Since the employees lacked guidance on how to run the affairs of the organization, they ended up with opposing views and frequent conflicts. Worse still, the operations of EAD and CIM were combined, leading to further management hitches.

A lot of distrust has created a rift among employees who do not mutually accept the takeover by Carlos Cramer. He has proposed and implemented the integration of the two divisions in spite of sharp disagreements among employees. Tom Morris may find himself dealing with two opposing camps of employees who are not productive in the organization. If employees at BrandMaker continue to make divergent decisions, it will hamper the market performance of the company.

John Goodwin is also another obstacle to the organization. There is an urgent need to substitute him as the Division’s head. Before Carlos can fully take over the CIM Division, the conflict will be inevitable bearing in mind that the employees have now grouped themselves into two opposing camps (Study Mode, 2013).

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At the external level, technological development is causing a serious problem at the organization. Although the management team of the company often prefers the conventional and tested methods in administering operations, the emerging technologies are yet to be embraced and adopted at BrandMaker. The organization will only compete favorably with other market rivals if it fully complies with the latest technology (Study Mode, 2013). The current management team is adamant about changing the mode of operation. As a result, Tom Morris may yet again find himself in a management conflict with the top organ of the organization, especially if he attempts to implement technological changes against their will. Customers’ expectations are continually changing. In other words, the tastes and preferences of consumers are not stagnant. Therefore, the organization needs to advance itself technologically to comply with the needs of the changing markets.

What are the possible implications of the power struggle developing at the top of the company for the future of the Corporate Identity Marketing Division?

As already discussed, the entry of Carlos and the looming exit of Goodwin will not be an easy or smooth-sailing task at the organization. The power struggle is rapidly developing between the two executives since employees have already taken opposing sides (Study Mode, 2013). Each of the top executives is putting the best effort to win sympathy from employees. On the same note, the CEO (Tom Morris) is also under pressure to exercise his authority and guide the operations of the organization accordingly. These conflicts will generate long term implications in the organization. For example, the overall market performance of BrandMaker will most likely dwindle due to the growing conflicts. The top executives and employees who are not united can hardly work as a unit to meet the set objectives. Power politics will take both the monetary and time resources that are needed to strategize for the highly competitive market.

Another possible implication of the power struggle at the company is the loss of trust and commitment among employees. Whenever employees are aware that the top management organ is not united, they tend to relax and lose their corporate identity and culture. Consequently, the company may experience reduced revenues.

What should the CEO, Tom Morris, do to turn conflict into an opportunity?

Although conflict is a disgrace in the productivity of an organization, Tom Morris can still turn the prevailing conflicts at BrandMaker into opportunities. First, this is the best time that the CEO should seek close cooperation with the employees who conflict. The current conflict at the organization can also be used by the CEO to move employees and the top management team from comfort zones. Tom Morris should take this opportunity to organize regular meetings with all the employees to create harmony within the workforce. Hence, he can use the current state of conflict to improve organizational meetings. Finally, it is the best opportunity to negotiate with employees and the management teams concerning the disagreements prevailing in the organization.


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