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  1. Changes in Healthcare: Overcoming Related Obstacles
    Changes in the sphere of healthcare are required but professionals can face various obstacles when effecting the changes. It is critical to know how they can be overcome.
  2. Future Trends in Healthcare
    Progressively, individuals the world over are finding themselves depending on the internet as a source of health-related information.
  3. The Implication of Information Technology on Marketing Strategy of Healthcare Industry
    The growth of information technology has transformed marketing strategies of most industries. In the healthcare industry, IT has changed the way marketers relate with customers.
  4. Eliminating Healthcare Disparities in the LGBTQI Community
    A barrier is anything that will impede progress. Each and every person in society will one day face some type of barrier in their lifetime.
  5. The Challenge of Healthcare Reform
    Such issue as healthcare reform in the United States has repeatedly been debated by journalists, public administrators, and scholars.
  6. Universal Healthcare System Reform
    The assumption of this paper is that the privatized and profit oriented nature of the healthcare system prevents accessibility to essential healthcare services for people who need it the most.
  7. Institutional Violence in Healthcare: Factors and Ways of Intervention
    The paper discusses institutional violence, its precipitating factors, institutional culpability, staff culpability, legal liability and model of intervention.
  8. Healthcare Institutions Strategic Planning
    This article discusses how patient safety goals, data management, and informatics, marketing, and hazards preparedness fits into the strategic plan of an institution.
  9. Healthcare in the United States: Timeline and Reforms
    An analysis of important events, major figures, the formation of health related organizations gives an insight into the history of U.S. health care.
  10. Healthcare Information Technology: Information Needs and Implementation of the Health Information System
    Our system uses the EPIC software system, and the same software network to enhance sharing of information among departments.
  11. Healthcare Mission and Philosophy: Mercy Hospital Inc.
    Mercy Hospital is committed to its mission, values and philosophies. The latter guides the hospital towards meeting its strategic goals and plans.
  12. Healthcare Facilities Standards and Disaster Management
    It is crucial that the standards created for healthcare facilities to stop epidemics should be followed very closely.
  13. Healthcare Organization Management: Community Evaluating
    This case study concerns the issues in a health center, where recent changes in the organizational structure have triggered leadership problems and provision of primary care.
  14. Healthcare Governance and Its Common Features
    Healthcare governance comprises of a set of rules and structures established by an organization to help it achieve its vision by guiding it through its businesses.
  15. Performance Dashboard in Healthcare
    The creation of performance dashboards allows for easy identification of problems enhancing the making of important decisions. Healthcare performance dashboards have important characteristics.
  16. Culturally Competent Organizations in Healthcare System
    Culturally competent organizations are a necessity in the American health care system if stakeholders are to succeed in minimizing racial and ethnic oriented barriers to health care delivery.
  17. Healthcare Nutrition: Dieting for Reducing Weight and Improving Optimal Health
    Dieting refers to the consumption of food in a really regulated manner. The goal for this is increasing, maintaining, or reducing body weight.
  18. ObamaCare Role in the US Healthcare System
    In 2010, one of the most memorable events took place in the US healthcare system. President Obama approved the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.
  19. Diagnosis-Related Groups in Healthcare Research
    The Diagnosis-Related Group meant to classify all cases within a hospital. It considers clinical characteristics of the patients and payments to define similar ones and gather them in groups.
  20. Healthcare: the Impact of Advance Care Planning
    Coordinated advance care planning will improve end of life care, the perceptions of the quality of care, and levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in surviving relatives.
  21. Homeless Population and US Healthcare Models
    The paper studies on of the vulnerable population groups – the homeless population in the U.S, and compares four healthcare models.
  22. Obamacare: The Solution to the Healthcare Problem
    ObamaCare (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is a US healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care and curbs spending through regulations and taxes.
  23. Obamacare and Healthcare Reform Ethical Challenges
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act involves several ethical issues connected with failing to protect some of the most fundamental rights.
  24. Healthcare Industry’s Technologies and Devices
    Medical care industry today is built and supported by multiple various technologies and devices that are responsible for all the most important discoveries and breakthroughs of the modern days.
