The Brand Called You. Tom Peters’ View on Branding

How does Tom Peters describe a brand?

Tom Peters defines a brand as “a promise of the value you’ll receive” in exchange for your time or/and money. Every company tries to stand out, showing that only they can satisfy their customers in the best possible way. Nowadays, with so many options available to a consumer, companies continuously think of ways to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Each part of the buying experience matters: from the website of the company to customer service and packaging. The competition is so fierce that often companies have only one chance to demonstrate what value they can bring to their customers.

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What would you add to this definition?

Scott Cook said: “A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” In the 20 years since Tom Peters wrote his essay, the world saw an incredible social media development: we can find out peoples opinion on any subject within seconds. One can go to the Facebook or Twitter page of almost any organization, search hashtags, or go to websites with reviews from customers that tried products offered by companies. Positive feedback is more important than ever. Today social media presence is one of the critical aspects of every brand.

What is Tom Peter’s view on employee loyalty?

Tom Peter thinks that nowadays the definition of loyalty has changed. It used to be a blind loyalty when one worked for a particular firm for years without trying to seek any other opportunities. Tom Peter believes in loyalty not to the company but to the people he works with, to the projects he is a part of, and to himself. He thinks that it is a win-win situation: companies do their best to keep great employees by giving them various exciting projects and recognition, and employees improve and learn within the company, developing their skills and enjoying the work they do.

Do you agree with Tom’s view of employee loyalty?

I agree with Tom Peters view on employee loyalty. I believe that jobs have become more transitional than ever: people are working to learn new skills and, once they master them, they want to learn something new. I have heard from some people calling such behavior “feeling entitled.” I disagree with their opinion. I think that employees understand that they are responsible for their careers; therefore, they should always be looking for ways to grow.

Personal Brand Management

What do I have to offer?

I believe that I am a warm-hearted person that people can rely on. In today’s world of social media and illusion of having lots of friends, I strive to keep in touch with everyone who matters to me, letting them know that I am always there for them. I possess interpersonal skills, making me a great asset to any team. The team dynamic is essential for the success, so I always strive to establish good relationships with everyone and being helpful and sincere.

What makes me different from others?

Learning is my passion. Since one can easily find necessary information nowadays, I spend a lot of time searching the web and learning about things that interest me. It makes me stand out from others because I am well-educated in a variety of topics and can keep conversations with people coming from different backgrounds. It also shows that I am a very sociable person.

When have I felt successful?

Tom Peter stated in his essay that “word-of-mouth marketing” is essential. This statement speaks to me because I believe that a wide range of interpersonal relationships is what makes a person successful. I am so lucky to have a lot of people in my life who are trustworthy and support me in any situation. Every day I feel successful because I can keep in touch with family and old friends and make new friends. They say that it does not matter whom you know, it matters who knows you. I work hard to develop my interpersonal relationships, and that is what makes me feel successful.

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What can I brag about? List five ‘braggables’.

  1. I finished school with a good GPA.
  2. I can speak multiple languages.
  3. I read one book a week, making it over 50 books a year.
  4. I am working very hard to get my college degree.
  5. I have visited multiple countries, learning about different cultures and perspectives.
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