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Consequences of Malaria in Africa

There is a common cry in Africa. Africans are used to the usual cry of hunger and poverty, but deaths of young children as a result of malaria has currently taken over. The research fact of malaria killing 2 million African children in every year has brought about an ever crying African mother (Jeffrey, 2007). These situations are worse in the villages where there are scarcities of health facilities. Children succumb their conditions on their way to health centers.

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Apart from loss of the loved ones, malaria has some other long term consequences. The workers productivity is deterred, and some of the business investments are scared away. Couples in the mostly affected areas end up having many children, being full of uncertainty of how many will survive. Africa is greatly hit by this disease due to its tropical climate, its types of mosquitoes, and above all it has countless mosquito breeding sites (Jeffrey, 2007). These malaria consequences continue digging deep the poverty trap of Africa. If not well thought of how to fight this deadly disease Africa will ever remain being poor as well as denying new born babies their rights to live.

To solve the above consequences of malaria, there are some solutions which are simple and have low costs which can help to unlock Africa’s poverty trap. The insecticide treated bed net is the cheapest way which is considered to prevent malaria. Unfortunately this solution is not reaching the biggest proportion of the Africans who are in dire need. People who are above average are the ones who afford these solutions leaving those who are below the poverty line to suffer. Most of people who live below the poverty line are the couples who are at their children bearing age, exposing young children and pregnant mothers to the dangers of malaria.

Some of the blames is placed to the African government for not making an extra efforts to ensure everyone especially people in the rural areas are safe and free from malaria and other preventable killer diseases. The total costs of nets, medicines, and any other component which may require in prevention of malaria is an amount which can be afforded by Africa through an intellectual management tactics. Through the assistant of Red Cross volunteers, bed nets may be distributed easily and cheaply, as well as offering training to all villagers across Africa. In the year 2004 and 2005 Red Cross volunteers set a very good example in Togo and Niger respectively by distributing nets to more than half the households within few days (Jeffrey, 2007). Through the provision of the needed resources Red Cross can offer the distribution and training services in all over Africa.

On the other hand, citizens have their roles to play in the fight against malaria. Currently, new citizens’ movements have come up to create the needed breakthrough of reaching everyone. Through these movements able Africans will be put in a position to contribute the estimated $10 for a bed net (Jeffrey, 2007). Citizens will have an opportunity to learn more about malaria and pass to the disadvantaged people in the communities. Citizens will be in a better position to converse with the government, and work together towards eradicating the risks involved with malaria disease. With this combined effort Africa can choose peace over jihad as proposed by Osama Bin Laden. Each and every individual has power to save a life.

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