  25. Healthcare Programs in the Developing Countries
    The paper studies healthcare programs solving the health crises in the developing countries: their cost-effectiveness, financially sustainability and challenges.
  26. Evidence-Based Practice Role in Healthcare
    Evidence-based practice (EBP) has revolutionized healthcare, and as such, this essay explores how it relates to research and global health.
  27. Prison Population and Healthcare Models in the USA
    This paper focuses on the prison population with a view to apply the Vulnerable Population Conceptual Model, and summarizes US healthcare models.
  28. Healthcare Problems in South Africa
    The state of health in South Africa differs from the most fundamental primary healthcare, provided for free by the government, to the highly professional and technologically advanced facilities.
  29. Banner Healthcare Strategic Planning
    This is a strategic plan for Banner Healthcare that addresses issues of network growth, nurse staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction for the next decade.
  30. The MEDRAD Healthcare Facility Quality Promotion
    As the case study set in the MEDRAD healthcare facility shows, there is a significant gap between different quality provision tools.
  31. Healing Environment’ Importance in the Healthcare System
    The concept of healing hospitals is based on the principle of providing healthcare services in well-coordinated and humane manner. The concept of healing is attributed with three major components.
  32. American Healthcare Industry and Effective Risk Management
    When taking a closer look at the American healthcare system, one will notice that it is, in fact, quite efficient. The system still offers legitimate help.
  33. Healthcare Research: the Elderly Patients’ Readmissions
    The extraneous variables that need to be addressed in the study include differences in the elderly patients’ demographic characteristics and external factors that can cause a possible readmission.
  34. The Christian and Buddhist Perspectives in Healthcare
    This paper purposes to conduct a comparative analysis on the Christian and Buddhist perspectives regarding healthcare provision and its implications for healthcare practice.
  35. Ethical Issues in Healthcare Essay: Ethical Dilemma
    This paper describes an ethical dilemma in healthcare, its specific characteristics, violated ethical principles, and existent barriers to ethical practice.
  36. Healthcare Fraud in Interventional Cardiology
    The case study tells about a professional in the field of interventional cardiology who was charged for filing false reports to push unnecessary coronary procedures.
  37. Healthcare’ Human Resource Management Trends
    The high need for hiring more registered nurses and their retention is best addressed through appraisal since it is commonly used by establishments to achieve a corporate goal.
  38. Nursing Quality Models in Healthcare Institutions
    Nursing quality models have been in use for several decades as a way of guiding activities of nurses in institutions of care.
  39. Emergency Preparedness Plan in Healthcare Facility
    The plan for emergency preparedness is designed to include the policies for both nurses and physicians. They are contacted directly when an unexpected disaster event occurs.
  40. Healthcare Spending and Financing Resources
    In the health sector, the economic evaluation is performed in order to explore the cost of a study of various infectious, long-term or chronic diseases.

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  1. Medicare and Medicaid as Healthcare Plan Programs
    Both Medicare and Medicaid are health insurance covers for patients but they differ on the categorization of patients insured.
  2. American Healthcare Policies and Nursing Role
    As the present case demonstrates, it is not always evident for nurses how the process of policy-making develops and correlates with public health stakeholders’ consideration.
  3. Healthcare Revenue Management and Forecasting
    It is necessary to note that negotiating rates is an indispensable part of revenue management. The more successful the process is, the larger revenues the hospital can obtain.
  4. Healthcare Quality Planning Meeting Minutes
    The essay analyzes quality planning meeting minutes, the key discussion points, arrangement features, and formulated objectives to evaluate their overall effectiveness.
  5. Healthcare Fraud, Its Financial and Health Outcomes
    Healthcare frauds have an adverse effect on the financial sphere and the patient’s physical and psychological states. It is critical to prevent them and ensure public safety.
  6. Nurses Creating High-Quality Healthcare Environment
    Nurses are one of the main medical workers that promote development and growth. They create standards, improve the environment, and promote the importance of health care.
  7. The United States’ Pediatric Healthcare Services
    The paper reveals the sources of pediatric primary care in the United States, the current status of these services and barriers to health care for children in the US.
  8. Executing Change in Healthcare: Conflict Management Strategies
    Effective change management should evaluate the role of conflicts in change implementation properly. Effective conflict management strategies are essential to ensure a change implementation.
