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  1. Social Issues: Discrimination of Black Population in USA
    Despite numerous democratic endeavors, the gap between the representatives of the Black culture and the White residents of the USA is still huge.
  2. Eating Disorders in Adult Population
    The major part of this paper is the design of the group proposal about group therapy and its application in the eating disorder in adult population.
  3. Childhood Obesity: a Population Health Issue
    This paper will discuss childhood obesity in relation to measuring parameters, risk factors, consequences, and preventive strategies.
  4. Transnational Population of Tamils in Sri Lanka
    The Transnational Tamils in Sri Lanka are a section of Tamilians pushing for the creation of an independent Tamil-dominated nation in the north and east of the country.
  5. Impact of a Growing Elderly Population
    The growing elderly population has a number of impacts on the society, the economy, and families. Governments should develop policies that will address this challenge.
  6. The Youthful Population of Saudi Arabia
    The youthful population in Saudi Arabia is still being faced with a growing rate of unemployment. This is a paradox bearing in mind that this country is one of the leading producers of crude oil.
  7. Demographic Data and Population Pyramid
    The primary purpose of the population pyramid is to display differences between different groups of people in a comprehensive manner to make it easier to analyze the information that is available.
  8. Zambia Population: Strengthening Human Resources for Health
    Zambia is by far one of the most peculiar African states. However, Zambia will soon have to face a serious challenge. The state government can possibly prevent the Zambian population from shrinking.
  9. Homeless Population and US Healthcare Models
    The paper studies on of the vulnerable population groups – the homeless population in the U.S, and compares four healthcare models.
  10. Hispanic Population in the USA
    The Hispanic population is the largest national-linguistic minority on the territory of the USA, which has a long and complicated history. The Hispanics are the representatives of two unequal groups.
  11. Aging: The Impacts of a Growing Elderly Population
    Humanity is facing a significant demographic shift as in many countries of the world (the vast majority of them are developed countries) population is aging.
  12. Prison Population and Healthcare Models in the USA
    This paper focuses on the prison population with a view to apply the Vulnerable Population Conceptual Model, and summarizes US healthcare models.
  13. Cardiovascular Disease in African American Population
    This paper assembly could provide assistance to improve the distinguishing of racial differences in cardiovascular disease in the framework of the context of the United States.
  14. Hispanic as a Vulnerable Population in the US
    The paper reviews Hispanic population as a vulnerable population in the US using Vulnerable Population Conceptual Model, and healthcare models in the US.
  15. Hispanic Population with Heart Failure
    The research problem was based on the realization that the effectiveness of heart failure management programs had not been tested when in Hispanic participants.
  16. HIV/AIDS Awareness in Mississippi Youth Population
    This paper proposes a program that can provide youths with the appropriate awareness as a means to address the risk factors to HIV and AIDS.
  17. Vulnerable Population in Modern Society
    The following paper is to cover different reasons that make populations vulnerable under the variety of circumstances, to examine some events that may cause it.
  18. Brownsville: Vulnerable Population
    The paper aims to assess the vulnerable population of Brownsville that is presented by disabled people: risk factors and barriers for their well-being.
  19. Cognitive Neurodegeneration in the Elderly Population
    The needs of the elderly are now among the key concerns for the medical practitioners. Among the key issues are the neurodegenerative conditions that lead to cognitive impairment.
  20. Vulnerable Population and Health Issues in Miami
    The black community in Miami can be described as a vulnerable population because of certain unique challenges it is facing.
  21. Vulnerable Population in Little Havana
    The purpose of the assessment is to identify the vulnerable population, strengths, risk factors, barriers, and community sources, in Little Havana.
  22. Healthy Nutrition for Vulnerable Aging Population
    Healthy eating is an important component of healthy lifestyles that can help people maintain good health throughout their lives.
  23. Homeless as Vulnerable Population in the US
    The vulnerable population that will be examined throughout this paper is homeless people. The geographic scope is limited to the USA to facilitate data mining and analysis.
  24. Population Health, Its Elements and National Strategy
    Population health is a complex term that refers to the health outcomes distributed among the nation. This definition is used to develop governmental health policy.
  25. Global Environmental Changes: Population’ Growth
    Population growth generally refers to the rate in which the number of people increases and is found by subtracting the death rate from the birth rate.

