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Clinical Systems: Informatics Solutions

The implementation of various information systems in medical practice is in high demand in the globalized world where health care services are greatly valued. The paper below analyzes the three clinical systems that are effective but unfortunately are not used regularly by the medical staff in Kendall Regional Medical Center since some of them lack funds for improvements and require more time when implementing them.

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Archimedes IndiGO – Clinical Decision Support


The “individualized guidelines and outcomes” system, created to substitute the commercialized version of the Archimedes Model. It uses mathematical equations for analyzing vital clinical data to simulate the processes that occur in human bodies.

The importance of the system to the organization

It provides an individualized approach towards every patient so that physicians can implement appropriate treatment when providing care.

Improvement/decline in patient care

Significant improvements in patient care due to the ability to scan and analyze all data, including insurance coverage, previous medical history, recommended costs for treatment, and others. Patient care has also decreased due to the system’s personalized guidelines option, which allows scanning the databases for identifying patients that are at the highest risk (Versel, 2011, para. 4).

Advantages and challenges of the system

Advantage are associated with an automized diagnosis solution and personalized approach while the disadvantage is in additional funds and training for the medical staff on how the system can be used.

Patient confidentiality management

Due to the inclusion of data such as insurance information, patient confidentiality is managed through a written agreement by the patient.

Case Management Information System


A patient-centric record of health care management activities, which uses a wide range of demographic data for the medical practice. Approximately one million patients are enrolled in countrywide.

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The importance of the system to the organization

The system is important for finding ways of providing care to uninsured patients by involving enrollment services.

Improvement/decline in patient care

The patient care is improved since the system allows maintaining a health record and the care plan for the patient as he or she moves to other health care facilities or comes to the Kendall Regional Medical Center.

Advantages and challenges of the system

The advantage is in the provision of the care plans, health coaching models, which are care plans for each patient (Community Care of North Carolina, 2016, para. 2). The challenge is the lack of funding for updating the system.

Patient confidentiality management

Patient confidentiality is managed by using coded patient profiles so that there is minimal personal information exposed.

Health Level 7 (HL7) – Clinical Interface Standard


A clinical interface standard that allows for the information exchange of data between various clinical data applications. The system was developed for reducing the demand for maintenance and programming for custom interfaces.

The importance of the system to the organization

The importance of the system for the organization is the provision of strict standards for health care information technologies through creating strong guidelines for legal interoperability.

Improvement/decline in patient care

The care for patients is improved with the standardized methods of information exchange and the decision support systems that aid medical professionals to manage clinical documents, electronic health records, personal health records, as well as other information vital for patient diagnosis and treatment (Rouse, 2015, para. 3).

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Advantages and challenges of the system

The advantage of the health facility is the convenience the standards offer for managing the patient data as well as exchanging information between other medical applications.

Patient confidentiality management

HL7 greatly prioritizes patient privacy through the Privacy Consent Directive documents that express patients’ preferences for managing privacy.


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