Burger King Whopper vs. McDonald’s Big Mac


Unrestricted, continuous, fast food alternatives, Burger King and McDonald’s represent the leading chains across the globe. Researchers should seek to establish the company that has cheaper, better quality, and healthier options of the two (Soo et al. 2117). It is for this reason that this paper presents a comparison and contrast between Burger King Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac. Fast food, especially burgers, may sometimes be expensive, but the increased price does not always translate to high quality (Mohamed 158).

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Some burgers may be better, bigger, and more top quality but cheaper than the ones of a different company. Price, the quality of service, and the quality of food are reliant on the selected company or burger. Burger King and McDonald’s embark on different advertisement approaches as they draw increasing public attention to their burgers, Whopper and Big Mac respectively. The debate involving the two fast food chains has been running for long.

It has been established that McDonald’s is the better alternative for fast food customers. What is conspicuous of Burger King and McDonald’s is their burgers since they are their most famous sandwiches. Though Burger King Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac share some similarities, they have apparent differences when it comes to their prices, the quality of service, and the quality of food.


In terms of their prices, McDonald’s Big Mac is relatively cheaper than Burger King Whopper. While McDonald’s Big Mac is sold at around $3.99, the cost of Burger King Whopper is about $4.19. However, this price varies with the store and region. Even if the Big Mac is bigger of the two burgers, the Whopper has a higher price, which appears somewhat conflicting (Soo et al. 2119). With respect to the quality of service, McDonald’s Big Mac is large, has a famous sauce, and is availed by employees who are knowledgeable about customers’ interests. The sandwich encompasses a sesame-seed-enveloped bun, a couple of hamburger patties, cheese, lettuce, onions, and sauce (Mohamed 158). The Big Mac sauce is what makes it exceedingly impressive and popular.

For a long time, the Big Mac sauce caused a great mystery of what the spread contained. It was not until 2012 that the chief chef disclosed the ingredients of the sauce, and to the shock of many, it was something simple (Zhang 267). The ingredients mentioned were onion and garlic in powder form, paprika, mayonnaise, vinegar, yellow mustard, and sweet pickle relish. Many people would not have thought that such ingredients would result in an aesthetically appealing burger as Big Mac since they already have them in their kitchen.

A different factor of the McDonald’s Big Mac that makes it stand out and be distinguished from other burgers apart from the delicious sauce is a third bun. Big Mac has a third piece of bread that is placed in the middle of the usual two burger patties, and this makes the sandwich have an additional delicacy (Soo et al. 2119). Attributable to the quality of service, Big Mac has attracted a high number of consumers and created a high customer base. Every year, more than 500 million pieces of the Big Mac are sold.

Burger King Whopper has a higher quality of service than McDonald’s Big Mac (Mohamed 159). It consists of a sesame-seed-enclosed bun within which there is a quarter-pound hamburger patty, lettuce, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato, and pickles. What makes Burger King Whopper unique and to have a higher quality of service than McDonald’s Big Mac is not only the taste of the additional ketchup ingredient but also flame-grilling of burger patties, which makes it have a tasty broiled flavor.

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Moreover, contrary to any other thing that McDonald’s has attempted, Burger King is trying an impeccable version of the sandwich. It is now possible to have a Whopper that contains no meat at all hence making it an ideal sandwich even for vegetarians (Soo et al. 2119). The Big Mac is yet to realize such a change, which makes it lock out potential vegetarian customers.

Big Mac stands taller and looks more attractive than Whopper. McDonald’s Big Mac has been prepared to perfection, its patties made radiant, and the toppings left eye-catching. Big Mac tastes more delicious than Whopper, over and above having a gorgeous appearance. In contrast with the Whopper that has only one flame-broiled beef patty, Big Mac has two of them. McDonald’s Big Mac is slightly overdone based on the unique sauce and pickles despite being a classic burger (Soo et al. 2119). Quite the opposite, Burger King Whopper is a little less honed by the mayonnaise and pickles than the Big Mac and is less tasty. Big Mac seems to have outshined Whopper with regard to the quality and quantity of toppings.

Burger King Whopper was first prepared in 1957 by one of its founders, James McLamore. His choice of the name Whopper may be attributable to the conveyance of something big. The quality of the big sized burger has been enhanced not just by flame-grilling but also by the fixings (Mathe-Soulek et al. 109). Upon Jim Delligatti’s invention of McDonald’s Big Mac in 1967, the hamburger became a national delicacy in 1968. Its quality may be attributed to the 1.1-ounce patties, which hold fixings that give it a unique sauce and tasty flavor (Soo et al. 2118).

The McDonald’s Big Mac is made of about 500 calories, 45 grams of carbohydrates, and 29 grams of fat, whereas Burger King Whopper comprises 600 calories, 50 grams of carbohydrates, and 35 grams of fat. Burger King sought a comparison of the two burgers in 2008 and selected some girls in remote areas to undertake the testing. The company then claimed victory in the test, a move that was greatly criticized for being offensive and exploitative.

