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Health Information Systems Project

Health information management system

For this paper, the author will consider the implementation of an operational health information management system. This type of software focuses on the internal processes of the healthcare facility, including matters such as staffing and scheduling. Its purpose is to provide the management with accurate and relevant information as well as the ability to adjust operations efficiently. By enabling leaders to review their organization’s operational performance within a unified system, the software provides them with the ability to make informed decisions that improve the facility’s productivity. They can be highly beneficial for small as well as large organizations, contributing to their excellent performance.

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Operational systems

The author has chosen operational systems because of their relevance to many of the current issues in healthcare. Nurse and physician shortages are prevalent, with the numbers of staff in many facilities inadequate to serve all of the patients’ needs. As a result, healthcare providers have to make concessions, such as reducing patient numbers or forgoing particular aspects of care. Operational systems offer ways to optimize the facility’s processes, enabling the completion of increased numbers of tasks with the same workforce numbers and hours. As such, an operational system enables solutions to prominent current issues that are directly related to patient health, which may not necessarily be the case for the other two.

The purpose of clinical systems

The purpose of clinical systems is to improve the quality of care that the patients receive, which makes them essential. However, quality improvement is a continuous process that involves many different aspects of organizational structure and takes place regardless of the quality of the currently provided care. While it is essential to conduct work to improve the health outcomes of patients, the matter may not be as relevant as more current crises, such as the staffing shortage that prevents the provision of such care to all patients. On the other hand, while financial systems address the pertinent issue of financial performance, they are not directly associated with patient health. As such, an operational system is the most critical of the three in the current circumstances.

Advantages of operational systems

The operating system’s primary advantage is its ability to provide a detailed overview of the facility’s structure. By isolating each staff member’s position and defining their job roles clearly, it enables the team to review the performance and competencies of specific employees. As a result, any inefficiencies that emerge can be analyzed and addressed overtly, with underperforming staff reassigned to roles where they can be more productive, and any redundant workers can be given new tasks or let go. As a result, the organization’s performance improves substantially, and the degree of accountability is enhanced through increased transparency.

Disadvantages of operational systems

With that said, it is also necessary to consider the disadvantages of operational systems, which they share with other types of health information systems. One is the increased costs associated with the usage of such a system. It will typically involve an initial payment to the provider as well as continued support, and the facility will likely need to purchase hardware to store and run the system. Another is the implementation’s complexity, with staff needing to learn to use it and be convinced that it is superior to the old method. Without the staff’s commitment, which also needs to be competent at using the system, it will not manifest its benefits. As such, facility management and staff have to be able to afford the costs, be trained in the usage of the tools, and be committed to their implementation.

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