  9. Vanguard Healthcare System’s Strategic Plan
    Vanguard Health is a long-term care provider. The paper outlines the measures the organization should take to continue providing the excellent long term care in the next decade.
  10. Financial Viability in Healthcare
    If a nurse manager wants to become a significant part of the decision-making process in their organization, it is important to learn the financial status and other financial aspects of the work.
  11. Value-Driven Healthcare and Reimbursement Programs
    Value-driven health care strives to link reimbursement and quality of services provided to patients. The policymakers leverage public reporting as a way to improve care quality.
  12. Healthcare Quality Improvement and Stakeholders
    This essay analyzes the key principles of the quality improvement framework in healthcare institution and identifies who should take part in quality improvement.
  13. Unified Cybersecurity Standards in Healthcare
    Medical staff needs to improve their informatics skills to use the equipment efficiently. Attacks on servers and systems will increase.
  14. Religion and Ethics in Healthcare Provision
    Religion is often a major factor in the provision of health care to a patient. All major religions imply cherishing one’s health and making efforts to prevent harming life.
  15. Customer Focus in Healthcare Project Management
    There are certain changes in project management that take place when the organization decides to focus more on customer preferences.
  16. Healthcare Industry and Workforce Issues
    The paper considers new health reforms and policies for the health industry so that more efficient and better services are provided by health workers to the public.
  17. Money and Politics in Healthcare Reform
    Having initiated the healthcare reform, President Obama met stiff opposition to the insurance and pharmaceutics lobby. It would be disadvantageous and made them lose revenue.
  18. New Regulations in the US Healthcare System
    One of the most recent changes to the existing regulations cannot be regarded as a dramatic reform, but it will have a considerable impact on a particular group of people.
  19. The PICOT Framework in Healthcare
    One of the types of PICOT questions is meaning questions. They explore the way certain individuals and groups within a population perceive experiences or phenomena in healthcare.
  20. Healthcare Providers’ and Practitioners’ Types
    The medical doctors, as well as doctors of osteopathic medicine, are sometimes being referred to as generalists. They specialize in the internal medicine and family practice.
  21. Quality Improvement Team in Healthcare Institution
    The essay considers creation of an interdisciplinary quality improvement team, risks associated with working with such teams and the ways to address these issues.
  22. Sharp Healthcare Organization’s History and Mission
    Sharp HealthCare, a well-being maintenance provider located in San Diego, is a medical organization that includes several hospitals, medical groups and centers.
  23. Medical Technologies Developing Healthcare
    In this case, the primary goal of this paper is to highlight a substantial role of technology in the advancement of medicine.
  24. Improving Healthcare through Advocacy
    Several topics have been outlined and discussed in this brochure. The first segment highlights the major rights of a patient. Every citizen should receive timely and adequate health support.
  25. Virtual Reality in Healthcare and Education
    The beginnings of virtual reality can found throughout human history. This paper explores its emergence and development, and its influence in healthcare and education.
  26. Healthcare Technology’s Integration and Interoperability
    The pivotal aim of this work is to investigate how integration and interoperability could be achieved using outstanding technologies and devices.
  27. Evidence and Clinical Implementation in Healthcare
    The essay concerns the gap that exists between theoretical insights on serious health issues and the treatment methods, and its clinical implementation.
  28. Change and Conflict Theories in Healthcare Leadership
    This paper discusses change theories, conflict theories, and leader as a change agent, and analyzes how the ability to handle conflict affect effective leadership in health care.
  29. Healthcare Information System and Its Application
    In modern society, the healthcare information system plays a critical role in defining the quality of healthcare offered in healthcare centers.
  30. Healthcare: Licensing and Professional Organizations
    All professionals should understand their roles. This paper provides a description of some peculiarities of a long-term care facility and competences needed to work there.
  31. Conflict Situations in Healthcare
    The mutual understanding between workers and patients is one of the crucial concerns related to the functioning of the healthcare sector.
  32. Immigrants’ Barriers to Healthcare Access
    At the moment, migrant workers are one of the major concerns of the U.S. government. People who come to the state to earn money are very often deprived of social protection.
