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Community Policing Practice

Community policing was first practiced in 1960. Generally civil unrests led to the development of community policing. Community relation programs were developed to make it easy for the citizens to give information to the police. I view community policing as the best development ever in the police force. This is because it is still the best way to effectively combat crime and bring it to control. As a matter of fact it is worth noting that governments often use a lot of funds to gather evidence when carrying out investigations. It is correct to claim that a good portion of the crimes are committed in civil settings and in most cases there are individuals who are usually aware of the same. Such individuals should give hints and clues for the collection of evidence and even arresting of the culprits.

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To better understand the potential of community policing take a hypothetical society where every person in the society is a secret agent of the police. In such a situation it will be very hard for crime to be committed because the police will have to be tipped of the law offender’s actions. Community policing makes it possible for cops to integrate well with the society and better perform it major roles namely enforcing law in the society, prevention of crime, preservation of peace and provision of social related services. By encouraging the society to assist the cops in fighting crime it becomes possible for the society to have confidence in the police. When the police force works collaboratively with the society it becomes possible for vital suggestions from the society to be implemented in the police force. Generally community policing helps a lot to tackle and uproot social evil from the society.

Terrorism activities are a manifestation of radical thinking and influence. In most cases radical activities are carried out as a means of passing a message across. In most cases terrorism activities are targeted at innocent citizens who cannot defend themselves. Terrorists are so radical that even when they carry out their actions they are even ready to end their lives. Apart from civilians, government agents and bodies are often targeted. In the recent past there have been a number of terrorist attacks especially targeting the US and its allies. The US has been targeted due to its foreign policy which has been viewed by the Muslim world as oppressive.

One of the most recent terrorist attack occurred towards the end of December in 2009. This attack was undertaken by a suicide bomber who attacked a US base in Afghanistan. The attack was aimed at sending a message to the US government to move out of Afghanistan. The attack claimed the lives of eight Americans. The attacker used a suicide vest to explode the bomb. The explosion is said to have occurred in a dining facility at the camp. The Taliban group claimed responsibility for the attack. The base which was targeted was located in East Afghanistan (Gaskell 1).

Terrorists use radical means to express their opinions. The terrorism philosophy is aligned towards the end justifying the means. Terrorists are bent on passing their message across irrespective of the suffering they cause. This has led to the deaths being caused including suicidal ones. In order to solve the terrorism problem there is need to tackle the root cause of radicalism. There is need to understand why people are willing to commit suicide and counterattack such philosophy.

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