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  1. Depletion of the Beaver Population in Canada
    The question regarding the beaver exploitation and the relation of the Native Americans towards the issue seems to be significantly important to examine.
  2. Dental Health Care among the Low-Income Population
    The identified problem associated with the launch of a health policy is linked to the access to dental health care among the low-income population of Miami, Florida.
  3. Vulnerable Population in Miami
    This paper is aimed at discussing vulnerable population in Miami in more detail, identifying the specific problems they face, and exploring the opportunities available for a community health care.
  4. Obesity among the Adult Population
    Improvement of the healthcare system would reduce the amount of biased and unfounded prejudices towards patients suffering from obesity.
  5. Vulnerable Population of West Miami
    The city of West Miami that is situated in Florida is inhabited by many people who have particular difficulties with their orientation and balance.
  6. Miami Population Demographics and Health Profile
    The area of what is now the City of Miami was settled by numerous tribes. The name Miami stems from the word Mayami used by the chief tribe populating the region.
  7. Miami Pediatric Population Needs Assessment
    This paper supplies a needs assessment for the community of Miami, Florida; the focus of the current paper is individuals of the pediatric age.
  8. HIV/AIDS Prevalence Among Latino Population
    The issue of this health care position statement is the HIV/AIDS prevalence among the Hispanic/Latino population of the United States.
  9. Horse Population, Evolution, and Physiology
    The evolution of horses occurred over a period of 55 million years. By analyzing bones and DNA of the ancient horses, we are able to get an idea about their origins.
  10. Older Adults as Miami Vulnerable Population
    The paper reveals the peculiarities of the vulnerable population of Miami represented by the elderly and discusses a community health issue that affects their well-being.
  11. Immigrants as Vulnerable Population in the US
    Vulnerable populations have three major health domains – social (the homeless, immigrants, people living in poverty), physical, psychological.
  12. Obesity Problem among the Adult Population
    Obesity in adults is not only likely to have an impact on them but also sways the possibility of obesity in their children due to common genes or environmental aspects.
  13. Elderly People Challenges in American Indian Population
    The health problems of the reservation-based American Indian population are numerous, and these individuals are more vulnerable to many diseases than Americans of other ethnicities.
  14. North Miami Population and Healthcare
    The purpose of the given paper is to study the particular challenges of the population mentioned related to healthcare in North Miami.
  15. Population-Focused Nurse Practitioner Competencies
    The present work discusses similarities and differences between core competencies of family nurse practitioners and nurse administrators.
  16. Nursing: Population, Public and Community Health
    Population health nursing is a relatively new term that is usually used to cover the field of nursing that deals with health outcomes, determinants, policies, and interventions.
  17. Vulnerable Population’s Health and Illnesses
    This paper reviews health of vulnerable populations focusing on differences in providing medical aid to dominant groups of the population and those who are considered vulnerable.
  18. Baker County Geriatric Population Health Assessment
    This paper assesses the geriatric population within the state of Florida, the US, who live in the nursing homes in Baker County. This population represents the elderly.
  19. Miami Jewish Population Health Assessment
    Miami Jewish Health Systems state their aim as ‘to provide compassionate healthcare through a full range of quality services, guided by research and education.
  20. Healthcare Inequity in Elderly Population
    The inequity in health care provision is a critical problem. The work provides examples that involve these issues to the elderly population.
  21. Diseases in the Elderly Population
    Over the recent years, there has been a significant increase of incidence rates for various diseases in the elderly population.
  22. Healthcare Delivery to the Little Haiti Population
    The purpose of the paper is to determine the opportunities for improving the delivery of healthcare services to the Little Haiti population.
  23. Health of North Miami Beach Vulnerable Population
    The purpose of this paper is to assess the vulnerable population in North Miami Beach by describing its specific characteristics, exploring strengths, risk factors, and barriers.
  24. The Hispanic Population’s Health in the USA
    The target population is exposed to a series of risks. Statistics reveal that Hispanic Americans show a 50% higher diabetes-caused death rate than the whites.
  25. US Geriatric Population and Its Chronic Diseases
    The specific population for the assessment is the geriatric population (the elderly), which is defined as a population aged sixty-five years and older.

