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CA Technologies: Cloud Computing and Its Benefits

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At a time when globalization has dominated the center stage in dictating consumer interests and lifestyle patterns, cloud computing is acting as the best platform for linking producers, traders, and consumers with greater efficiency. Following the massive force of information technology in the last decades of the 20th century, Iansiti and Herman expound that cloud computing is fast replacing traditional mainframe business operation methods with evolving technologies that are much convenient and easy to execute (93).

Cloud computing in CA Technologies has revolutionized its business operations by enabling it to sell security software solutions and Information technology system management tools to businesses, companies and government agencies. The aforementioned stakeholders have found it necessary to adopt cloud computing technology since it is necessary for supporting their IT environments. It is against this backdrop that this essay examines the role of CA Technologies in shifting its market operations to cloud computing as well as the associated impacts of the shift.

Assets and liabilities used for transitioning

The ability to grow CA Technologies business operations from the focus of positioning and communication to evolutionary cloud computing has been based on the available assets and liabilities that the business has used. Some of the liabilities that the company has made use of include over 500000 shares that it has sold for $3.2 million to streamline its mainframe software, enhance automated mainframe operations, and to hire as well as grant IT staff to operate in strategic projects (Iansiti and Herman 94).

Besides, it has also bought licenses allowing it to make use of specified software, conduct software updates and create and aligned manager-led units of the business to handle software solutions and needs of customers. The assets that CA Technologies has transition into cloud computing have been obtained through restructuring strategies that have involved strategic acquisitions with software firms like Arcot, Nimsoft, NetQos and 3Tera Systems in 2010. Transition into cloud computing has been one of the most expensive ventures that the company has undertaken in its bid to expand business operations to boost business growth.

CA technology roles in the market shift to cloud computing

Enhancement of IT capacity

The last few months have seen some of the largest tremendous developments in CA technologies relating to cloud computing and information technology. This has been the case due to the increasing demand for higher levels of efficiencies in business operations and the need to effectively meet service demands by other organizations. Iansiti and Herman argue that the recent stiff competition in the market place has been the major facet that has dictated the need for innovation and creativity in CA Technologies to shift into cloud computing (95).

While the company has the option of devising other competitive strategies to remain relevant in the dynamic market, it is worth noting that embracing cloud computing in its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure remains a more formidable way of fortifying its market presence. So far, the strategy by David Dobson for cloud computing has delivered immense capacity in IT services over the internet. While this has been regarded to be disruptive by others, many analysts almost unanimously agree that the move is evolutionary and revolutionary at the same in the entire field of Information Technology.

Transformation of IT management

Through cloud computing, CA Technologies has been able to transform the management of IT with a bid to underscore the key differentiator of the firm, simplify the complex nature of IT management and unify its IT elements. According to Iansiti and Herman, the Information technology role through cloud computing in CA Inc. has taken a fundamental position in modern business operations (100). It has led to the simplification of tasks and speeding up its business operations thus leading to impressive and sustainable profitability.

The role of cloud computing, despite the various notions regarding its disruptiveness, has in most circumstances through information technology been considered as a perfect business solution across the globe. This is attributed to the fact that it provides an effective means of business to business communication as well as business to customer communication. It is imperative to note that through cloud computing, an enhancement of enterprise information technology management has been established with new products bring brought into the market.

Consequently, this shift has led to the provision of market segments with multiple IT management including data discovery solutions, job scheduling, records management, user provisioning, access and identity management, web access management and portfolio and project management (Iansiti and Herman 101). These are immense benefits that CA Technologies would have not ignored at all despite the associated start-up costs.

To enhance speedy communication

Communication has been regarded as an important tool in the business circle bearing in mind that it facilitates a smooth flow of information among businesses and customers. Therefore, a shift to cloud computing and information technology has formed major platforms and media for enhanced communication among all business players across the globe (Iansiti and Herman 101).

