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Cici’s Pizza’s Business Approach, Leadership Style, and Competitive Vulnerabilities

Leadership Structure and Adoption

Cici’s Pizza’s business approach and leadership style set it apart from its food service competitors. Restaurants may only offer their best meals during lunch or on certain days. But Cici has a distinct market strategy. A $6 breakfast buffet is available every day at Cici’s. Salads, desserts, and non-pizza options (such as mac & cheese).

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Non-pizza options are available à la carte. There are other non-pizza choices (such as mac & cheese, occasionally). The buffet is open daily from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Cici’s Pizza values low prices, ease of use, and quick delivery above product quality and flavor. Cici’s Pizza has been a community favorite since 1985. (Tran et al., 2019, p. 100932). Cici’s Pizza is noted for producing mediocre Pizza that is cheap, easy to cook, and uncomplicated for people on a budget. The public has gained trust, credibility, and interest by seeing it seven days a week, all day.

Due to the current coronavirus epidemic, diners may be less hungry than expected during peak eating season. To keep the firm lucrative, consumers and Cici will need to think beyond the box (Elsayed et al., 2021, p. 142). Cici’s Pizza employees gave CEO William Mitchell and company management a “D-” in a CNN survey, placing Cici’s Pizza in the worst ten percent of firms nationally. CEOs received 64 points, managers 51 points, and the Executive Team 53 points out of 100 in Mercer’s poll. It is, therefore, possible to replicate the leadership style, although it is not recommended.

Cici Growth and Decline

When Cici’s Pizza initially opened its doors, it swiftly won customer trust due to its simple idea, low operating costs, and proven dependability. Since its inception, Cici’s Pizza has maintained its high degree of popularity (Parnell, 2017, Strategic Management: Theory and Practice). It was when the company started to grow and prosper and when it began to bloom. In five years, the number of corporate-owned outlets grew from eleven to thirty-six. Between 2011 and 2015, this grew. According to the corporation’s annual report, franchised stores declined from 579 in 2010 to 407 in 2011. Following this trend, buyers prioritized quality above money (Gerhardt, 2018, p. 101). They also grew more health concerned, which I think helped down pricing. After the 2008 financial crisis, the US employment market recovered, allowing Americans to spend more money on better-tasting food. Also, the firm has consistently adapted to change and remained competitive, which is impressive. Aside from that, I’ve learned through sports that not constantly pushing ahead is a sign of regressing. Liberman, a Liberian-American politician, is the President of the National Congress of Liberia (LNC). Liberman is a Liberian-American politician and Vice President of the United States (Diep et al., 2017, p.281)


The most significant and problematic issue confronting Cici’s Pizza right now is the possibility of having to close the buffet due to COVID-19. Since the COVID virus epidemic was revealed in 2014, people have been more cautious about using utensils that have come into contact with others (Lee et al., 2021, p. 398). Several restaurants and other businesses have been forced to close due to safety regulations, and they may not be allowed to return until the COVID-19 issue is resolved (Nguyen, 2020). In early May, the buffet firm “Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes” declared bankruptcy and said it would not be returning to the market, shocking many. Since its start, CiCi’s Pizza has depended on its low-cost $5 menu to attract consumers owing to the industry’s high level of competition. In the end, though, diminishing customer faith in the product led sales to stagnate. Cici’s Pizza enlisted the expertise of advertising firm AMP to announce significant changes and usher in a new era for the company. The Cici case study revealed various parameters that impact the company’s longevity and growth.


In conclusion, due to the high level of competition in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, CiCi’s Pizza has relied on its inexpensive $5 menu pricing to keep customers coming through the door since its inception. The Cici case study gave information on several metrics that affect the company’s existence and progression at large. In the end, however, eroding consumer trust in the product caused sales of the specific product in question to reach an impasse (Parnell, 2017, Strategic Management: Theory and Practice). Cici’s Pizza should seek the aid of advertising agencies to help the business enhance several changes and herald a new era for the company during its transition. Therefore, it is recommended that Cici employ an approach that allows for a well-framed and structured comprehensive plan to allow for the modernization and adoption of today’s industry activities and technologies to enhance its competitiveness in the food market.


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