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Business Ethics of Concealing Facts in Report

The presented ethical issue revolves around Shari Lewis’s decision to edit a student’s report. This move has been made to conceal Laurentian Mining Limited’s capabilities and operations. The current situation indicates that the company has an ore body that is yet to be made public. Shari Lewis has removed the data presented by Tal Levine and substituted it with new information. The updated report indicates that Levine’s findings are misleading since the new ore might not be as promising as she initially thought. Incidentally, the case reveals that every person in the company is quite aware of the information.

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This scenario presents an ethical issue that must be addressed professionally. It is agreeable that my supervisor (and director) has chosen to update my report. From an ethical perspective, it would be necessary to reproach Lewis although she is my supervisor. I understand that the success or performance of the portion depends on Lewis’s assessment. Despite the nature of these facts, the important thing is to uphold my ethical principles (Joseph 12).

The predicament can deliver two results depending on the actions or decisions taken (Hasnas 289). Failure to inform different authorities in the brokerage firm can support Lewis’s agenda and, at the same time, make it easier for me to pass the portion of the course. Unfortunately, this move will be unethical since most of the people at Laurentian support Tal’s position. This means that the planned drilling on the targeted ore remains promising.

Ethics focuses on the best outcomes and practices that support the needs of the greatest majority. Pretending that nothing wrong has happened throughout the working experience will affect the future goals of the brokerage firm. The malpractice and deception perpetrated by the director can result in far-reaching negative consequences (Schwartz 21). This knowledge will guide me to inform the right authorities (including Lewis) about the malpractice. Failure to do so might affect my image because I will have become part of the malpractice. Since more people at Laurentian appear to hold Tal’s position, keeping quiet will eventually result in strained relationships between the brokerage company and its clients.

The ethical decision will make it easier for the topmost leadership to question Lewis’s behaviors. This move is ethical and echoes the concepts of utilitarianism. This is the case because I will be able to support the needs and positions of more companies (Schwartz 52). Consequently, Lewis might learn a new lesson from the incident and become a transparent supervisor. The assessment done by the supervisor will be communicated to the right department in the university.

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