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Clermont Community’s Windshield Survey

Clermont (Florida) is a steadily growing city where the community can access various services in many spheres of people’s lives. The city can be referred to as the City of Champions, which is stressed by the local government (City of Clermont, 2018). The central industries are real-estate and tourism due to the geographic location of the area. The government of Clermont concentrates on such areas as the provision of high-quality public services (transportation, healthcare, educational, etc.), sustainability (for example, recycling, associated promotion, and education), and the like. Although there are certain issues and areas for improvement, the city is a good place for living due to various opportunities people have.

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Geographical Description

Clermont is situated on the east coast of the USA. This city is located in the inland area of the peninsula and is approximately 11 square miles (City of Clermont, 2018). The residential area is located on rolling hills, which is a characteristic feature of the city (Forbes, 2018). Clermont is only 20 miles from Orlando, which makes it attractive for tourists and travelers. The poverty level is rather high (over 12%) while median house income is slightly over $56,000 (United States Census Bureau, 2016). The city has several parks and recreation zones, a large commercial area, and quite considerable residential districts of low and medium density, as well as some residential/commercial districts (City of Clermont, 2017). The population of Clermont is growing as it increased from almost 28,742 in 2010 to 33,549 in 2016 (United States Census Bureau, 2016). The infrastructure is also improving constantly as new roads, residential areas, and recreational zones have been created during this period (City of Clermont, 2018). Therefore, the city is revealing signs of growth.

Health Resources

The population of the city is rather homogeneous. As for ethnicity, over 80% of people are white, and over 90% of the residents have high-school or higher education (United States Census Bureau, 2016). The major causes of death are cancer and heart disease while other common health concerns include CLRD and diabetes (Florida Department of Health, 2016). Motor vehicle crashes cause the death of over 14% of residents. The major health risks are associated with unhealthy lifestyles as approximately 60% of people are overweight or obese. Binge drinking can also be a problem as over 10% of residents have this health issue.

There are certain issues with the access to high-quality healthcare services. For example, healthcare professionals per capita are below the national and state average (Forbes, 2018). There were only 236 licensed physicians per 100,000 residents in 2016 while the state average was 315,5 (Florida Department of Health, 2016). The number of licensed pediatricians was 10,1 per 100,000 in the same year while the state average was 18. Nursing homes beds availability is not sufficient although it is higher than the state average as there were slightly over 459 beds per 100,000 in 2016 while the state average was 413.3. At the same time, the city has several health centers and hospitals (both public and private) that provide healthcare or mental health services to different populations. One of the groups that receive specific attention is veterans (City of Clermont, 2018). The government of Clermont also launches numerous promotional and educational programs associated with healthy lifestyles and safety.

Transportation is another key concern of the local government. Transportation infrastructure is characterized by the focus on tourism as the city has specific routes to Orlando and Gainesville (City of Clermont, 2018). Importantly, specific attention is paid to services associated with access to educational and healthcare facilities as the city offers multiple options for different populations and their needs. The city can also be characterized by well-developed commercial areas with an abundance of groceries, supermarkets, malls, and so on.

As has been mentioned above, education is one of the priorities for the local government. The city has public and private K-12 schools and higher educational establishments (Lake County Schools, 2018). It is noteworthy that people can apply for scholarships to enter educational establishments of their choice. Florida tax credit scholarship student enrollment had been steadily increasing and reached almost 100,000 in 2017 (Florida Department of Education, 2017). Over 1,700 private schools are participating in this program. At that, 68% of these educational establishments are religious. The city also has some religious stores and shops.

Citizen Safety and Protective Services

Clermont has certain issues associated with safety and protective services. As far as the fire department is concerned, it reacts properly to various situations. This agency has also launched several programs aimed at fire prevention and people’s education. When it comes to crime, the city has quite serious problems. The average crime rate is 39 crimes per 100,000 people, which is 74% higher than the state average or the rates of the rest of the cities of Florida (Neighborhood Scout, 2017). The degree of community involvement is rather low in the city, which contributes to its low position in the list of the best cities for living (Forbes, 2018). Neighborhood watch and similar initiatives are not common for Clermont. The city’s government provides some programs to victims of violence or other groups, but these services are not sufficient. There are some shelters for victims in the area, but these efforts are less pronounced as compared to other cities.

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Involvement of Senior Citizens, Disabled People

The degree of community involvement is low in different spheres. There are no specific incentives or initiative that involve the provision of services by senior citizens. This population is quite passive, which also contributes to the city’s low status among the cities that are good for aging (Forbes, 2018). However, it is necessary to note that some programs are available for senior citizens in Clermont (City of Clermont, 2018). These services are related to housing, transportation, education, social work, and healthcare. As has been mentioned above, the city has several recreational zones and parks that are appropriate for different populations including children, the elderly, people with disabilities, adults, the youth, and so on.

Community Welfare Services

As for community welfare services, these are mainly provided to several groups of residents. These populations include children, the elderly, and veterans (City of Clermont, 2018). The services provided include training, education, social work, shelter, employment assistance, and the like. At the same time, the local government has launched a program aimed at assisting victims of floods and other natural disasters. This initiative mainly provides aid in dwelling reconstruction.


Clermont is the city that is developing and growing. It has numerous areas for improvement as the crime rate is rather high, access health care is insufficient, community involvement is low. At the same time, the local government is making an effort to assist such population as children, the elderly, and veterans through the provision of education and social work services, as well as health care. The city is characterized by well-developed commercial areas, which is beneficial for the city’s economic growth. Recreational zones and parks make the city a nice place to live in. Therefore, it is possible to note that Clermont can be a good place for living although people may need to become more active. It can be beneficial to address the local government and offer some programs aimed at solving the major issues mentioned above.


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