61 Terrorism Essay Topics

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  1. Intelligence Implications for Self-Radicalized Terrorism
    Since the 9/11 terrorist attack, violent criminal tactics used by extremists have evolved drastically. Self-radicalized terrorism is gaining prevalence in the USA.
  2. Terrorism: Definition, History, Countermeasures
    The paper gives current definitions of terrorism, its historical overview, motivations of terrorists, and ways of combating terrorism on domestic and international levels.
  3. Terrorism in Perspective: Characteristics, Causes, Control
    The term terrorism comes from the word terror which is a Latin word that mean to scare or to frighten. . Over the years there have been disagreements on the actual definition of the word terrorism.
  4. Terrorism: Understanding of USC Definitions
    In this paper, special attention to the statutory definitions of international and domestic terrorism, criminal penalties, and the essence of terroristic organizations will be paid.
  5. Psycho-Political Terrorism
    The paper will address the problem of modern terrorism and intercultural relations, then, it will discuss the importance of psycho-political terrorism and its main principles.
  6. Counter-Terrorism: Constitutional and Legislative Issues
    This paper provides a brief synopsis of the article Should the ticking bomb terrorist be tortured? A case study in how a democracy should make tragic choices by Alan Dershowitz.
  7. War on Terrorism
    This paper will focus on the clearing up of the circumstances of that tragedy and the essence of the war on terrorism it caused.
  8. Iranian Revolution and Terrorism: the Rex Cinema Massacre
    This paper investigates events of August 1978, when people burn alive at the cinema in Iran. The fire could be a pretext for repressions against participants of Iranian Revolution.
  9. Preparing for Terrorism and Disasters in the New Age of Health Care
    As well as the communication process between the disaster or terrorism victims and the healthcare specialists, the new age health care has clearly reinvented the field of TDM completely.
  10. Homeland Security: Fast Response to Disasters and Terrorism
    Department of Homeland Security sets counter terrorism as the main priority before the adoption of all hazards approaching disaster management.
  11. Terrorism, Its History and Constituents
    The number and frequency of terrorist attacks have increased drastically since the twentieth century. Nowadays, the notion of terrorism is known to everyone.
  12. Terrorism: Irish Republican Army History and Ideologies
    The aim of the current essay is to assess the IRA as a notorious terrorist organization in Ireland. The essay majorly focuses on the history and the ideologies of the IRA from 1969.
  13. Events of 9/11 and an Era of New Terrorism
    This paper discusses whether the events of 9/11 and beyond presage an era of new terrorism, and what problems does this pose in terms of risk management.
  14. The Concept of Terrorism
    The concept of terrorism is well-known all around the world. Also, it is one of the most commonly mentioned problems in modern society.
  15. Terrorism Definitions in the US Legislation System
    The paper pays special attention to the statutory definitions of international and domestic terrorism, criminal penalties, and the essence of terroristic organizations.
  16. State Terrorism vs. Critical Terrorism
    This paper reviews the article State Terrorism in the Social Sciences by Ruth Blakeley and the book State Terrorism and the United States by Frederick Gareau.
  17. Terrorism Definition and Motivation
    This paper defines the notion of terrorism according to the UN General Assembly Resolution and outlines three reasons people make terrorist attacks on innocent members of society.
  18. Terrorism Evolution from 1972 to 2016
    This paper highlights the evolution of terrorism over the years from 1972 to 2016 by examining attacks on sporting events, commercial airliners and trains, and domestic terrorism.
  19. Global War on Terrorism: Main Challenges
    Terrorism has been a menace for the past decades. It has generated some impacts on many countries globally particularly the developed countries.
  20. Religion as a Root of Terrorism
    The paper provides evidence to demonstrate how religious motivator has had the greatest impact on terrorism before recommending a course of action to mitigate this motivator.

