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Becoming a Professional in Your Career


Many people struggle to find a career they want to pursue. Some of them succeed to do so, while others fail. Without any doubt, it is critical to choose the right job and make an effort to become a professional. Otherwise, individuals may suffer from a discontent with life, poverty, and demotivation to set new goals and achieve them. Fortunately, I clearly understand who I aim to be in the future and work diligently to turn my long-held dream into reality. Therefore, I am currently working as a dental assistant and studying for a dental hygienist to become a leading professional.

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Main body

To begin with, I am aware of the skills required for a successful dental hygienist and invest much time in developing them. For example, each professional should possess technical abilities and knowledge to perform effectively in the workplace. Making the most of my studying process, reading nonfiction books, and searching for different visuals help me advance technical skills and become more confident. Furthermore, interpersonal skills are crucial for any employee in a dental office, where interactions with patients play an essential role. Developing interpersonal skills is a gradual and complicated process, but I genuinely enjoy it. In addition, every dental hygienist must be attentive to details, as one unsterilized tool can lead to many adverse consequences.

What is more, it is vital to emphasize the benefits, which can be acquired by being a dental hygienist, as they motivate me to work harder. Competitive pay is one of the most considerable advantages of this profession. Undoubtedly, if individuals earn enough money, they live better lives, as they are less concerned about financial issues but concentrate more on personal and career development. A dental hygienist also holds a position with numerous opportunities for further advancement. Hence, it is always possible to take new responsibilities and earn more. Moreover, “job prospects are expected to be relatively good as the number of openings in this occupation is projected to exceed the number of graduates from dental hygiene programs” (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Besides, dental hygienists have the opportunity to work in a people-oriented environment, which creates a friendly and happy atmosphere.

Furthermore, I intend to explain why I am convinced that a dental hygienist’s career is the one for me. First, I possess extensive knowledge of dental hygiene and have experience working in the dental office with true professionals. Knowledge is essential for any specialist who always needs to improve them. It has never been a problem for me to learn new information on dental hygiene or oral health in general. The reason for it is that I take pleasure in the process of discovering further information and observing its implementation in the dental office. Fortunately, I often have the opportunity to discuss different dental issues with my colleagues and put my knowledge into practice. Therefore, I have realized that I have extraordinarily good technical abilities and expertise, which are critical requirements for a successful dental hygienist.

Second, I can handle different individuals and possess remarkable interpersonal skills. Communication is essential for dental hygienists, who have to listen actively, educate patients, adapt to their unique personality traits, and be ethical and empathetic. They must also “be considerate in working with patients, especially with those who are sensitive to pain or who have fears about undergoing dental treatment” (Occupational Outlook Handbook). I have developed excellent interpersonal skills by volunteering and aim to improve them in the future, as they are critical in the modern world. Undoubtedly, I enjoy interacting with different individuals and finding ways to approach each of them. Therefore, I am eager to face the challenge of interacting with different patients and successfully deal with it.

Third, I have an all-consuming passion for being a leading dental hygienist. For example, while working as a dental assistant, I often come in early, stay late, and take extra tasks. I highly appreciate working hand-in-hand with a dental hygienist, who shares his knowledge and experience. Without any doubt, spending time in the dental office is not just about my job but also about the way of life I desire to live. However, I want to take more responsibilities, be able to interact with patients independently, and solve different problems. Therefore, I invest most of my free time in gaining knowledge and experience, which will help me to turn my vision of becoming a successful dental hygienist into reality.


In conclusion, I can state that the career of a dental hygienist is the one for me. I possess many skills required for this profession. The benefits, which are possible to acquire, motivate me to study for a dental hygienist harder and work as a dental assistant more diligently. My extraordinarily good technical skills and interpersonal skills prove that I have made the right choice regarding my future profession. Besides, my great passion inspires me to make the most of each opportunity and move towards my professional goal.

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