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Business Ethics That Are Used in Business Society


This business journal is one of the 40 journals that have been used in the Financial Times in assembling the business schools grading. It uses a variety of lines of attack and disciplinary perspectives that are used in business. These ethics have been researched on and proven to be working in many business organizations. It has been researched on different areas of operations. Operation deals with the management and running of the business. Consumption is how effective the goods and services are to the consumers and how to make them satisfied with the products according to the consumer satisfaction survey program. The marketing strategies used are to increase the sales of the company, basically on how to reach the demand of the consumers most simply and appropriately. The main aim of this journal is to provide a discussion or debate about the business ethics that are currently used in the business society. The discussion involved everyone interested. This included different universities, government agencies, and consumer groups.

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Problem Statement

The Harvard business journal described the ethics that are needed to support the accurate and knowledgeable investigation of ethical matters relevant to the business community. The journal aimed to be the best journal of all the original research. To be able to promote critical ethical thinking at all levels by giving a readable analysis of current issues and developments. This journal however failed to respond to changing concerns and emerging issues and try to provide a balance of contribution.

Description of procedures

The procedure that has been employed in the development of the journals is to ensure order and decency in the operations. The procedure involves planning such as concentration of ideas or the focus to determine the solutions to the problems that must be met. Evaluation is the establishing of goals that should solve the problem or rather the alternatives to solve the problem. Implementation is acting upon the preferred methods or procedures. Supervision is the most essential aspect of the whole procedure which helps to ensure normality. The analysis is the last aspect of the procedure. It’s the summary of it all and it assists to know the efficiency of the result.

Flaws in the procedure

The flaws in the procedure include the misinterpretation of the information and poor interpretation of data collected in the field in the process of the feasibility study. There is also a lack of finances to carry on with the procedure.

Analysis of the data

Business ethics is about prioritizing the values which promote unity between the workers of the organization and the consumers of the products of that organization. Everyone in the workplace should strive to be ethical. The managers and the employees should all be ethical for effective performance. Many people believe that ethical issues are a debate. However, it contains an approach with programmatic tools. This journal argues that every individual in the organization should have the spirit of doing well for the promotion of the company’s aims and goals. The management of the organization should lead as an example to other people in the organization. They are expected to be ethical and encourage other employees to be ethical too.

Wallace explained that stress in the workplace should not be used as a scapegoat for not being ethical. Every individual is expected to be ethical despite any circumstance. Rules and laws of the company affect the morality of the employees of that organization. The way the leader of an organization behaves is affected by the behavior of the employee. Business ethics are said to be similar to social responsibility. Madsen defined business ethics as a way to determine liability in business transactions. It shows the significance of social issues on business. Ethics can be managed by identifying and prioritizing the values to guide the individuals in the workplace (Robison, 2008).

The rules and regulations are established to ensure that those values are promoted. The promotion of business ethics has improved the living and morality in society. The workers are treated well by employees and the disadvantaged individuals are also considered. The small and big firms compete on the same platform since the adaptation of business ethics. The prices and the quality of products are controlled by the government due to the establishment of rules and regulations in the business community. Ethical issues have helped the management by aligning the worker’s behavior with the ethical values that are preferred by the management.

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As mentioned in the document, attention to ethical issues in the workplace increases the productivity and profitability of the company. The management should ensure there is the ethical treatment of employees in hiring and firing. Hiring and firing of employees should be done fairly. Disciplining of employees and evaluation should be done ethically. The ethics programs employed in any organization should be able to detect the violations earlier so that they can be addressed at the right time. The personnel should be trained on the values and the policies of an organization. Ethics programs should be integrated into the planning strategies. Business ethics promotes the image of an organization (Geuras & Garofalo, 2005).


Business ethics are norms or regulations which countercheck the smooth flow of operations in the business field. They ensure that legality, efficiency, and professionalism of the highest order are observed in any business transaction taking place globally. Curbing is ensured and high capital punishments are awarded to those who don’t adhere to the regulations put in action.


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