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Problem of Child Abuse in Modern Society

Child abuse is a rampant issue in the modern world and some caregivers abuse children sexually, emotionally, and physically. Moreover, children face abuse in some institutions of learning from teachers and tutors, a factor that affects them. Children are human beings, and thus, they have rights that people ought to respect. Formerly, people neglected children but over the recent past, some countries have formed laws, which protect children against child abuse and its effects. Therefore, the essay explains how parents, teachers, and the society abuse children and discusses the effects of child abuse.

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Child abuse is one of the issues that I feel strongly about and champion for its elimination. The issue has dire effects in the livelihoods of young individuals and affects their performance and confidence. In essence, parents, teachers, and other individuals in the society are some of the key players that at times engage in acts that abuse children sexually, physically, or emotionally. Some individuals in various parts of the world believe that children do not have any rights, and hence, subject them to some inhuman activities. Some of the prevalent activities that individuals employ in their quest to abuse children include scolding, beating, mistreating, sexual abuse, and child labor.

These activities affect the children’s wellbeing and cause harm in their minds. Wamley states that although many parts of the world champion for maintenance of child rights, some parts of the world still practice activities that abuse children (74). It is important to explain that child abuse does not only affect the development of a child, but also affects their overall performance in various places of learning.

Some of the reasons that explain why I feel strongly about the issue of child abuse include the effects on the emotion, self-esteem, and the physical harm. Imperatively child abuse is an activity that affects children in a number of ways. When parents, teachers, or other members of a particular society abuse a child, the emotional state of the subject individual becomes disturbed (Young-Bruehl 20). The eventual outcome of emotional disturbance is a mindset that is unbalanced and disorganized. Therefore, frequently abused children demonstrate features like disorientation and disorganization in several components of their endeavors.

Moreover, the self-esteem and performance of the children reduces greatly when they become subjects of abuse. Due to lowered performance and negative personality, children develop a feeling of inferiority as opposed to their colleagues, and hence, display low self-esteem and confidence. Schwartz-Kenney explains that physical harm is a factor, which can occasion from some acts of child abuse such as beating (2). Therefore, child abuse is an activity that requires elimination in every part of the world.

Child abuse is an activity that has several negative effects on the development and performance of children. Parents, teachers, and some individuals in the society are among the major perpetrators of the inhuman activity. While some forms of abuse are physical, others include emotional and sexual abuse. In essence, abuse leads to reduced self-confidence and esteem, poor performance, and negative personality from the subjects, who feel that they are inferior as opposed to others in the society. Significantly, all parts of the world need to be free from the challenge of child abuse and children should get the chance to exploit their full potential in environments that are free from any kind of abuse.

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