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Challenges of Transgender Patients

Nowadays, people are free to make their own choices and follow the ways they find appropriate and interesting to them. Many choices and styles of life are easy to recognize and accept. Still, even regarding the progress a modern society has already achieved, not all people are ready to accept the idea of the transgender population. In health care, the term “transgender” has been already introduced, and nurses, as well as other caregivers, have to learn how to work with transgender patients. Unfortunately, not every doctor can be an expert in transgender medicine (Ellin, 2016). Therefore, in addition to the fact that transgender patients have to face a certain amount of resistance and discrimination in society regularly, this group of people has to deal with certain challenges in the health care arena.

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In this paper, three main challenges in transgender patients’ lives will be defined and explained. Though it is not always possible to find an appropriate solution, the recognition of problems is an important step to be taken. Transgender patients have a number of healthcare needs regarding demographic information and health records. Health care workers have to be careful when they work with such group of patients because it is possible to meet a woman who has prostate issues or a man with cervical erosion. It is easy for a nurse to make one mistake or omit one significant fact from patient past history and confuse other medical workers that may cause a wrong diagnosis or the promotion of unethical behavior.

Another challenge for transgender patients in the field of health care is the recognition of ethical and human rights. Not many transgender people are able to protect their lives and rights. Healthcare providers have to understand that this group of people cannot be distinguished from other patients. There is no need to demonstrate some other treatment to transgender patients. At the same time, nurses have to be ready to protect such patients in case some misunderstandings or the cases of prejudice occur in a hospital. Not all countries recognize transgender population legally. Therefore, not all people demonstrate appropriate behavior and attitudes. Transgender medicine continues developing to improve public awareness and reduce the level of discrimination spread (Mundluru, Safer, & Larson, 2016). Some challenges transgender patients face can be solved. Still, there are the situations when healthcare medicine is not enough to support transgender people. Not all people are ready to accept this idea and stop giving negative comments.

Finally, transgender patients suffer from depression or mental disorders more frequently than ordinary patients. Therefore, nurses have to be ready to work hard, focus on each detail, and report any change to a leading doctor. It is not easy for all doctors to remember the peculiar features of their patients. Nurses, as a considerable part of health care, have to keep in mind all facts and remind about such specific conditions in a polite and clear way.

In general, the challenges transgender patients may face within health care include the ethical points, medical report problems or shortages, and communication between patients and their doctors. Nurses have to realize how crucial their role is in the solution of such challenges. They have to learn how to communicate with transgender patients, understand how challenging their everyday lives can be, and support other medical workers in promotion appropriate and high-quality care.


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