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Employee Training Program For Interclean


This training program was developed in the backdrop of the merger between two companies; Interclean and EnviroTech. Interclean dealt with selling of cleaning products only. EnviroTech on the other hand offered cleaning services in the health industry. This implies that EnviroTech required supplies from InterClean.

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The merger necessitated the trimming of sales personnel to a small highly effective team. Five employees were chosen from both companies to form the new sales team based on merit and experience. Jim martin was included for his experience and high knowledge in industrial cleaning. Shane was recalled as he is known to exceed sales plans in cleaning products. Tom is experienced in industrial cleaning, has a great ability to lead and the expertise in developing solution based products for customers.

Training and Mentoring needs

The above workers are highly experienced and resourceful. The major problem is that each person is trained and oriented to selling either cleaning products or cleaning services. The potential in the workers has to be exploited in selling both products. Employees who are conversant with selling cleaning products need full induction to procedures involved in the sale of cleaning services. Those who are experienced in selling cleaning services also require comprehensive training in the sales of cleaning products. It is thus important to identify each person’s abilities and weaknesses so as to conduct an effective training program (Action For Enterprise, 2006, Para 4).

Delivery Methods

The training program will be conducted through a combination of two basic methods. First, there will be conferences where experts in the industry will be invited to share insights. Most importantly, colleagues will share their understanding in their areas of expertise. Experts in selling cleaning products should prepare presentations on the uniqueness of their sales experience and the most important considerations for best performance. Those used to selling industrial cleaning services will also be required to share important insights in selling the services. This will be followed by a session where suggestions and specific cases will be presented on possible ways of merging the sale of the two products (Business, 2009, Para 8).

The target market has to be comprehensively redefined and strategies to sell the two products devised and taught. Emphasis will be on seeking ways of fully utilizing the strongest points in the two divides to maximize sales. Secondly, there will be extensive training in the field for the team. At the start, each team member originating from InterClean will be paired with one from EnviroTech. They will then be facilitated to go on real sales jobs and share advice on the best decisions to take while faced with different situations. The pairs will alternate the sales jobs taken weekly. If the first week is dedicated for the sale of cleaning products, the second week should be dedicated to the sale of cleaning services. This process should run concurrently with the meetings and presentations for maximum effect. Learners will be required to articulate the lessons they learn. After the assigning of jobs is done, each person in the team will be engaged in selling the products they have less knowledge in (Iowa Life Changing, n. d, Para 4).

Key speakers

The program will be lead by the available employees. Only two sales consultants will be hired to facilitate the program. The following are the qualifications of the speakers.

Jim Martin- Jim Martin is the newly appointed president at EnviroTech. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in industrial cleaning and sanitation services. He is best known for his ability to exceed expectations. He is also very receptive and open to new ideas. He will be expected to share fundamental information on industrial cleaning and sanitation services. He will also share the secrets behind his great success.

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Shane Huck- Shane Huck has been in InterClean for 8 years. He worked as an outside sales representative before being promoted to sales manager 5 years ago due to his aggressiveness and success. His main strength is in closing deals and he is expected to share in the best approach to making deals.

Tom Gonzalez – Tom has great leadership ability as well as great expertise in developing solutions based products for customers. He will advise on how best to approach challenges posed by customers in making dealings. His 25 years experience will be helpful.

Mark Pierce– Mark is a young aggressive sales representative who has proved to be very aggressive in selling cleaning products. He will share tips on his belief of getting the sale at all costs.

Ving Hsu- Ving has been at EnviroTech for the last 12 years. He is good at customer care and enjoys training customers’ employees. He will educate on how best to handle customers.

Below are the details of the qualification and experience of the two experts invited to train on the best sales practices.

Eric Detmond- Eric holds a masters degree in business administration (sales) and has been involved in sales consultancy for over 13 years. He is an expert in fast moving commercial goods. He will share insights on improving cleaning products sale volumes.

Doris Clare– She is a well-known sales consultant in service industries and has successfully steered three service-offering firms to profitability. She will advise on ways of better selling the industrial cleaning services and will give insights on how best to combine the sale of cleaning products and the cleaning services.

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The entire training will take two months. The first week will be a series of workshops and conferences where the above-mentioned speakers will present their views. Each day will have the morning session dedicated to the workshop and the teams will start working at 11 AM. All the fundamental principles will be taught within this first week. Each training session will constitute a presentation by one of the team members followed by a presentation by one of the experts on the same issue. This will then be followed by commentaries by other members as well as a question and answer session.The second to the eighth week will have the workshops conducted every Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning. During this weeks emphasis will be on evaluation of progress as well as addressing emerging challenges requiring expert opinion. The period may be extended if the goals set are not met within the eight weeks (Business performance, 2009, Par. 3-6).


Constant evaluation of the progress in internalizing the concepts taught will be done. During the training, team members will be assigned certain tasks to be done in the afternoon sessions in the field. The progress and success of the members in undertaking the tasks will be evaluated through forms that must be filled daily by the employees. The forms will require information on the extent of accomplishing sales jobs. Also, at the end of the training program, all participants will be required to fill a questionnaire on the skills acquired during the program. The details will then be analyzed by the hired experts and the results used to determine the success of the program. In case the results fall short of improving the capacity of the team members in improving sales, an extension to the program may be recommended (Jeffery, 2009, p2).

Further Development

Areas posing challenges for the members will be noted and possibilities for further training outside the premises recommended. The lower category workers will be encouraged to pursue this training. The curriculum will be maintained for reference in the future.

The program is hoped to be highly effective by combining theory and practical work for best results.


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