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Club IT: Mission and Primary Clientele


Club IT is a downtown music venue owned and managed by Lisa and Ruben who started it after graduating with business administration degrees in 2005. The club offers a variety of services to its clients including spacious dancing floor, DJs, live music and refreshments. The mission of the club is to build a community that will be always meeting at the club. The club remains open all days of the week apart from Sunday. The club enjoys clients throughout the week though the turn up is higher on weekends. Most of the clients are people who go out to spend their evening time with friends. This research will focus on how adoption of new information system will help the club to acquire competitive advantage in the market.

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Information management system

Importance of IT

The club has just finished some renovations on the interior that have already started to bear fruits. However, the club has to do a lot in the area of information management system to improve the quality and efficiency of the services that are offered by the club. The use of IT in the club will give it a competitive advantage in the market where information systems will be used to reach more customers as well as to improve their satisfactions. According to Chen, Mocker, Preston and Teubner, acquisition of information systems is very important to the success of any business (2010, p.233). Globally, businesses have continued to adopt new technologies as way of improving their competitive advantage. Companies are coming up with information system strategies that will help them to increase their productivity. IT specialists are also employed to develop information system plans that are aligned to the goals and objectives of the organisation.

Information Resources

The club IT also need to come up with information system strategy that will help it to gain competitive advantage in the market. Application of the IT in the operations of the club will require it to acquire information system resources that will be used to develop an effective information system. These resources include laptops, standardised desktops and operating systems that connect the network of the business and its server to the global network. Use of software tools and standardised platforms allows the specialists in the IT department of the company to monitor all the operations through information systems. Risk management information system will also be developed to ensure information of the Club is safe (Spears & Barki, 2010, p.503). The use GIL 1, GIL 2 and GIL 3 will enable users to work with each other. Adoption of IT will require the club to develop information system department that will monitor all the operations of the business. The IT department will also ensure that information system plans are aligned with the goals of the business to enable it to gain competitive advantage in the market. The department will also develop all the application programs that will enable the use of IT in all the operations of the business.

Customer Orientation Strategy

Club IT will use the new developed information system to improve its customer’s satisfaction through offering quality services. First, the club will use information system as a marketing strategy that will enable it to reach more potential customers with information about its services. All services offered by the club and the charges will be provided in the website of the club. This will help in reaching potential customers who will be provided with information about the services of the club. Yujuico and Gelb (2011) postulate that, the use of information technology in marketing will help in product distribution and development (p.50). Different discount rates that are offered by the club will also be provided in its website. Secondly, the club will be in a position to communicate with its customers regularly over the internet. Customers will be in a position to communicate with staffs of the club in case of any query or grievances. Thirdly, the quality of the products offered by the club will also be taken to another level by the use of information systems. For example, the quality of music will be improved by the acquisition of new technology in the business. Finally, it will be possible for the club customers to place their orders on-line, which makes it efficient for them.


The acquisition and development of the information systems will usher Club IT to another level in terms of service provision to customers. The development of information systems will require Club IT to purchase information system resources such as standardised desktops and building operating systems that will connect the network of the business with the global network. This system will help to acquire and retain many potential customers through improved marketing and communications with the staffs of the club for customers go for quality. Quality of products and services offered by the club will also improve because of IT integration and as a result, revenue will increase.


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Spears, L., & Barki, H. (2010). User participation in information systems security risk management. MIS Quarterly, 34(3), 501-506.

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Yujuico, E., & Gelb, B. D. (2011). Marketing technological innovation to LDCS: lessons from one laptop per child. California Management Review, 53(2), 50-68.

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