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Business Communication Types and Levels


Communication is a one of the most important characteristic of business existence. Each day, business people have to converse or communicate by way of citizens at dissimilar levels of the business or by way of people external to the firm. Business communication is every communication utilized by the organisation to build construct partnerships, academic possessions, to encourage a thought, merchandise, service, or a business by way of the objective of generating value for the company. Business Communication of the any of the organisation includes an enormous body of information both inside and outside for the company.

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Internal communication of the any company consists of communication of organizations vision, policies, tactics, business traditions, shared values and values, worker enthusiasm, cross-pollination of thoughts, etc. External communication of the any company consists of communication of organizations branding, promotion, publicity, advertising, customer relations, communal relationships, media affairs, trade discussions, etc. The main objective of the business communication in the organisation is to create value of the organisation. “Good communication means that the message that you wish to send is received by the intended recipients without being distorted in any manner. This is the reason why verbal communication is supposedly the best form of communication there can be. This is because there is very low possibility of distortions and there is instant feedback to be received. But in the context of business this is not always possible chiefly because of the ‘one to many’ nature of business communication” (Johnson, 2010, para.2).

Proper business communication must be maintained for the training for sales person. Before giving training it must properly structured unless it will lead negative impact. Business communication is an instrument that permits to develop the performance of workers, it permits to develop the routine of the groups inside the corporation, and it, and it permits to develop the routine of whole business, all by means of the common reason to carry out the company’s policy, arrive at its vision, and accomplish its mission of the organisation.

Importance of business communication

Business communication is important in any realm. This cannot be unseen in today’s international business atmosphere. All the business people want new peoples that have strong communication skills to grow their company. A collapse in the communication between the employees or between the employees and management will create frantic problems in the organization. For the wellness of the organization, there should be proper communication at all the levels through proper channels. Status and trustworthiness should be there in a business to obtain the consumer’s belief and self-assurance. The long-term association among the employees and the customers also carries a feel of strong professionalism in the business.

The channels and the information sending and receiving should be clear and should be through proper channels in a business communication. There will be communication from the management to the subordinates or vice versa. This is called vertical communication and this is vital in a business strategy. Lateral communication is between the divisions. There will be formal and informal channels of communication in an organization. The significance of having communications between the foreign organization and a domestic one needs a line of contact. There should be a better communication strategy keeping them in touch. It should be a shared process and information should flow among each other. “Even with all the tools available today to help businesses communicate, both within the organization and outside of it, mistakes are made. These mistakes lead to a lot of misinterpretation, which can damage a company’s reputation or cause a lot of consternation within a company. There are no perfect solutions, but there are processes companies need to employ to improve communications before they do their businesses irreparable harm.” (Mitchell, 2009, para.1).

Cross-cultural communication should be carefully maintained and both organizations have to keep a mutual understanding between them to avoid the problems with the communications.

Types of communication

There are different types of communication modes in global business world. This should be words with proper meaning, can describe, assure and approve the information.

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Some of the types include

  1. Communication by electronic means, which is a conventional method. These include e-mail, telephone, fax, video or teleconferencing, voicemail, etc. These methods are used for exterior links and for public within the business group. E-mails are the most excellent way of communication, but there is no idea about how the receiver infers that. Advertisement offers the companies to present their new products to the peoples.
  2. Employment mode of communication, which are used among the employees for the hop applications. These include application mails, records, curriculum vitae and discussions.
  3. Oral communication, by means of the verbal communication. This is by sheering the verbal expressions in communication to the outside acquaintances and the workers. This will be through the presentations to the people, phone calls, feedbacks and commands.
  4. Communication by means of nonverbal expressions, without the use of words. It is expressed mainly by body language and consists of various expressions, signal, specialized looks, timing, etc.
  5. Written mode of communication, which is the mostly applied way of communication. This is by writing the information and addressing to the peoples in the organization and communicating. This comprises writing letters, news, memorandum, applications. Newsletters give a chance to the customer’s to know about the company’s new announcements and will show the talents of the organization. It makes the employees informed. The advantages of the written communication include legal notes, prepared references, ease of use for a group, provide uniformity, permanent, precise, explicit, and allows revisions, etc. But it is costlier and more time consuming and is limited to literate world.

Benefits of business communication

Company competence develops for the reason that all workers knows what their creation does for the corporation and studies how to do that work superior level. Consumers are treated superior and sense more contented for the reason that they’re not being misloaded or treated in inappropriate or rude methods. Miscommunications occur less often for the reason that organizations’ have left out of their means to enhance to improve interpersonal relations. And the chance to organize one’s communication to the community provides the prospect of enhancing income and earnings.

Barriers of communication

The significance of business communication cannot be unobserved in nowadays worldwide trade atmosphere. Technical progresses have prepared the earth a minor place and turned cross -cultural contact into a significant facet of any company. So it’s most excellent to study something on the subject of the dissimilar cultural sets that the organisation needs to communicate by way of.

“The final aspect of business communication that needs a bit of discussion is the barriers that may arise in communication. Sometimes you may find out that despite your best efforts, you just can get the message across! While the content of your message may be perfect, some barriers may be at work here. They can be anything from barriers of language, perception, gender, familiarity or even emotions” (Johnson, 2010, para.9).

Barriers of the communication may arise due to various reasons. Some of the important barriers of the communications are given below,

  1. Poor arrangement – The organisation or structure of the business communication is a vital ingredient so that weak structuring of the communication leads lots of confusion in the mind of the viewers.
  2. Weak delivery of communications- It will also lead to lots of confusion in the minds of the audiences. The most important aspects of the business communication are the delivery of message in proper way.
  3. The make use of the wrong medium for communication– Communication medium is the one of the most importance aspects of business communication. So that using wrong medium for communication will turn into the one of the barriers of communication.
  4. Noise- Noise will leads to lots of misunderstanding in the mind if target audiences. So that it will leads to one of the barriers of communication in the area of business communication.
  5. Not listening– Not paying attention is a gigantic communication obstruction. If the listeners are not giving more attention to the communication it will leads to improper acceptances of the messages.
  6. Language- If the audiences are not aware of the language of sender of the business communication it will leads to the improper acceptances of the messages provided.


It is crucial to apply the basic part of communication from the top level to lower level in business communication and have to be relevant in the day-to-day business actions. It is very important as a small mistake in the message sharing creates a wrong communication and sometimes cost the loss of billions to the organization.

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