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Coca-Cola’s Cultural Diversity in Theory and Practice


Developing the value system based on the principles of diversity is crucial for an organization operating in the global economy. Coca-Cola has shown an impressive propensity toward cultural diversity in both theory and practice, thus, building the foundation for a cross-cultural dialogue with all stakeholders involved.

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Body: Coca-Cola Analysis

Accessibility of Diversity-Related Material

The policy that Coca-Cola follows can be accessed quite easily. The organization makes its standards for diversity and inclusion available to all those interested in the firm’s policies.

Search results

The search returned positive results. Particularly, the information about the company’s score on the corporate equality index, as well as the efforts that the company has been making to promote equal rights for the representatives of the LGBT community, ethnic minorities, women, and other members of the vulnerable population, was revealed in the course of the search.

Primary dimensions

The type of source was used as the primary dimension.

Secondary dimensions

The geolocation of the resource was considered the secondary dimension.

The usefulness of the Diversity Information

Potential employees

The fact that Coca-Cola offers employment options for people all over the world is likely to be of great use to the potential candidates since it will open a plethora of opportunities for people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Potential customers

Similarly, the information will shed light on the way in which the needs of the target customers will be met. Coca-Cola offers its services globally, which means that it must cater to the needs of a diverse population. With high diversity levels among the staff members, Coca-Cola will be able to satisfy the demands of any customer.

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Potential suppliers

Similarly, the enhancement of diversity rates and the use of cross-cultural communication will contribute to an improved dialogue with suppliers. Particularly, fewer misconceptions will occur in the process of service delivery and the reception thereof (O’Brien, 2014).

Relationship to values and mission

The concept of diversity is linked directly to the company’s mission and vision. Particularly, Coca-Cola envisions the world as a community in which optimism and happiness-based values and promoted actively (Coca-Cola Company, 2017).

Timeliness of information

The data provided by the company can be considered timely and topical. Released in 2017, it allows exploring the specifics of the modern cross-cultural communication process.

Appropriateness of the photographs and graphic material

Primary dimensions

The photographs and other graphic materials are linked directly to the subject matter (i.e., the idea of diversity and cooperation). To indicate the connection, the authors of the pictures use symbols extensively. For instance, the rainbow as the metaphor for the LGBT community is shown in one of the pictures.

Secondary dimensions

Similarly, more complex metaphors are included in the pictures. For example, the gestures that imply positive emotions are utilized to convey positive disposition.

Relationship to text

The images portray people and, therefore, are linked directly to the texts.

Reuse of graphics

Graphics is reused to single out the mission, vision, and philosophy of the company.

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Potential employee

The information will convince a potential employee about the security and opportunities for professional growth provided by the firm.

Potential customer

The target population will be convinced that their culture-specific needs are met.

Potential supplier or subcontractor

The suppliers will realize that the communication process will occur smoothly.

Internal Management Issues

Because of the emphasis on diversity, possible cross-cultural conflicts will be resolved successfully (Karatas-Ozkan, ‎Nicolopoulou, & Ozbilgin, 2014).

Diversity Awards

Criteria and selection process

The ability to embrace the needs of all target stakeholders and vulnerable populations can be deemed as the key criterion for the selection process (Wrench, 2016).

Sponsoring organization

Coca-Cola can also attempt at becoming the sponsor for diversity awards, thus, cementing its image of a multicultural corporation.


The current focus on diversity and multiculturalism that Coca-Cola promotes can be deemed as the foundation for its further success in the global market. It opens opportunities for increasing loyalty levels among customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders since it contributes to an improved conversation process.


Coca-Cola Company. (2017). Mission, vision & values. Web.

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