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Issues in Sports: Gender Equality

Sports in our societies has contributed significantly towards unifying different nations and continents.This is where we get our cherished men and women, excellent memoirs are recalled; in these games, goals are placed and thoughts are lived. We have seen vast media coverage that make participants celebrities and legends, but women have been left staggering to mere spectators.The game of football all over the world has a remarkable place in recent history; and is believed to be one of the wealthiest sectors in the sporting field. For many years, the game of soccer has been poached generally by men. Many of our public colleges had done little to help women actually show their might in general sporting. Gender issue in college sports has been a major factor that contributes to women not participating fully in the game of football.

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The authorities have done so little to make women comfortable in doing sports in learning institutions, especially women soccer. It is quite interesting that in many countries especially Europe participation of women in football started long in 19th century.Why is up to now the question of giving full attention to women soccer is not yet resolved. Feminine involvement in this game especially in colleges must be encouraged to fully balance the gender equation. Women are really interested to play football, to be coaches and referees. Why is the world denying them this enormous opportunity? It is remembered that women from England in 1920 left history, when they toured the United States and played against men team.

They spoke loudly that they can deliver, by scoring goals. From that time, if were the authority concerned, the launching of women football uprising would have started. There are several male stars outside there making millions because of football; who says women can not? There are numerous attempts to sensitize this subject but little improvement has taken place. The world soccer governing organization FIFA needs to emphasize on women soccer by funding our colleges and public institutions for the promotion of the game women love and adore. For the world to see this great dream come true there must be planned transition of power, especially all learning institutions public offices and any other organization dealing with soccer, must relinquish their positions for women to take over. This is when liberation for women to play soccer, shall take place. Male counterparts must also give strong support of this motion (Wismer et al 1997).

Numerous societies have not recognized that women have the flair to take part in any sport that a man can do, with equivalent expertise if not best. The media coverage has also let the women down. Our colleges and learning institution must annually allocate funds especially to women soccer teams in order to eradicate this gender gap that has been experienced since time immemorial. The most influential upper hand to persuade the world which the modern media has, must be applied to sway the humankind to rally back and give full support for equitable gender participation in the game of football.The factual basis is that; we want the same chance for all women to participate in sports so they can also develop the mental, physiological and sociological reimbursement of sports contribution. Apart from their procreation organs, there are no absolute differences that subsist among men and women. It is apparent that pending collective prospects for men and women are equivalent; that we must present identical value for equal sexes.

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