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Changes in the Healthcare Environment

Continued changes have occurred in the health provision sector, health care providers and team members. These changes are fuelled by a number of challenges facing this sector. The factors include: introduction of new supportive technology, social changes involving demography and disease patterns, patient intelligence, demand for quality services and legislation. These factors form the health provision challenges of the twenty-first century (Holm & Richards 2005, p. 1).

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These challenges, that face the health provision sector, have led to a lot of revolution in the health sector and they have prompted health providers to start preparing for future Medicare. For instance, the increasing ratio of aging population to young population has necessitated the investment of Medicare resources in chronic conditions that are characteristic of the elderly. This will automatically substitute investment of resources in Medicare related to prevention and cure leading to partial neglecting of the young population, at the expense of the elderly. (Holm & Richards 2005, p. 1).

The greatest contribution brought about by technology to health care can be largely attributed to computer technology. Computers have made screening and diagnostic procedures unimaginably easy; communication links are more established and effective than they ever were due to the use of computer technology. Technology is also evident in drug delivery, monitoring of patient conditions, surgical procedures and it is currently having substantial contribution to remote medical provision. This is, especially, the case with the old rich population that is growing rampantly (Haas 2002, p. 1). Technology has several negative effects on service delivery. For instance, it makes the old and experienced nurses lose their value in service delivery since they may not be as dynamic as the technology (Haas 2002, p. 1).

It is expected that in the near future, Medicare will experience significant changes. This necessitates planning and building of medical strategies. The new face expected to be seen in this industry could turn out to be uglier than it is today. It is the responsibility of health care providers to ensure that that does not happen. For instance, to cater for the increasing population of the elderly, health care providers may start introducing remote health provision. In this case, health care for an affluent elderly person will just be a phone call away and they will not need to interfere with the socio-economic activities of the youth. To achieve a healthy future population, unscrupulous profit making medical providers must be dealt with. Appropriate legislation must be set out and administered to phase out this unethical issue. Medical practitioners should also ensure that all people in the society are able to access medical care regardless of whether they are poor or uninsured (Lightman 2010, p. 1). They can do this by providing affordable medical care for the poor. Medical providers should also learn the value of human life and human welfare, and give quality services to their clients (Richards 2010, p. 1). Additionally, all demanding conditions in the society should be given attention to make sure heath provision is balanced.

With the wake of alarming statistics of the use of technology especially the internet, people have developed a negative view of health care providers. The sector is jammed with a lot of practitioners, competent and in competent, such that the elite in the society would prefer using the internet to identify medical solutions in place of receiving expensive mediocre medical care. The society should be made to understand the importance of professional medical provision by providing medical care that gives them the value for their money.

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