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Career Management Program

Career management program

Developing a career management program entails comprehensive job analysis to establish the specific needs for the jobs. The task of the selected team is to increase the sales volume of the new bigger business entity to new heights. The team is composed of a mixture of employees with specialized knowledge in the sale of cleaning products and the sale of cleaning services. The training program inducted them into optimizing sales through combined efforts (Success through people, 2007 Para 3).

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The career development plan will seek to link the organization’s goals and employees performance. Employees showing aggression and commitment will be rewarded with better pay and promotions. Still, skill acquisition will be prioritized for any team member who is willing to engage in further learning.

Giving feedback

Feedback is of essence. The feedback process will involve an analysis of employees’ performance in sales and effecting corrective measures to encourage them towards better performance. Evaluation of weaknesses will be of priority with the aim of strengthening the team. Success in the feedback process relies heavily on the ability of the management to effectively communicate and develop mutually acceptable benchmarks for each employee (Lindenberger, n. d, Par 4-5).

Each individual will first be evaluated based upon his ability to bring in new customers for cleaning products as well as his or her sales record. Again the ability to get new customers and generate new sales for cleaning services will also count. The evaluation process will take place in consideration of the background for each team member. Those previously engaged in marketing of cleaning products will have their evaluation focus more on assessing their ability to sell cleaning services. Those previously engaged in selling cleaning services on the other hand will have their evaluation process focus more on their development in the sale of cleaning products (Erven 2001 Par 3).

On collecting the data the management should then analyze it and come up with a report on the performance. The evaluation report will then be communicated to the employees candidly but also politely. Instead of telling the employees that he fell short of the expectations and that continued trend could lead to sacking, the seniors will identify ways of improving the performance and share them with employees. At the end agreements will be reached on the future expectations of each employee in the next review (Marshall, 2009, Par 3).

Consideration will be made especially for younger employees to undergo extra training in sales and marketing. Any member willing to undertake a diploma in sales and marketing will be required to make a formal request to the human resource department at least two months prior to the start of the diploma course in order to ensure the proper planning.

Handling of dual career parents

The basic premise in the management of dual career parents is the understanding that they have extra social responsibilities mainly in the form of parenting. In this regard, there will be an option for e-learning where the employee is availed with learning materials online so that he or she is able to learn from home. They have the option of registering for online diplomas and degrees (Dickerson, & Hester 1984 Para 4).

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Adaptation to diversity

The success in drastically improving sales volume lies in the ability to harness the diversity offered by the different employees hired. The five employees are from different origins as well as educational backgrounds. The sales department will be encouraged to utilize any unique advantages presented by the employees back ground to drive up sales. Older employees will have younger assistants in a bid to encourage the concept of learning from the best. The younger will be groomed to handle the positions held by their seniors in the future.

In this regard, Jim Martin would be encouraged to come up with innovative ideas on ways of boosting sales volumes and implement them. This is because he is open to new ideas and has great experience. Shane will be encouraged to exploit his aggressiveness by offering bonuses and better commissions. With these he will close even more deals. Tom Gonzalez has 25 years experience and definitely belongs to the older class of workers. Younger team members can be encouraged to work under him in order to learn. Ving Hsu will be a trainer for any new employees and will continue to serve the industrial cleaning side of the firm so as to build royalty from customers.

Mark Pearce is a young ad aggressive sales person. He will be encouraged to work under one of the older team members and learn more of the selling techniques. He will also be encouraged to undergo extra formal training of his choice but related to sales.

The benefits expected from continued support of the team’s career development will be many. First, each member of the team will feel continually challenged to handle even bigger and different challenges. The motivational effect of these is highly valuable. The prospects of growth always serve to retain more employees. The turnover of the employees is expected to be low hence reducing costs by not engaging in frequent recruitment. Bearing this in mind it is cost effective to implement the program. The only costs to be incurred are the fees paid on behalf of the employee and the time lost during the learning processes. These are less than the expected benefits.

The management program if implemented fully and amended to solve upcoming challenges will lead to an effective sales team. The sales volumes for both the products offered will drastically be increased and profit margins raised due to the reduced number of sales employees who are more effective.


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