  33. Healthcare Operating Budget Strategy
    The effective strategy for establishing operational budgets in healthcare is planning across multiple time horizons, which allows healthcare specialists to align models and plans.
  34. The Problem of Rising Healthcare Costs in the US
    Rising costs are a growing problem in the US healthcare systems. Looking for solutions to this issue is a crucial element for the government and health practitioners.
  35. Healthcare Financing and Patient Care Quality
    A wide range of problems that may occur in healthcare settings is at the confluence of financial matters and the quality of patient care.
  36. Conflict Resolution in a Healthcare Setting
    The senior management of a healthcare setting must find a way to resolve a conflict in order not to undermine employees’ productivity and the quality of the provided care.
  37. Visual Perception: Challenges in Healthcare Settings
    The present paper not only describes the dynamics of visual perception but also presents evidence of how the concept affects patients in healthcare settings.
  38. Healthcare Agencies and Their Regulations
    FDA is a federal agency established in its early iteration in the late nineteenth century as an attempt to impose unified governmental regulations on the food industry.
  39. Wasted Resources and Efforts in Healthcare
    This essay discusses the wasted resources and efforts that for a long have made health care exceedingly expensive, yet ineffective.
  40. Ethical Issues in Healthcare Delivery
    The United States has recorded unprecedented demographic changes within the past three decades. The number of elderly people in the country is on the rise.

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  1. Master’s Education in Nursing and Healthcare Practice
    This discussion summarizes the nine essentials of master’s education in nursing and their impacts on healthcare practice.
  2. Healthcare Accessibility, Disparity, and Safety
    It is crucial for new health care legislation to address the sensitive and relevant problems that exist in health care, namely accessibility and disparity.
  3. Hispanic Communities’ Healthcare and Spirituality
    The demography of Hispanic communities in the United States demonstrates low economic standards as opposed to other communities.
  4. Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality
    A patient developed a life-threatening staph infection after the surgery at the hospital. For this reason, he/she filed against the organization.
  5. Nursing in Obamacare and Healthcare Reform Era
    Nowadays, the nursing profession is not simple since it not only enhances patient’s medical condition but also requires treating them with respect.
  6. ABC Healthcare Organization’s Employee Benefit
    ABC healthcare organization provides its employees with affordable and competitive benefit and compensation package.
  7. Simulation and Social Media in Healthcare
    While using the simulation and social media in the field of healthcare administration, it is important to provide a discussion of the facilitation steps and logistics procedures.
  8. Transgender Community’s Treatment in Healthcare
    This paper discusses the transgender community and the discrimination that affects them every day, especially in healthcare, and how we can help stop it.
  9. Personal Health Records in the US Healthcare
    This paper illustrates the use of personal health records in contemporary US healthcare and discusses the benefits and weaknesses of the service.
  10. Theory, Practice and Research in Healthcare
    The primary goal of any theory is to develop a new approach to a problem. Any theory practice is based on the main concepts mentioned in the initial theoretical statement.
  11. Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures: Best Practices
    This essay uses the ideas gained from the “Partnering To Heal” video to outline the best practices towards preventing healthcare-associated infections.
  12. New Technologies in Healthcare: Telehealth Usage
    This paper performs a literature review on new technologies in healthcare, specifically, examines the use of telehealth that is useful across all units of caregiving facilities.
  13. Healthcare Technological Advancements: Pros & Cons
    New technologies in the healthcare industry are emerging at a significantly high rate. As such, nurses need to acquire skills and knowledge in a number of complex technologies.
  14. Florida Healthcare: Community-Oriented Nursing Practice
    Obesity is one of the main health risks in Miami Florida. Although the number of obese individuals has been going down over the years, it is still a major health risk to consider.
  15. Healthcare Regulatory Agencies in the US
    The purpose of this paper is to identify 5 major healthcare regulatory agencies in the US, describe the agency, level of regulatory authority, and role within the US healthcare system.
  16. Organizational Values in the Healthcare Industry
    It is crucial that values of the organization promote such fundamental domains as integrity, appreciation of diversity, and commitment. It is especially important for the healthcare industry.
  17. Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Global Training Plan
    The paper includes a description of the Tenet Healthcare Corporation and provides reasons for creating a global training and development plan.
