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Child Abuse: Keep Kids Safe

Mandated Reporter Statute

Child abuse is a case when a parent or guardian, regardless of whether through activity or neglecting to act, causes injury, intended damage, or danger of genuine mischief. Mandated reporters are adults with stable positions in society, who are legitimately needed to report speculated children abuse if they have sensible reason to presume that a child is a victim of cruelty (PCAP, n.d.). The capable individual can be a clinical analyst, coroner or memorial service chief, a worker of a medical care office or supplier authorized by the Department of Health, who is occupied with the affirmation, assessment, care, or therapy of people (PCAP, n.d.). In Pennsylvania state, the law necessitates that the mandated reporters declare themselves and the ways they can be reached (Pennsylvania Government). Moreover, they should have documentation that the report was made (Pennsylvania Government). This data is likely to be useful if explanation on the circumstance or extra information is required. This way, children, adolescents, or a case manager can contact the reporter. Mandated reporter may inform the authorities by phone or electronically through the online interface.

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Mandated Reporter Scenario

The ambulance brings a 7-year-old girl to the hospital with a high fever and a strong persistent cough. After bringing down the fever, the medical staff ran some examinations, and they did not find anything serious. Her doctor diagnosed her with a common cold. However, he strongly recommends the girl’s mother to keep the girl for hospitalization since the child’s state seems to be unstable to let her go home. The mother refuses to keep her daughter at the hospital and mentions that the examination’s results were fine. After that, the doctor prescribes her the medicine, but the girl’s mother creases the prescription paper and abruptly puts it in the pocket of her jacket.


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