Given that this is an era where technology is advancing very fast, the use of IT to disseminate information might prove quite effective in enhancing sustainability in the global context. CA Technologies has used IT to raise awareness of opportunities available to traders and other businesses on products and services and lowered its costs of operations. These communications have also included disseminating information on the availability of goods and services, their prices and on the information on new products (Iansiti and Herman 106).

Impacts of cloud computing- Disruptive or revolutionary

Needless to say, there are myriad of positive impacts that arise from the utilization of cloud computing platform in any given organization. For instance, it is worth noting that the emergence of cloud computing and its subsequent adoption in mainstream business circles especially with CA Technologies is one of the key developments in business that many analysts consider revolutionary. It is worth noting that cloud computing has been adopted by CA Technologies and developed to aid organizations in meeting their information needs.

The development of strategies in the current business environment has developed due to the availability of information. Cloud computing and information technology systems are therefore critical and revolutionary factors in the current business environment whose role in ensuring that the needs of the society are accurately addressed makes it vital to operational success (Iansiti and Herman 109).

Just as development in computer systems was hailed as revolutionary in the entire developmental history of man, the creation of cloud computing and IT are also transformational in the sense that they play a role in ensuring there is the availability of information, services, and products to businesses and organizations. Developments in information technology and cloud computing have played an important role in ensuring that the power of computing and availability of information is properly harnessed and may be one of the most important developments with regards to ensuring that globalization and liberalization of trade are driven at.

CA Technologies shift to cloud computing and benefits

A shift to cloud computing has rapidly emerged as one of the most important developments in CA Technology that have brought about numerous benefits in terms of effectiveness in carrying out business operations alongside improved profitability (Iansiti and Herman 105). It is indeed true from McCracken’s argument that the industry was at an inflection point and the need to venture into cloud computing to enhance performance and sales was timely. While what CA has done to benefit from this shift is not enough, setting up strategies, enhancing its capabilities to build to adopt and enhance cloud computing has given it immense benefits.

Shifting to cloud computing has done enough to CA Technologies as it has employed the power presented by cloud computing and information technology to ensure that the provision of products and services is enhanced globally. The adoption of IT and cloud computing has also developed CA Technology’s ability to carry out business development of procedures and protocols as well as transactions. The initial phases of shifting gained the company considerable leverage over others and this approach has played a role in its marketing and transaction activities as well as in shaping up its business environment is very crucial. The company needs to enhance cloud computing with applications like application delivery controllers to reduce complexities and enhance the sped of service delivery.

Dobson’s presentation from Fomularo’s questions

Communicating and maintaining the values of CA technologies related to past experiences and continue with cloud computing requires building on the company’s positioning. This can be achieved by taking into account the target customers, the company serves, addressing various business needs and problems by providing proof of the capabilities of the cloud computing concept, and enhancing offerings, service and product approach. On the issue of changing the perception of consumers, it is worth noting that developments in both information technology and cloud computing in CA Technologies have mainly been aimed at ensuring greater operational stability, improving the speed of service provision and ensuring security (Iansiti and Herman 107).

Most new technologies apart from adding to functionalities are generally aimed at ensuring greater speeds and also the ability to deal with security threats that are faced by previous architecture. The use of cloud computing and information technology must be effective and guarantee security as well as efficient performance to build a positive perception and enhance sales advantage. As noted earlier, cloud.computing is a revolutionary move that has transformed how business operations are conducted and immensely benefitted by the company. It is indeed a key factor that presents CA Technologies as a transformed cloud provider.


To recap it all, the discussions in this paper have been based on the thesis statement that at a time when globalization has assimilated the center stage in dictating the consumerism and lifestyle patterns, cloud computing acts as the best platform for linking producers, traders, and consumers with greater efficiency. From the discussion, it is evident that cloud computing is one of the core components necessary for effective business operations. Moreover, developments in information technology and cloud computing by CA Technologies have played an important role in ensuring that the power of computing and availability of information is properly harnessed.

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