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Cigarette Smoking Cessation Methods

Cigarette smoking is a one the major preventable cause of diseases in the United States and throughout the world. Cigarette smoking causes more than 400,000 deaths annually. In 2000, it was estimated to have caused more than five million premature deaths worldwide. In United States alone the loss from smoking consequences and reduction of productivity associated with smoking is estimated to cost more than $90 billion annually. Smoking cigarettes draws smoke and other toxic substances into the lungs of a smoker with a high dose of nicotine the addictive element of cigarettes and once hocked it is very hard to quit smoking (Wendt, 1). This essay is about smoking as a bad habit that people should quit and strict laws should be applied against it.

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People with the habit of smoking tend to argue about retaining the habit with the help of some strange logic, which is but fallacy at the very best. They say that smoking is a good stress relief medium and it is a necessity in this highly competitive world. They also mention that smoking tends to provide a positive fulfillment and a smoker is elated during smoking. Others simply state that it is a very good feeling. Though all of their reasons are accepted, the dangers that await the smoker and the people around the smokers are far greater than those pity reasons! If these are the reasons behind smoking then there are better reasons for mass murders and poison intakes.

Smoking for the young adult could be the in thing but the effects of smoking are diverse and some can be fatal. Young adults have been observed to carry out attempts to quit smoking but most of those who actually quit smoking have been observed to do so while it is at times too late on the basis if health implications. Those who quit before that age of 35 have been shown to improve on their life expectancy almost comparable to that of nonsmokers. Many young adults who attempt to quit smoking have been observed to require assistance unlike the adults, but on the same line those with higher educational levels have been reported to use evidence based pharmacotherapy while trying to quit. Although cessation interventions are effective and cost effective it has been observed that health care professionals are not dealing with this problem as expected by providing this treatments. From recoded information it has been observed that only a very small percentage of young persons have received any cessation assistance or any follow up by physicians. Thus, it is not very difficult to quit smoking and with mental strength one can successfully achieve it.

However, it should be noted that smoking prevalence has fallen over the past several years, but it seems this decline is stalling as smoking in the age group of 18 years and above has remained constant at 20% between 2004 and 2006. Data from centre for disease control indicates that smoking rates of young adults in colleges rose at 2.7.6% in 2005 from 26.2% in 2003.while the smoking rate of young person in the age groups of 18years and 24 years remained the highest in the country. (Fritz, 1) All this data collected showed changes attributed to tobacco control policies and tobacco industry practices.

Although statistics show that smoking prevalence is declining and appears to be stabilizing. To achieve lower levels of smoking in young adults and have a complete cessation from the habit, the rate of decline has to be addressed by the authorities and health person mandated to work on these. Smoking is an already established behavior with many young adults and the scope of research in methods of cessation should be extended to cessation methodologies in order to help many who are struggling to quit smoking while at the same time address the causes that interest the young adult into experimenting with smoking (Debbie, 1). It is very important that nurses involved with young adults become active in smoking cessation programs to be able to extinguish this smoking behavior among the young adults. Young adults need to be assessed for their smoking statuses and the willingness to quit smoking in all primary care settings as well as in schools. Authorities and communities in all districts need to innovate on programs aimed at increasing levels of cessation and abstinence to smoking.

Smoking cessation is the most single thing smokers can do for their health. Methods of quitting smoking areas what works for one person doest necessary work for the other. Methods advocated are in forms of nicotine replacement therapies to prescriptions while there is the individual choice of gradual withdrawal. On average it is estimated that it takes six attempts before one can successfully quit smoking. What smokers do not understand is that if quitting for personal gain is not a motivation enough then they would do it for the sake of others who are affected by their smoking habiting America it is estimated that more than 40% of children are living in homes with smokers, which makes them secondary smokers. This exposes them to many ailments including bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and ear ailments. Thus, it is the duty of the authorities to implement and executes laws that would completely ban smoking.

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