  18. Calgary Family Assessment Model in Healthcare
    Calgary Family Assessment Model is a tool utilized by health care specialists to evaluate the overall wellbeing of a family.
  19. Healthcare Products and Their Lifecycle Strategies
    The stiff competition may put to lowering the cost of the hospital services. The development of a marketing research plan will help to determine the status of the market demand.
  20. Cultural and Religious Orientation in Healthcare
    The implication of cultural and religious orientation in the healthcare sector initiates complexities in the nature of service delivery.
  21. Non-traditional Healthcare Practices: Can It Replace the Actual Medicine?
    The three cultures that will be examined in this study will consist of the Filipino, Chinese and Finnish cultures. Their non traditional health practices significantly diverged from one another.
  22. Culturally Competent Healthcare Native Americans
    Culturally competent healthcare is the right mind-set to have in order to deliver cost-efficient service to members of the Native American population.
  23. Childhood Vaccination as Healthcare Priority Policy Issue
    This essay presents the controversial issue of childhood vaccination as a healthcare priority policy issue that requires the immediate attention of legislators.
  24. Sickle Cell Disease and Healthcare Decisions
    The paper analyzes sickle cell disease, investigates the involvement of the family in making healthcare decisions and determines the role of grants and FDA regulations.
  25. Healthcare Resources Use: Project Implementation
    The plan aims to optimize the use of the resources that are currently available to the healthcare facility and increase the number of positive outcomes in patients.
  26. Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Intercultural Education
    The paper discusses intercultural competence in the healthcare to determine the gaps in the approaches followed by Tenet Healthcare Corporation while training the employees.
  27. Healthcare Needs of the LGBT Community
    Pinning down how long the problem of meeting LGBT members’ healthcare needs has been around is rather problematic because of the social controversy around the subject matter.
  28. Telenursing as the Future of the Healthcare
    Telenursing is the future of the healthcare sector as it provides possibilities for further improvement and contributes to increased satisfaction with medical services.
  29. Austrian vs. American Healthcare Systems
    The paper examines the health care systems of the United States and Austria, addressing life expectancies, mortality rates, major health conditions and diseases.
  30. Nursing Definition and Healthcare Actors
    Nursing is responsible for providing safe, timely, and patient-oriented health care delivery. It exists to support patients’ physical and psychological needs.
  31. Healthcare Digitalization and Large-Scale Data Analytics
    The authors present the topic of data used in healthcare, offer a definition of the terms “digitalization” and “digital health,” and consider the driving forces for digitalization.
  32. Quality Improvement and Conflict Management in Healthcare
    This paper discusses issues such as quality improvement and patient safety in Medicare, including the list of “never events,” and conflict management in healthcare.
  33. Conflict Management in Healthcare Facilities
    Heads of different health faculties must effectively resolve the issues of conflict in their areas as health care leaders are not immune.
  34. Community of Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
    Community case study of Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers allows observing the ways in which the collaboration of members of various organizations helps to deliver patient-centered care.
  35. Healthcare Technological Trends and HRM Strategies
    Today our world is developing extremely quickly mainly due to the enormous technological development. This paper analyzes technological trends in the sphere of healthcare.
  36. Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Training Plan
    The paper provides a discussion of how the concept of intercultural competence is reflected in the mission and current training plan of Tenet Healthcare Corporation.
  37. Overdiagnosis and Wasted Resources in Healthcare
    This paper presents a discussion of overdiagnosis as a result of wasted efforts and overtreatment as an example of wasted resources in healthcare.
  38. Patient-Oriented Care and Safety in Healthcare
    Family support during a patient’s stay at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), hospital visitation, and extended staff services enhance the quick recovery of patients.
  39. Transgenders Discrimination from Healthcare Providers
    The transgender community reports that at the moment, it faces numerous barriers to care because of health workers` inability to consider their specific needs.
  40. Value-Based Reimbursement in Healthcare Financing
    The following paper outlines the main benefits and drawbacks of value-based reimbursement policy and concluding on its value for the stakeholders.

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  1. Florida and Healthcare Issues
    Despite numerous attempts to improve the situation, Florida still has serious problems with the health coverage as a number of its respondents cannot afford health insurance.
