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Coca-Cola Firm’s Development of Healthier Products

Coca-Cola benefits from its strong brand value and successfully expands by developing new healthier products, following its mission to improve people’s lives worldwide.

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Coca-Cola is a well-known beverage company, and its product line goes far beyond coke. Indeed, the opportunity to develop new drinks became a winning strategy for expansion (Golder and Mitra, 2018). Coca-Cola today switches to healthier products and enters markets like coffee, drinks for athletes, and plant-based beverages (Rey-López and Gonzalez, 2019). The brand value is more than the US $84 billion, and it has been gained through high-quality drinks development, campaigns, and global expanse (Serodio et al., 2020). The opportunity to develop unique products is worth exploring for Coca-Cola because the brand is trustworthy, and moving towards healthier choices aligns with the company’s activities.

For instance, Coca-Cola is associated with major sporting events such as Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup. Sponsoring athletic competitions makes Coca-Cola crucial for the worldwide healthy lifestyle promotion (Aaron and Siegel, 2017). The strong brand addresses participation in organizing events while entering markets like the non-sugary drinks. In contrast, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola’s main competitor, frequently sponsors risky sports events and commonly associated extreme lifestyle and adrenaline, not health (Kayabaº, Boyraz, and Derdiyok, 2017). Another practical example that Coca-Cola’s brand value is an opportunity to enter healthier products markets is its launch of new beverages (Chia-Jen, 2018). The company successfully acquired AdeS – a plant-based drinks brand that allowed Coca-Cola to enter the products created to decrease animal cruelty (Goyal et al., 2019). If a firm is perceived as a part of sports events and fine beverages, it will become a significant competitor in the healthy lifestyle promotion industry (Hung, 2018).

The SMART objective to develop unique healthier products within the next few years matches Coca-Cola’s mission. Coca-Cola’s mission is to create socio-economic opportunities and provide people worldwide with fresh beverages (Coca-Cola, 2021). Indeed, introducing healthier drink choices is ethically beneficial and will increase Coca-Cola’s brand value (Bjerke and Renger, 2017). Moreover, expanding to new markets will force the company to create new jobs worldwide.

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