Candy Crush App Business Model

How Candy Crush Makes so Much Money

Candy Crush is a smartphone application where the users are challenged to achieve the highest score by aligning matching pieces of candy together, within 2 minutes. Although the game is free to play, the game developers are using the “Freemium” business model by selling additional advantages to players who want to score more (Karthik, 2016). The company also used ads within the in-game client, but this practice ceased once the profits from in-game add-ons and services became profitable enough.

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Candy Crush: Why you Play and Pay

The three components of Candy Crush’s value proposition are illustrated by what the game is – it is an easy and engaging free-to-play smartphone game that allows sharing its results with friends and other users (Misener, 2013). The majority of Candy Crush players are people who have very little to do with any sort of competitive gaming – like average workers, moms, elders, and other folks not associated with the general target audience for most computer games. The simplicity and addictiveness of the game are what allow Candy Crush to reach a much broader audience, which contributed greatly to its success.

How Candy Crush Makes Money

Interactive Studios offers digital products aimed both at the customers and at shop-owners. Their apps allow finding the way around malls, hospitals, and other public places, while simultaneously offering business owners information about customer routes, attendance, and other indoor analytics (Feibel, 2016). To figure out if such a value proposition is indeed strong enough to justify a startup, I would first look at the needs of the customer the new product answers, then at resources needed to make it happen, and lastly, at the available competition. As it stands, Interactive Studios and their products do not have competition and offer a very invaluable service that does not require much in terms of resources (“Revolutionizing the indoor experience,” 2017).

Candy Crush Exec Reveals Game’s Biggest Secrets

The lean startup model is very different from the most conventional business model in that it suggests a closer relationship with potential customers. While conventional business models but an emphasis on making long and elaborate business plans, trying to predict how well the product will be received by investors and customers alike, and spending a lot of time perfecting the product, Lean Startup Model suggests working with the customers to determine what they want, what price would be fair, what functionality a prospective product would possess, and so on (Blank, 2013). Besides, Lean Startup Model introduces a concept of the minimum viable product to create a starting point of interaction with the customer.

Steve Job’s commencement speech

Steve Jobs’ speech has numerous inspiring and deep thoughts that can all be applied to an entrepreneur’s life and activity. The quote I found the most inspiring, personally, was the quote about dropping out of college to follow a dream (Jobs, 2005). It must be understood that by saying that, Jobs did not explicitly make a call to abandon all attempts at higher education. As he specified later, every entrepreneur must study what they think is important, not what other people have decided for them. The statement of self-awareness and focusing on what is important for the task at hand is very important for the success of any enterprise, as the entrepreneur would not have the commodity to learn about everything in his time, and will have to use the available time sparingly and only on what is important.


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