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Coco-Cola Company Analysis


Coco-cola in the current age has been synonymous with soft drinks, and they provide much enjoyment and freshness for people during leisure hours. The various enchanted experiences by the individuals had made the drink a universal brand among the soft drink industry. The coca-cola belongs to an iconic category, which indulges in the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of soft drinks.

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About the company

The company was established in 1886 in the US, the biz system in the production of the product helped in the extensive marketing of the product, and the process provided employment opportunities for many. It is a carbonated soft drink that is made available in stores, restaurants, and supermarkets. The year 1888 saw various product segments of the product; the company was named the coca-cola company which was a success through its non-saturated innovation. The new coke was launched in the year 1985, which underwent a makeover from the old and the varied taste and flavor of the drink gave increased demand for the product. The remarkable one is the launch of the new product diet coke.

The mission of the company

  • To create, revive and refresh the individual minds and spirit
  • To make the product stand out from the competitors
  • To create an inspiring and optimistic approach through the brand name.
  • To be a leader in the global soft drink arena
  • To make easy availability

The vision of the company

The vision of the company is related to the 4 p’s, which are the people, profit, portfolio, and partners. The company, in terms of profit, aims for good returns for the shareholders at a maximum rate, creating a better working environment for the people. The portfolio of the company makes the brand perform according to the people’s needs and wants. The partners of the company are the network of people with the increased partnership where they envision common reliability.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is much useful in getting insights about the company and its performance. The stakeholders are a specific group that has a special interest in the outcome of the company on an annual basis or a quarterly basis. “The stakeholders of the company are the external and the internal stakeholders, the employees, management, stockholders are the internal stakeholders of the firm, and the external consists of the suppliers, customers and the public communities” (Stakeholder (corporate), 2010, para.3).

The internal and external stakeholders chosen in the study here portray the customers as external stakeholders and the employees and stockholders as internals to the firm.

Sustainability plan for external stakeholders

Stock Holders

The areas of dedication for the stockholders are:

  • The sustainability factor of minimizing the debt and dividend of the company
  • Creation of value
  • The comprehensible and precise way in conducting the business.

Adjustments for the plan

This includes reducing the debt which are been incurred continuously, this helps in achieving leadership in the company-oriented marketplace, which contributes to sustained research and development. The value creation deals with the risk assessment and monitoring process, where smooth operations can be carried out.

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The specific way of conducting the business helps in maintaining a clear-cut model of corporate governance which assures intelligibility. It helps in maintaining comprehensive information on the shareholders and suppliers. This also contributes to the uninterrupted relationship with utmost commitment.


  • The employees’ sustainability plan depends mainly on Corporate climates based on shared values
  • Reliability and secured protection of individuals:

This helps in improvising the corporate climate within the organization and then increases the sustainable relationship among various levels of the employees. It helps in the survey and identification of the performance indicating instruments for the betterment of operations; it designs the employee models and the performance models.

This policy helps mainly in the promotion of assortment and equivalent prospects; it promotes the welfare activities, which forms the additional services for the employees like health and medical aids. It helps in balancing the work-life of the employees.

Personality development is of utmost importance to the employees in the various aspects for creating the management talent.


  • Service quality
  • Supply efficiency

The major commitments towards the customers are in the service quality and in supplying sustainability. The service quality issues deal with the customer service and in minimizing the supply obstacles, the sustainability of the supply mainly deals with the promotional efficiency. Currently, coca-cola concentrates more on rural marketing to have full-fledged market control.

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