  2. Banner Healthcare Non-Profit Organization
    In general, Banner Healthcare main strategy is the commitment to change people’s lives for the better by means of providing excellent patient care.
  3. Financial Management Role in Healthcare
    With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, electronic health records, and the Medicare billing system, the financial aspect of healthcare requires extra attention.
  4. Gift Marketing and Ethics in Healthcare
    Over the years, ethical standards of healthcare marketing changed for worse because of the increased demand for healthcare services as well as companies’ goal to earn more.
  5. Healthcare Barriers Eliminating within U.S. Communities
    It is important to remember that challenges of migrant workers connected to healthcare services should be addressed with the help of concerted efforts of many agencies.
  6. Healthcare Public Financing and Insurance
    In the United States of America, there is a large portion of the population that does not have health insurance. This tendency occurs because health insurance is quite expensive.
  7. Conflict Handling Style in Healthcare Setting
    The paper explores the modern theories of change, conflict, and leader as a change agent to determine the ability of conflict management in the health care setting.
  8. Transgender People in Healthcare Facilities
    Gender nonconforming and transgender people face discrimination in almost every sphere of human activity. It has a negative impact on the access of these groups to primary care.
  9. North Miami Population and Healthcare
    The purpose of the given paper is to study the particular challenges of the population mentioned related to healthcare in North Miami.
  10. Transgender and Problems with Healthcare Services
    Transgender individuals find it difficult to approach physicians because it is difficult for them to reach needed treatment.
  11. Miami Hospital’s Conflict in Healthcare Teams
    The following paper provides an example of a strategy that might be used to resolve a conflict observed in a Miami hospital setting.
  12. Healthcare Facilities Conflict Management Plan
    The hospital can be a very stressful environment for both the doctors and the patients. High levels of stress generate conflicts.
  13. The Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Improvement
    ACA sparked off a lot of controversy dividing the people into two sides; some sing the praises to the act while others take a dim view believing that it has more cons than pros.
  14. US Healthcare Sector: ObamaCare and Ethical Problems
    ObamaCare includes the programs according to which a practice of bundled payments is introduced. It means that hospitals receive a certain sum for treating a certain disease.
  15. Funding in the Healthcare in the US
    The reduction of funding in healthcare and the gradual decrease in the amount of the available costs is one of the most common trends in contemporary healthcare in the United States.
  16. Healthcare Inequity in Elderly Population
    The inequity in health care provision is a critical problem. The work provides examples that involve these issues to the elderly population.
  17. Cybersecurity of Healthcare Technologies
    In the world of fast-developing technologies, there are many opportunities and threats to health care. Cybersecurity threats need to be addressed as soon as they emerge.
  18. Political Activism in Nursing and Healthcare Provision
    Political activism is often understood as a series of confrontational actions meant to eliminate existing obstacles in order to achieve activists’ goals.
  19. Healthcare: Stroke Education Needs of African American Women
    This paper criticizes an article by Beal, which is based on a study aimed at exploring the perception of African American women pertain stroke and evaluate their health searching tendencies.
  20. Transgender-Associated Stigma in Healthcare
    Transgender individuals are people who assume a gender definition of identity that differs from gender assigned to them at birth.
  21. Restraint and Seclusion in Healthcare
    Restraint and seclusion have been used as measures of addressing patients’ behaviors that could cause harm to them and other people around.
  22. Healthcare Conflict Resolution Case
    This paper dwells on the details of the conflict in a Healthcare Setting between Kimberly and Jade and describes the stages of the conflict.
  23. Healthcare Fee-For-Service Payment vs Other Models
    While considering the adoption of an alternative payment model in healthcare, it seems to be rational to overview those formats that other businesses use.
  24. Ethical Dilemmas and Religious Beliefs in Healthcare
    For a patient, a blood transfusion is prescribed as emergent treatment. His parents do not accept the suggested treatment. So the ethical dilemma appears.
  25. Healthcare Technology’s Usability and Integration
    The integration of healthcare technologies refers to a combination of methods that employ technologies for the appropriate management of available health information.
  26. Memorial Hermann Healthcare System’s Health Records
    This case study focuses on the steps taken by Memorial Hermann Healthcare System during the implementation of EHR to provide the patients with the best-quality help.