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  1. The USA Patriot Act in Fight with Terrorism
    The USA Patriot Act refers to an Act of Congress that was enacted into law in 2001 for the purpose of fighting terrorism and preventing terrorist attacks.
  2. Terrorism Financing and Combating Methods
    Terrorism financing (TF) is a significant offense that supplies terrorists with resources. Being a rather resource-consuming activity, terrorism depends on multiple sources of TF.
  3. World Trade Center Disaster and Anti-Terrorism
    The 9/11 attacks in the United States led to the World Trade Center disaster, which was a major wakeup call for the authorities in the security field of the nation.
  4. Disaster Management: Terrorism and Emergency Situations
    The paper describes the role of the healthcare facility in preparing for the possibility of weapons of mass destruction and emergency preparedness program.
  5. Extremist Groups and Domestic Terrorism in the US
    This paper explains the basics components of domestic terrorism and the roles of the local federal agencies in the fight against this vice in the United States.
  6. Terrorism and Homeland Security
    The article is important since it provides information on the functionality of Homeland Security, which is an essential department in terms of maintenance of security.
  7. Terrorism’s Serious Problems
    The terrorism is unacceptable and is only used by individuals for selfish gain at the expense of many innocent people.
  8. Problem of Terrorism in Modern World
    Terrorism is a global threat that each country has to deal with. The aim of this paper is to examine the pros and cons of negotiating with terrorists and fighting back the terrorists.
  9. Emergency Management: Past Acts of Terrorism
    It is necessary to note that September 11 can be regarded as the day that shaped the concept of terrorism, acts of terrorism, as well as emergency management.
  10. Arab Spring, Terrorism and Libyan Political Changes
    The essay describes the political movement of the Arab Spring and analyzes the impact of this movement on Libya in terms of political and social change.
  11. Terrorism in the USA
    After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, the United States of America implemented more stringent policies to counter terrorism, especially within its borders.
  12. Policy on National Security and Terrorism in the USA
    The coming up with the policy towards terrorism following the September 11, 2001 events highlights the depths to which the US will willing to undergo to ensure that it is secure.
  13. Government Preparedness to Chemical and Bio Terrorism
    This paper assesses the level of interconnectedness of different government wings and how they depend on each other to execute the preparation strategies to the acts of terrorism.
  14. Homegrown Terrorism in the United States
    This paper determines how the threat of homegrown terrorism in the United States can be dealt with effectively by the relevant security forces.
  15. Holy Terrors: Religion and Terrorism in the US
    This paper discusses the ideas in the “Holy Terrors” book’s chapters: “Jihads, Jeremiads, and The Enemy Within” and “On the Relation of Religion and Culture.”
  16. Terrorism and Its Damage to Modern Society
    Delving into the problem of terrorism, one could admit it is not a new phenomenon. Even in ancient times, people suffered from the manifestations of this social stigma.
  17. Khobar Towers Bombing and Terrorism in the US
    The Khobar Towers bombing that took place on June 25, 1996, was a terrorist attack aimed at a part of a complex in the city of Khobar in Saudi Arabia.
  18. Terrorism: A Philosophical Investigation
    In this paper, the analysis of one of the supposed acts of terrorism will be developed, using the definitions and approaches given by Igor Primoratz.
  19. Terrorism as Global Issue and Preventive Laws
    Terrorism is one of the actions that should be punished the hardest because it takes innocent life each time, no matter the justification of it.
  20. American Domestic Terrorism and Its Historical Roots
    The roots of terrorism date back to colonial times. The new Americans and British leaders had made an effort to annihilate the indigenous populations.

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  1. Terrorism Attacks, Motivations, Political Factors
    Many people engage in terrorism because of sociological and personal factors. For example, a person is deprived of human rights, loses home, or cannot get an appropriate education.
  2. America’s Fight Against Terrorism
    Following the events of September 11, terrorism threat became a reality to the American people forcing measures to be put in place.
  3. Human Rights Advocates vs. Terrorism Victims
    In this study, we seek to find out the implication of terrorism on human rights and the impact of terrorism on global security.
  4. Terrorism and The Peshawar School Bus Bombing
    This work analyzes the concept of terrorism and its usage in both domestic and foreign policy and also overviews terrorist attack, the Peshawar school bus roadside bombing.
  5. “Unemployment and Terrorism” TED Talk by Mohamed Ali
    In this TED talk, Mohamed Ali explores the relationship between unemployment and terrorism. Ali incorporates stories from his native country to support his arguments.
  6. The Impact of Terrorism on Walmart Global Logistics
    This paper will focus on the effects of terrorism on global logistics on Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart came up with a number of strategies and mitigation measures.
  7. Understanding Terrorism: Course of Action
    Terrorism is a big problem in the world of nowadays. Multiple countries all around the planet are affected by terrorism every day.
  8. Terrorism as a Threat to American Airport Security
    An airport operator has to control access by passengers and staff to restricted areas. Nuclear weapons terrorism is the greatest security threat for the US aviation industry.
  9. Emergency Management in Past Acts of Terrorism
    It is necessary to note that September 11 can be regarded as the day that shaped the concept of terrorism, acts of terrorism, as well as emergency management.
  10. Local Police Response to Terrorism
    The quality of the work carried out by the police to prevent terrorist acts determines the safety of the population.
  11. The Roots of Terrorism: Religion
    Research is consistent that there are many causes of terrorism that seem to be reinforced by historical and political phenomena, as well as ideological and religious factors.
  12. Terrorism Today: the Past, the Players, the Future
    Defining terrorism is quite challenging due to the many forms that it has taken throughout history. One of the main concerns in defining a terror attack is the number of people hurt as a result.
  13. The Arab Spring and Terrorism
    The Arab Spring refers to a wave of protests, coups, demonstrations, and civil wars that took place in several African and Asian countries between 2010 and 2012.
  14. Military Commissions and Terrorism Prevention
    The measures aimed at reducing the spread of international terrorism should align with international laws. The legal authority of military commissions should be discussed.
  15. Generation Kill: War on Terrorism After 9/11
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of the efforts the United States and its allies undertook in Afghanistan and Iraq and the predicaments of fighting insurgent forces.
  16. Generation Kill: Anti-Terrorism Fight After 9/11
    Terrorists unleash indiscriminate violence to create fear and, consequently, attain economic, religious, or political objectives.
  17. War on Terrorism: The Modern Perspective
    The terrorist attack that occurred on September 11, 2001, has changed American citizens’ perspective on the phenomenon of terrorism and its implications forever.
  18. Terrorism History in the United States
    The U.S. authorities have suppressed a variety of unwanted organizations, but the development of new methods of terrorism prevention is still a relevant problem.
  19. Terrorism: Vital Issues
    The evolution of weapons and the development of technology have led to a significant inflow of resources to extremists who use the latest achievements of armament.
  20. Russian Cyber Terrorism and the United States: A Research Proposal
    This paper presents the key information on a proposal for a case study of the cyberattacks used as a part of the interference of Russia in the US elections of 2016.
  21. Terrorism and Other Crimes Against the State
    This paper overviews crimes against the state and discusses terrorism as an offense, its types, and the legislator allowing for combating it.
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