Christian Life in the “Everyman” Moral Play

Everyman represents all humanity and critical issues related to all the people, including Fellowship, Material Goods, and Knowledge. In the play, Everyman strives to answer an eternal question of what a person should do to achieve Christian salvation (Lester 107). Comparing my own life with time when Goods lays the main character down, I would like to describe one lesson learned from my experience.

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Everyman believes that material possessions would accompany him on the way to death. Moreover, he is sure that money is thought to right all wrong things. However, Material Goods leave him alone on his pilgrimage likewise others: “Nay, Everyman, I sing another song, I follow no man in such voyages” (“Everyman” 5). At the end of the play, Everyman understands that every human being has their own account book. In other words, everyone is responsible for his or her actions, both good and bad ones.

Speaking of my life, I would like to note that there was a time when I also thought that material goods are very important. I believed that money could resolve any complicated issue. However, one case proved me wrong. I fell in love with a beautiful girl, but she was indifferent to me. I was ready to offer her any gifts, flowers, and other material goods. Nevertheless, she told me that money cannot create feelings and love. Then I understood that money is just a worldly means and it cannot lead to God.

In conclusion, I understood that a man could bring nothing and nobody with him to heaven. Even if you have untold wealth on the Earth, you will have nothing but yourself before God. Therefore, a rush for wealth cannot bring to Christian salvation and be count as a plus in a ledger book.

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