Preference between Whopper and Big Mac is not only reliant on price and the quality of service but also the quality of food. This aspect gives Big Mac a competitive benefit, and the management of Burger King knows it (Mathe-Soulek et al. 104). Attributable to the two burgers and Big Mac being healthier than Whopper, McDonald’s has been ranked position seven among the most valuable brands across the globe while Burger King does not feature among the best 100 internationally. McDonald’s Big Mac is better than Burger King Whopper and other fast food companies with regard to calories, 500 calories, and fat, 29 grams of which most of it is saturated.

With 950 milligrams of sodium, McDonald’s Big Mac is also a better choice than Whopper, which has 850 milligrams. Big Mac has 63% of the daily sodium limit set by the American Heart Association (Mathe-Soulek et al. 108). Additionally, attributable to the option of the avoidance of meat in Burger King Whopper, which is not possible in McDonald’s Big Mac, the Whopper is a healthier alternative for vegetarian customers.


Both Big Mac and Whopper are relatively expensive burgers, and the majority of middle and low-income earners can either not afford them or can only purchase them occasionally. Despite Big Mac being a little cheaper, the two tend to have a similar price, which may be rounded off to $4 each. Attributable to their equally great taste, Big Mac and Whopper both appeal high-income earners and their family members who keep coming back for more (Mathe-Soulek et al. 106).

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Big Mac and Whopper may be termed as high-end burgers that have unique tastes and are both healthier than other alternatives in the market (Zhang 268). Even though low and middle-income earners may not purchase the burgers regularly, the fact that they have irregular customers from the two groups is highly significant in their sales and profitability. The two enjoy popularity and a high number of customers in their markets.

Both Whopper and Big Mac have been competing for a long time. Some of their customers do not know which one to purchase since McDonald’s, and Burger King’s items on the menu are highly alike. Apart from Big Mac and Whopper, the two food chains are notoriously acknowledged for their fries, chicken, and other types of burgers (Mathe-Soulek et al. 108). However, both usually have other items listed from time to time, which they offer for sale as a means of attracting customers from different segments.

In terms of quality, similar to the Burger King Whopper, McDonald’s Big Mac has a sesame-seed-covered bun. Moreover, the two have hamburger patties, lettuce, onions, pickles, and mayonnaise (Mathe-Soulek et al. 105). Although Ketchup is not part of the ingredients that make up Big Mac, its flavor resembles mayonnaise and ketchup, which are both found in Whopper. Both McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King Whopper are prepared using dehydrated onions rather than fresh ones.

Irrespective of their minor differences, Whopper and Big Mac are clearly classic hamburgers that are unique from the ones sold by their other competitors. The two appear and even taste slightly different, because the Big Mac has a couple of patties and a special sauce, whereas the Whopper maintains its standard and quality with a single piece of flame-broiled meat that is placed on ketchup. Nevertheless, consumers cannot go wrong with either alternative if they have a craving for a delicious burger (Zhang 269).

Attributable to their quality, both Big Mac and Whopper have been in the market for a very long time now and have been the best selling of the items offered by their respective fast food chains. Moreover, they have continued to be the most iconic duet in the hamburger sector across the globe.

Comparing the two burgers head-to-head shows that they have a nearly neck-and-neck nutritional value and are both relatively healthy. This is attributable to the fact that they have an almost equal quantity of calories, grams of carbohydrates, and grams of fat (Mathe-Soulek et al. 108). Their sodium content is also nearly equivalent to that of Big Mac, having 950 milligrams while Whopper has 850 milligrams. McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King Whopper are comparatively big, tasty, and nutritious. Each has a unique aspect in an effort of having a competitive advantage with Big Mac having a third bun and special sauce and Whopper presenting the meat-free option for vegetarian consumers (Soo et al. 2119).

Furthermore, similar to the way McDonald’s Big Mac has an exclusive sauce, which is spicy or savory, Burger King Whopper is juicy attributable to its patty being soft and thick. The outstanding aspects of the two make them conspicuous, and consumers select the option that attracts them more at a given period.

There are similar alternatives for making either McDonald’s Big Mac or Burger King Whopper healthier. For example, a consumer may choose to swap out the bun pieces in each burger for lettuce or request removal of condiments. Nutritional value enhancement practices for both burgers results in a dramatic and nearly equal decrease in the quantity of calories. Another approach that dietitians choose to follow is to cut out excess bread in the bun. Such processes make consumers enjoy either of the two burgers, sandwich-way, devoid of consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates.

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The Burger King Whopper has a slightly higher level of protein than McDonald’s, although both are almost equal and are relatively high at 25 grams and 24 grams, respectively (Mathe-Soulek et al. 105). The level of protein that the two burgers contain is more than 50% of the 46 grams of protein that an adult female requires every day and over 40% of the 56 grams that a grownup male needs daily.


Price, the quality of service, and the quality of burgers are dependent on the selected business or fast food chain. Based on the three factors, McDonald’s Big Mac is a better option for fast food customers than Whopper. Although Burger King Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac share some resemblances, they have evident differences with reference to their prices, the quality of service, and the quality of food. The aspect that leads to McDonald’s Big Mac being noticeable and distinguished from other burgers aside from the yummy sauce is a third bun. Big Mac appears to have outperformed Whopper pertaining to the quality and nutrition of toppings.

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