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Cigarette Smokers and Their Types


A smoker is any person who consumes burned tobacco or its vapors, either through tasting or through inhaling. Smokers are classified according to the number of cigarettes they smoke per day. Different countries use different standards to classify smokers based on their consumption rate. Thus, we cannot say a heavy or light smoker consumes an exact number of cigarettes per day. This paper will look at various types of cigarette smokers.

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Main Body

Casual smokers

Smokers are classified into casual, moderate and chain smokers. The casual smokers only smoke when socializing with friends. Most the casual smokers do not consider themselves smokers because they do it casually. However, you either smoke or you do not.

According to studies done in the United States, college students constitute the largest number of casual smokers. They are also referred to as social smokers. A casual smoker is usually resistant to any efforts that are geared towards antismoking. This is because the individual does not consider himself as a smoker. Such people do not consider that they can become addicted or even that their casual smoking may pose health risks to them. It is important for them to note that, no matter what category one falls into; smoking causes many diseases and many a time the practice poses health hazards.

Moderate smokers

Secondly we have the moderate smokers. These people consume an average of 1-2 packets of cigarettes a day. They mostly smoke under stressful conditions. Compared to the casual smokers, moderate smokers stand a better chance of quitting smoking. This is because most of them admit that they are smokers and in case they are well educated on the harmful effects of smoking, they can easily quit.

Chain smokers

Thirdly are the chain smokers. This category is composed of those smokers who smoke one cigarette after the other. These smokers will consume more than three packets of cigarettes in a day. Such people are addicted to cigarettes and they have to smoke non-stop failure to which many will report of headaches. Chain smokers find it very hard to quit smoking largely because most of them are long time smokers. They know that smoking is harmful to their health but console themselves when they see other chain smokers who have lived for many years. For example, British prime minister is said to have lived 85 years despite being a chain smoker.


In conclusion, Cigarette smoking is a habit that has been with mankind for a long time. Many of the different types of smokers have tried to quit. Some have been successful while others have not. However quitting smoking is a tall order that requires willpower. A smoker has to make a decision to quit and should have self discipline and motivation in order to achieve this objective. This is because cigarette smoking is harmful to both the health of the smoker and the people around him who are referred to as passive smokers. Studies have shown that smoking affects the immunity of an individual making him or her prone to several diseases.

For instance, smoking is highly attributed to being the main cause of certain liver diseases such as liver cancer. This information should be disseminated to the population about smoking and its effects on human health. The information should be factual so as to deter those who would be considering to begin smoking and remove misconceptions such as ‘those who smoke casually are in no danger’.

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