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Communication Links in Nursing

Academic works and evidence-based projects in the nursing sphere are an essential part of the profession. However, there are several difficulties both in receiving and sharing the latest information concerning significant issues. It is possible to assume that the awareness of healthcare workers has a direct impact on the level of treatment of the patient. The purpose of this paper is to propose diverse options for establishing the communication links between the academic and practical fields in nursing.

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It is possible to assume that in the century of high technologies, one of the most efficient methods to improve the level of communication can be the exploitation of social networks. Researchers claim that nurses often exchange their opinion about evidence-based projects on forums and in chats (Solomons et al., 2017). As a consequence, it is logical to introduce the results of crucial academic works in social media. The discussion would be beneficial for both sides: for nurses, it would be an opportunity to ask a question concerning the implementation of the knowledge (Solomons et al., 2017). For the scientist, it is a chance to see the real impact of the research and, at the same time, to identify possible weaknesses of the work.

Another way to ameliorate communication is to interact with the nurses in a direct way. Pierce (2020) proposes a scheme consisting of six steps that would improve the system of implementation of evidence-based practices in hospitals. He puts forward the idea that it is necessary to establish communication with head nurses as they usually have a higher level of education and prefer to discuss the topics related to professional spheres (Pierce, 2020). It can be suggested to share the information with head nurses, and they would introduce it to their colleagues. In this case, it is possible to integrate the reporting form for the healthcare staff in order to control that all members of the medical facility are informed about the changes. In conclusion, it is important to mention that there are many methods of keeping nurses informed, but the most crucial is the rational approach and friendly attitude.


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