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Case Review: Women’s Health Care

A case study

The case study shows that Sue is a hard-working nurse, who is willing and ready to attend to her patients and ensure that they get quality and affordable health care services. It is also evident from the case study that some of the patients in Sue’s unit are indigent and cannot cater for their medical expenses (Morris & Faulk, 2012). Sue should therefore know if she is influential as a nurse or manager of the unit where she works. Can she engineer policies in the hospital? Sue should also evaluate herself and find out if by providing care for indigent persons she may jeopardize her job at the hospital. This way she will be in a better position to make informed decisions on how to attend patients in her unit (Cherry & Jacob, 2011).

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From the case study, Sue has completed the intelligence phase because she already knows the conditions in the hospital that need to be changed. She already knows the challenges facing the hospital as a result of nurse shortage and the fact that some of her patients cannot afford to pay for their medical expenses. Sue should therefore enter the design phase and come up with suitable actions to take (Cherry & Jacob, 2011).

Sue should also use the guidelines of the decision-making framework to make valid, ethical, and applicable decisions. She should first confirm that there are needy patients who need to be helped and then look for possible alternatives to help these patients. After this Sue should identify her decisions and determine whether they are applicable (Morris & Faulk, 2012). Lastly, Sue should conduct ethical tests of her decisions before confirming them for implementation.

Alternative issues involved in the health care of women

Women are naturally more sensitive than men. Studies show that women require more attention than men in terms of health care. Consequently, several alternative strategies can be used to improve the health care of women. The first alternative is to reduce the burden of reproduction for women. This can be achieved by increasing the age required for marriage and promoting child spacing among married women (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2010).

Another alternative is reducing the burden of child care for women. This can be achieved through the help of the other members of the family. In well up societies child care centers can be used in caring for children. Ensuring that women have access to maternal health care and good nutrition is another alternative issue that can be used to promote the health care of women. Women should be able to access both prenatal and post-natal care to ensure that both the mother and the child are not prone to diseases and other health hazards. They should also be provided with good nutrition care (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2010).

Another alternative issue in promoting health care for women is ensuring that women are participating in farming and food production. By doing so, women will be able to participate in the production of foods that are essential to their bodies. Lastly, it is essential to improve the position of women in society as a way of promoting women’s health care (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2010). When women have a say in society they will be able to initiate decisions that help in promoting their health care.


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2010). National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports. Web.

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