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Business Leadership: Developing Leaders at UPS Case Study

Potavin (2006) describes a true leader as one who maintains an uncompromising adherence to an internalized, but otherwise generally accepted code of moral values; who adheres to utter sincerity, honesty, and candor in all communication; and who avoids deception, expediency, artificiality, or shallowness of any kind in all situations. In addition to the above, Potavin (2006) explains that a true leader must have a vision, be open to change, create other leaders, value the contributions of others and possess the element of integrity. A deep examination of the life and management leadership style of Jovita Carranzahas reveals that she had most of these qualities and was able to use effective leadership to propel her to the highest level of ranks in UPS.

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The first skill that has propelled Jovita Carranzahas to greater heights in UPS is the ability and readiness to take management challenges without being selective. In an interview with Erickson (2004), she acknowledged the critical role of this ability by stating that “If I had been selective initially, I would not have experienced such a plethora of new relationships, new business models, new worksites, different dynamics.” This demonstrates Ms. Carranza’s strong courage and ability to confront management challenges despite the enormous growth recorded by UPS in the past two decades. In addition to the above, Ms. Carranza is a charismatic manager who can influence team members towards a specific organizational objective. This involves the recognition of contributions of various employees and takes the critical role of teamwork into consideration. By stating that “I can rely on my staff to stay on top of what they have responsibility for. … and it’s that trust factor that keeps you driven, you can call on anyone at any time and it would be rare for them to say they can’t make it right now” (Erickson, 2004). She implies that is a believer in teamwork and collective responsibility.

The achievements of Ms. Carranza’s in executing sound management and leadership skills to her advantage thereby propelling her to the level of a true leader can be viewed as being a member of a few select bands of individuals who have not only achieved the feat of building great organizations but also able to profoundly inject higher levels of enthusiasm in themselves and in their objectives to influence those who are around them. This defines the true ideals of a visionary leader – an element of true and selfless leadership. Erickson (2004) quotes Ms. Carranza as “Being instrumental in the development of the next leaders in the organization because that takes focus, determination, and sincerity to perpetuate the UPS culture and enhance it through people.”

Erickson (2004) explains that no matter what Ms. Carranza accomplishes, she does not rest on his laurels but wants to keep on going, to do even bigger by being proactive, enterprising, and enthusiastic about new projects. She is known to be impatient with opportunities that offer her little or no challenges and a potential future for growth, innovation, and increased levels of creativity. Her biggest strength is the influence on others which in most cases are profound and transforming in several ways- everyone matters – a culture entrenched in the management model at UPS. She, therefore, possesses the skills of a good leader; inspiring courage and confidence in others and usually enjoys good health and a high level of vitality. Her ability to hold herself back and let others have their way is an example of humility demonstrated in the idea that Ms. Carranza could at times doubt her own power and ability (Erickson, 2004).


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