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Coca-Cola Company’s Global Operation and Cultural Diversity

Global Operation and Cultural Diversity

Coca-Cola is an example of a company that commits to supporting cultural diversity among its employees in many countries around the world. The company’s policies on diversity are largely based on the fact that the company operates globally, and an important factor in its success is managing the wide range of cultural diversity the company inevitably faces, as it operates production sites and distribution markets all over the world. On the one hand, it can be said that Coca-Cola as a global company addresses global demand that is not strongly linked to local specificity and cultural differences among societies in which the company operates (de Mooij, 2013). On the other hand, there is an internal perspective, i.e. the employee perspective as opposed to the customer perspective; internally, Coca-Cola inevitably has to address cultural diversity as a workplace environment factor.

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The Company’s Vision of Diversity

The company claims, “Diversity is an integral part of who we are, how we operate, and how we see the future” (“Workplace culture,” 2017, para. 1). Diversity is one of the seven core values that define the inclusive culture to which Coca-Cola commits. Importantly, the company recognizes that diversity is not just a factor or a challenge that needs to be addressed since cultural differences can cause conflicts and misunderstandings. Instead, Coca-Cola regards diversity as an opportunity and an advantage.

It is declared on the website that diversity is an environment in which creativity and innovation are encouraged, which is why it is needed to promote diversity. Moreover, it is pronounced that diversity is critical to both external and internal sustainability, i.e. in the marketplace and the workplace. The interest in the subject of diversity is explained by a wider organizational policy of the company to focus on its people.

Choice of a Company

Coca-Cola was chosen for a project on cultural diversity in organizations due to the company’s declared commitment to supporting cultural diversity in the workplace and the company’s global operation, which provides a particularly relevant perspective on diversity. Besides, Coca-Cola is a successful company with wide networks of production and distribution.

The project can contribute to the understanding of cultural diversity in organizations by estimating the extent to which cultural diversity programs and initiatives inside the company contributed to its success. What should be particularly examined in the framework of the proposed project is what Coca-Cola does to “attract, retain, and develop diverse talent” (“Workplace culture,” 2017, para. 6). Relevant documentation available at the company’s website, e.g. reports and strategic frameworks, will be the material for analysis.

Project Plan and Goals

In the proposed project, it is suggested to assess the two components of cultural diversity from the organizational perspective in Coca-Cola: theoretical and practical. For the former, the company’s strategic documentation will be analyzed for the conceptual framework Coca-Cola uses to address the issues of cultural diversity, i.e. what diversity in the workplace means, how it affects operation and performance, how it can be supported, and what benefits an organization can obtain from promoting diversity.

For the latter, the practical perspective, the company’s reports will be analyzed for the initiatives that are currently implemented (or have been implemented recently) and are aimed at supporting cultural diversity. It is expected that examining Coca-Cola’s policies and activities in the relevant area will help understand how cultural diversity can be successfully addressed in an organization, and how strategic business development can be improved through cultural diversity.

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