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The Vulnerable Population of Brownsville: Disabled People


The community under investigation is a census-designated place Brownsville, Florida. The population is nearly 16,000. The majority of the population is healthy, not obese, and satisfied with the quality of their lives. The vulnerable population of Brownsville community is represented by disabled people. They are not provided with all necessary opportunities for their well-being. The city’s environment and infrastructure do not have specific devices and modifications that are needed for this group of people. Besides that, the place does not have any preventive healthcare activity. There are no advertisements about planned health-care events or lectures, which shows the obvious lack of attention to the development of the healthcare sector. The paper aims to assess the vulnerable population of Brownsville that is presented by disabled people: risk factors and barriers for their well-being; community resources that are available for them; and one top-priority problem that can be positively impacted by a community health nurse.

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Vulnerable Population Overview

Disabled people in Brownsville make up 15% of the total population (City data, 2016, para. 148). Seven percent of this group has sensory disabilities, and eight percent of this vulnerable population has physical disabilities (City data, 2016, para. 149). Nine percent of disabled people in Brownsville are underage (City data, 2016, para. 150). Brownsville group of disabled people live happy lives. However, they are not always provided with opportunities that allow them to consider themselves equal to others. Brownsville infrastructure does not have specific devices for people with physical disabilities, such as ramps, and persons with sensory disabilities, such as braille tablets. The health care centers are located in the way to make them available for people. However, the nearest clinic could be found in Boca Raton. Such location is not a good option for people with physical disabilities. Moreover, the situation with employment is also complicated. Not all employers are ready to provide the conditions that are necessary for work of disabled people.

Strengths, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers

Since Brownsville lacks specific devices for the well-being of the disabled people, there are barriers to their happy functioning. The recreational areas, cafes, restaurants, and places of entertainment are not equipped with ramps, so people with physical disabilities do not have the opportunity to visit them.

Disabled people have a risk of overall health worsening. They are more liable to various diseases. Iezzoni (2011) states that people with physical disabilities are more liable to obesity than those who does not have physical disabilities (a 28,4% possibility versus 17,8 % possibility) (p. 1950). According to the statistics, 47,7% of disabled people may be physically inactive during leisure time (Iezzoni, 2011, p. 1950).

Community Resources

Disabled persons that live in Brownsville may visit home health centers such as Professional Medical Home Health, Quality Care Home Services, B Friends Home Health, Idea Home Health Care, Mediadvantage Home Health Care Services, and Paradise Home Health. There is also a nursing home Jackson Memorial Long Term Care Center that is located approximately two miles away in Miami, FL. There are two AMTRAC stations that disabled people may use: Miami (8303 n.w. 37th Ave.) and Hollywood (3001 Hollywood Blvd.).

Although the health centers are numerous, their location can hardly be considered as convenient. All of them are situated approximately two miles away in Miami, FL. While Miami AMTRAC station is fully wheelchair accessible and is located three miles away from Brownsville, Hollywood is 14 miles away and is only partially wheelchair accessible.

Community Health Problem Diagnosis

Obesity may be considered one of the major problems for the disabled people. The prevention care must include the limitation of unhealthy food such as red meat, fried potatoes, sweets, and sugary beverages. Also, under the care of a professional nurse, a disabled person should do some physical activities, follow the sleep schedule, and try to reduce stressful emotions.

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According to the statistics, 47,2% of adults with disabilities do not receive periodic and primary preventive care (Healthy People, 2016, para. 11). The state’s objective is to lower this figure to 44,6% with the help of ten percent improvement method (Healthy People, 2016, para. 11). Also, the government aims to increase the number of health departments that perform health surveillance of caregivers for disabled people (Healthy People, 2016). Currently, only three states perform this activity. The state’s objective is 51 states that conduct health surveillance of caregivers for disabled people (Healthy People, 2016).


The vulnerable population in Brownsville is represented by people with disabilities. They live happy lives, but there are some factors that prevent them from feeling equal to others. The city’s infrastructure is not equipped with ramps or braille tablets in leisure and recreational facilities, and health centers are located outside of the city. One of the major problems of people with disabilities is the risk of obesity development. Although Brownsville does not pay specific attention to the preventive health care, there are certain ways to increase vigilance among people with disabilities. They should be told to do some physical activities, refuse unhealthy food, and try to avoid stressful situations. Brownsville is a good place for a living; however, it will be better if the administration provides more services for disabled people.


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