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“Changed Into His Image” by Jim Berg

The Main Concepts and Ideas of the Book

The book Changed into His Image, by Jim Berg, discusses sanctification. Sanctification is a process through which people are made holy according to the Biblical teachings. Therefore, Berg endeavors to illustrate how Biblical teachings contribute to the sanctification of believers. Berg reminds his audience that for one to become an accomplished Christian, he or she must accept Jesus Christ as his savior. Thus, Jesus Christ bears the sins of that individual, and in return, the person has to choose to follow Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus is the child of God, and anyone who chooses to follow Jesus also becomes a child of God. Once an individual accepts Jesus Christ and becomes a child of God, God initiates the process of change. Berg (2003, 2) argues the process of change initiated in the changed individual enables him or her to resemble Christ in terms of ambitions, actions, and attitudes. Berg notes that the process of change is gradual, and God often uses several things to ensure that an individual is changed completely.

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During the process of change, God ensures that the believer encounters trials and temptations to test his or her strength. In addition, God uses the believer’s friends and the church as vessels that bring about the intended change. Furthermore, God uses His word and Spirit to necessitate the required change. Berg stresses the point that sanctification does not occur at once; however, it occurs progressively. Berg indicates that the Bible likens this change to growth. Berg indicates that Christian life is a true example of the process of sanctification. Berg notes that Christian life is challenging and that believers have to understand the process of sanctification for them to overcome the challenges that come along with this process. Berg likens the Christian life to a marine captain’s journey in the sea. While in the sea, a captain who is well equipped overcomes all adverse conditions in the sea. Thus, Berg uses his book to enlighten Christians on how sanctification works. Christians need to understand the principles which guide the process of sanctification for them to remain steadfast. This will assist them in accomplishing the process of change. Sanctification enables believers to not only act in a Christly manner but also have attitudes and ambitions which resemble those of Christ.

Strengths of the Author’s arguments, Ideas, and Conclusions

Berg‘s main aim is to highlight to Christians the challenges that come along with the process of sanctification. Sanctification should change an individual to become a grown-up Christian. Berg supports his arguments and ideas by quoting the Bible. The Bible is an essential resource that guides Christians through the process of sanctification. Berg manages to pass across his message by using teachings from the scriptures. For example, he notes that when Jesus Christ lived on earth, the Son of God portrayed features of a man whose actions, ambitions, and attitudes resembled those of God. Berg drives his point home by requesting Christians to learn from Jesus’ life on earth. While on earth, Jesus encountered numerous trials, temptations, persecution, and even betrayal from his disciples. However, Jesus remained steadfast and committed to God. He never swayed away from the teachings written in the Bible. He often quoted the teachings written in the Bible whenever He encountered challenging moments. Berg (2003, 3) quotes Paul’s message written in Ephesians chapter four verse thirteen; ‘the believer is a measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ’.

Berg reaffirms his arguments by stating that the nature of God should be reflected in a person who has undergone complete sanctification as it was in Christ. This eventually turns an individual into a humble servant of God. Berg notes that the essence of Christianity is to attain spiritual maturity, which is Christ-like humility. Such humility enables a Christian to become an accomplished servant of God. Berg points out that sanctification is a process of becoming like Christ. For that purpose, Christians should learn from the messiah’s life on earth. These are solid points which Berg uses to support his arguments.

Weaknesses of the author’s Arguments, Ideas, and conclusions

The book Changed into His Image, by Jim Berg has very few weaknesses. Berg bases his arguments on biblical teachings. However, the Christian life is diverse, and understanding the process of sanctification cannot be based on biblical teachings only. Thus, the author ought to have substantiated his arguments by using nonbiblical examples.

Implications of the book in relation to one’s Personal Growth as a Disciple of Jesus

The book Changed into His Image, by Jim Berg gives the readers an extensive biblical view of the Christian life, of man, and the relationship between God and man. When a man cannot understand the ways of God, his Christian life becomes bumpy and challenging. It is significant for Christians to understand the ways of God to remain steadfast. This book outlines the steps which a believer can take to understand the ways of God, and the process of becoming like Christ. Berg’s book explains the process of sanctification in detail. This enables Christians to meditate on their lives and reexamine their actions. This book provides a perfect foundation for self-appraisal. Self-appraisal is an essential exercise that enables Christians to reexamine their lives and compare their actions with those of Jesus Christ. Berg’s book encourages Christians to reexamine their lives and correct their actions to reflect the will of God.

Berg’s book challenges believers that they cannot convince others to change unless they have a clear understanding of the process of change. The book reminds believers that God has recruited them to a ministry of discipleship with those within their borders. As God’s servants, believers are supposed to minister the word of God to their close friends, colleagues, and family members. Thus, readers of this book are requested to not only censure one another but also guide one another. This book also teaches believers the principles of good discipleship.

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Berg’s book teaches believers that discipleship is not a mere program. However, it is a mutually beneficial association that unites people who have a defined spiritual goal. Since the book discusses both discipleship and sanctification, it can serve as a foundation upon which Christians can nurture spiritual maturity. Believers will find this book very helpful because it acts as a guiding manual. Each chapter has vital information which can assist disciples to reach out to others who need change. Bergs book motivates believers to remain focused and consistent in their daily lives. Therefore, believers should be encouraged to read Berg’s book Changed into His Image, if they intend to attain spiritual maturity.


Berg, Jim. Changed into His Image. Greenville: Bob Jones University Press, 2003.

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