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  1. Health Promotion Among Hispanic Population
    Hispanic Americans are still an underprivileged group that has limited access to healthcare services. The major health issues are related to healthy lifestyle.
  2. HIV/AIDS Prevalence in African-American Population
    The African-American people feel a disproportionate morbidity rate of the HIV/AIDS virus and fail to receive the necessary health care services that become critical social issues.
  3. Miami: Vulnerable Population
    The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the healthcare conditions in the community paying particular attention to the vulnerable population group.
  4. Vulnerable Population: Disaster Management’ Improvement
    This paper helps understand that addressing an array of needs and demands of the vulnerable population remains one of the major issues in the sphere of disaster and emergency management.
  5. Population Health Analytics: Technology and Healthcare
    Machine learning provides the healthcare system with a unique possibility to analyze thousands of cases and extract all necessary data from it.
  6. Communication Strategies with a Vulnerable Population
    Communication during a crisis is essential for both victims and the emergency services. Often, conventional forms of communication are unavailable due to the circumstances of the crisis.
  7. Miami Community Health and Vulnerable Population
    The purpose of the assessment is to identify a community health problem in Miami and analyze the impact and risk factors of the vulnerable population.
  8. Coconut Grove: Vulnerable Population Assessment
    Coconut Grove is a neighborhood in the southern part of Miami Florida roughly constituted of twenty thousand people. This paper will discuss the prevalent health problem in this area.
  9. Dialysis Patient Population
    In the list of the world’s leading causes of death, the chronic kidney disease is marked as number 18; and it used to be at the 27th position just a couple decades ago.
  10. Medical Negligence in Elderly Population
    The most common challenge that the elderly population encounter is medical negligence in hospitals, at home, or nursing homes.
  11. Health Risks of Vulnerable Population in Miami
    The purpose of this paper is to address the possible health risks associated with the identified vulnerable population in Miami. Demographic and epidemiological data will be used to assess the risks.
  12. Vulnerable Population Assessment: Risk Factors
    From the public health perspective, some groups of the population are more vulnerable than other ones, which means that there are more threats to their health.
  13. Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness
    The provision of vulnerable individuals with affordable healthcare came at the cost of budget expenses, which was met negatively by the conservative forces in the government.
  14. The Elderly Population: Preventative Measures
    The field of preventive procedures targeting the older adult population is concerned with reducing the range of health issues that decrease the quality of the population’s lives.
  15. Colon Cancer Among Male Hispanic Population
    The problem of colon cancer among the male Hispanic population in the United States is a major cause of concern.
  16. Caring for Vulnerable Population: Substance Abuse
    Substance abuse is a rampant problem in the current society despite the availability of information regarding the consequences of drug abuse.
  17. Filipino Population Cultural Group
    The Filipinos have high health disparities compared to whites and other Asian groups. Diabetes and hypertension are higher among the Filipinos compared to other Asians.
  18. Miami Gardens’ Vulnerable Population Health
    The paper overviews, assesses, and discusses the vulnerable population of Miami Gardens in order to identify the related community health problem typical for the selected area.
  19. Talent Pipeline for Population Health
    The concept of talent pipeline offers a range of opportunities for improving the quality of care by selecting the staff members with the highest proficiency levels.
  20. Hispanic Population’s Health at Miami-Dade County
    Miami-Dade County ranks 23 out of 67 counties in the state of Florida. 67.3 percent of the population is Hispanic and encounters several chronic diseases.
  21. HIV Prevention and Education Among Population
    The presence of high HIV rates among the population is a concern that might lead to severe consequences. The problem of HIV can be viewed from multiple angles.
  22. Diabetes Negligence in the Pediatric Population
    Recent studies have indicated that more children between 2 and 15 years are being diagnosed with diabetes every year.
  23. Homeless and Rural Population’s Health in Miami-Dade
    In the Miami-Date community, the homeless have an opportunity to contact various facilities that provide temporary accommodation and related services.
  24. The Geriatric Population’s Depression
    This paper discusses how does the implementation of National Institute for Health and Care guidelines affect the accuracy of diagnosing of depression in the geriatric population.
  25. Population Growth: Potential Healthcare Issues
    Nowadays, epidemiologists are concerned with the correlation between population growth and healthcare issues. The end-of-year estimate provides a limited picture of the population changes.

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