  27. How Big Data Is Used in Health Care
    For purposes of this paper, we choose to use an article by Chirowa, Atwood and Van der Putten to demonstrate the use of big data in public health.
  28. Role of Ethics in Healthcare Leadership
    Healthcare administrators use the principle of nonmaleficence to resolve challenges associated with service delivery.
  29. Healthcare Delivery to the Little Haiti Population
    The purpose of the paper is to determine the opportunities for improving the delivery of healthcare services to the Little Haiti population.
  30. The University of Utah Healthcare: Compensation’ Strategy
    This paper will discuss the role of compensation at the University of Utah Healthcare (UUHC), a renowned health care system with headquarters in Salt Lake City.
  31. Healthcare Facility: George Herman Assisted Living
    The establishment described in this paper is George Herman Assisted Living facility that is a relatively large institution of the type.
  32. Chinese and Swiss Healthcare Systems and Status
    A community nurse in Switzerland may not only provide direct care but also educate the population, risk groups, or separate individuals.
  33. Security Awareness in a Healthcare Facility
    The paper at hand aims at designing a multidimensional framework aimed at raising security awareness in a health care facility.
  34. Nursing Care Models: Healthcare Settings and Research
    To ensure safety and high quality of the healthcare services, different nursing care models are used, and in the context of this paper, two of them will be described.
  35. Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Leaders and Nurses
    Emotional intelligence is important in many spheres. Many investigations prove its necessity for healthcare, both for leaders and nurses.
  36. Healthcare System: Inflows and Revenue Management
    Out of all the industries, healthcare sees the most impacting fluctuations to its revenue model. There are several factors that influence these fluctuations.
  37. Healthcare Access Improvement Process
    Challenges and opportunities that arise in the process of resolution are discord in governmental and private healthcare services and greater costs for insurance coverage provision.
  38. The Affordable Care Act: Healthcare and Ethics
    This paper aims to outline the main conflicts between health care and ethics that arose due to the ACA, as well as to suggest ways in which the nurses could negotiate such conflicts efficiently.
  39. Healthcare Quality and Price in the United States
    The main problem with the economic aspect of healthcare in the U.S. is its inability to deliver the necessary level of quality at a reasonable price.
  40. American and Icelandic Healthcare Systems
    Iceland does not spend enormous funds on healthcare provision and still manages to achieve a higher life expectancy.

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❓ Research Questions About Healthcare

  1. What Are the Cross Cultural Healthcare Perspectives?
  2. How to Estimate the Optimal Size of Secondary Healthcare Providers in Slovenia?
  3. How Health Policy Shapes Healthcare Sector Productivity?
  4. How HRM Provides a Mandatory Organized Structure in the Healthcare System?
  5. How Medical Robotics Affect Healthcare Costs and Patient Care?
  6. How Medicare Has Impacted Healthcare Within the United States of America?
  7. How Reliable Are Surveys of Client Satisfaction With Healthcare Services?
  8. How Retractable Syringe Development Impacted Society and Healthcare?
  9. What Are the Applications of Simulation Within the Healthcare Context?
  10. What Are the Factors Influencing Healthcare Service Quality?
  11. What Is “Quality Improvement” and How Can It Transform Healthcare?
  12. What Is Interprofessional and Multiprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare?
  13. What Is Jamaica’s Ethnomedicine Potential in the Healthcare System?
  14. What Are the Characteristics of Healthcare Wastes?
  15. What Is a Canadian Model of Integrated Healthcare?
  16. What Are the Trends and Approaches in Lean Healthcare?
  17. Whar Are the Emerging Information Technologies for Enhanced Healthcare?
  18. What Are the Challenges for Design Researchers in Healthcare?
  19. How Well-organized Logistics Can Service Healthcare?
  20. What Are the Theories on Implementation of Change in Healthcare?
  21. How the Blockchain Technology Was Implemented in Healthcare?
  22. How To Improve Healthcare With Interactive Visualization?
  23. What Are the Essentials of Economic Evaluation in Healthcare?
  24. How Mobile Devices Are Transforming Healthcare?
  25. How to Develop Machine Learning Models for Healthcare?
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