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Coaching Impact on Organization’s Performance

Organizations often take advantage of effective coaching benefits. Coaching is used for different purposes of strengthening the organization’s operating, and medical structures are no exception. The purpose of this paper is to determine how coaching contributes to improved outcomes of the organization and the patient outcomes in particular. Additionally, it is necessary to analyze who these outcomes relate to and which factors show the efficiency of the coaching approach.

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Coaching is a highly promising opportunity for the organization to improve its productivity. Primarily, coaching focuses on employee training and education. It targets each worker, as well as teams and groups of employees. When workers address their coaching intentions, they learn to set their professional goals and achieve them through a coherent plan. They train to take and manage responsibility for their job duties and patients, in addition to contributing to the success of the organization in general. Team-oriented coaching helps groups of employees develop strategies of working together more easily and productively, improve communication skills, and rely on each other.

The patients of the medical organization benefit from the coaching strategies no less than employees. A highly-qualified, passionate, and committed staff, ensures the best care of the patients, as well as their mental and physical well-being. The employees that continuously develop their working and communicative skills positively influence the patients’ ability to recover and stabilize their health conditions. The patients’ friendly, healthy communication with the employees, their trust, and determination to discuss arising issues serve as a sign of successful coaching outcomes.

To conclude, coaching positively affects both medical employees and their patients. The workers learn to operate effectively as individual employees and members of the healthcare team. Such skills allow them to establish sound communication with their patients and build a healthy environment for them to exist in. All of the above sets the course for the organization itself to operate as a wholesome, successful institution.


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