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Civilians Are the Foundation of Our Force

It seems like just yesterday that I took command, but it has already been almost six months. In that time, I have been genuinely impressed by the Soldiers and civilians of the 310th MI Battalion – their teamwork allows them to provide world-class technical support to counterintelligence investigations and operations worldwide.

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General Governed structure ascertains that the General Government is depended on the public measures in the context of safety and otherwise helping people or the general mass to follow the jurisdiction of law. This system of governance helps the organization to uphold the law in a wider sense. The general structure of governance has been a well formulated configuration and it has proved to be a successful organization in terms of law enforcement in the area. Public Safety and Law is one of the most important priorities of the armed force and the civilians alike. By this measure they help to maintain peace and law all over the area. Additionally, it should be taken into account that in the field of community services the armed force has prove to be a wonderful example of military efficiency. Time and again it has been seen that during natural calamities the U S armed force is always there to help the civilians with their services and maintaining peace and law at the time of disaster thereby helping the civilians greatly.

The armed force is extremely instrumental in handling the matter of law and by taking interest in this field the armed force ensures that the law is enforced properly and effectively as because with the use of security the general mass of the area tends to be more law abiding in the context of principals. Similarly enough the same could be said about the armed force while dealing with the calamity protection system on behalf of the general people. Though the mater of calamity protection hardly comes under the jurisdiction of the armed force under normal circumstances and in general sense it could be mentioned that the U S armed force is doing a great job for the civilian in this context. It would have been far more difficult for a civilian to receive justice and safety if not for the presence of the armed force. This way the armed force is doing a substantially wonderful job from the perspective of the civilians and this in the context proves to be a nice gesture from the point of view of the armed force but all these are possible with the active participation of the civilians.

This past quarter our team has been busy. We have had several of our Soldiers and civilians deployed to all three major military operations, and they have performed magnificently. We have also had a wide range of TDY missions across several different continents. We also bid farewell to a few team members, most notably Ms. Sue Butterfield who retired with 30 years of federal service.

Coming from a FORSCOM environment, I did not understand how important the role of civilians is to the success of our battalion. We just could not cover all of our missions without the interventions of our civilians. They are the heart of the battalion, and may have specific (and even unique) skills and experience not readily available in uniform. Additionally, many of them previously served on active duty, and bring a wealth of history to our operations; including time spent in sister services. We have veterans from Vietnam and Desert Storm, like Tom Longazel and Don Shiles, as well as many civilians who volunteered to support the battalion task force for OIF or subsequent deployments.

I have grown to appreciate the crucial institutional knowledge that our civilians have. Unlike our military members, they do not rotate every two-to-three years, and can rapidly provide the lessons learned of previous missions. This stability not only helps us with operations, but contributes to the sense of pride and tradition. We have employees who have served for decades, and they have become part of our social fabric. I am amazed at the estimate of how many holiday parties, change of command receptions, and other social events that have been planned and run by our informal social committee of Ms Burkhart, Ms. Devillasee-Miller, and Ms. Curry over the years.

In closing, CSM Gabr and I am proud of all our Soldiers and civilians who serve the battalion every day. Their individual personalities make it a dynamic place to work, and there is never a dull moment. We look forward to advancing our capabilities and assuming the global technical counterintelligence mission. Always on the Alert!

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