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Clark County Obesity Problem

The Clark County has had a history of obesity since the year 2003 and before. The problem has been persistent over a period of time. The problem has been occasioned by the lack of proper care from the parents. The parents are always busy to have proper care of their kids. The kids have therefore opted for poor eating habits without parents having knowledge of it. The other source is the availability of cheap and affordable foods in the county. The people of the county are also engulfed in a wave of poor eating habits that are threatening their livelihoods.

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The county is lacking in civic education to help and enhance the eating habits of people. The county government has been reluctant in dealing with the problem and hence leaving the onus to the parents and guardians who have on the other hand neglected their kids for their jobs. This has brought a wave of detrimental results in terms of healthy eating in the county. Obesity has cropped due to lack of integrity on the part of food businesses that have opted for poor foods to make profits.

The issue of obesity is dangerous to the health of persons. It increases the rate of heart beating which in turn can lead to diseases such as hypertension and high blood pressure. Therefore it is a matter of life and death that the county government is dealing. The county has 10% of its population considered overweight and may lead to even more cases of obesity in the future if not dealt with at the initial stage. It is also evident that many kids are falling trap to this problem and concern is mounting at the quality of eating in the future as regards the county.

The major beneficiaries of the problem of obesity are the foods businesses in the county whoa reap from the tendency for people to have propensity and insatiable liking for fast foods such as French fries. These people are preparing these foods and encouraging people to eat them to their benefits. The government is also involved in the killing business because it reaps from the businesses through taxation and licensing. Unless something is done in the families which are feeding and encouraging the issue of unhealthy eating by having their priorities wrong.

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