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Comparing Self-Esteem and Anxiety: Psychology

In psychology, self-esteem is a feeling that gives someone a source of purpose in life. On the other hand, anxiety is an extreme feeling resulting from imbalances in an individual’s self-esteem. It may be worsened by uncertainty (Bryson, 2003).

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We take a specific study of 10 nursing students and try to establish the effect of anxiety concerning self-esteem in their life. We will use observation and the questionnaire filling to collect data. We first prepare our questionnaire using Beck’s depression inventory methodology.

The students are selected randomly from a college that is close to the location of the study. Every 3 of the selected students are from different ethnic groups, but the last one could come from any. The students are then asked to fill in the questionnaires (Bryson, 2003).

Student Year of study score based on Becks depression Inventory
1 4th 7
2 3rd 12
3 1st 27
4 2nd 15
5 1st 35
6 2nd 13
7 4th 7
8 3rd 9
9 1st 42
10 1st 33

From the above statistics, most of the students are less affected in their fourth and third years of study as compared to their first and second years in college by anxiety. It is observed that the student with the highest rank in the Becks score perform poorly in their classwork, while the ones who rank lower perform better academically (Bryson, 2003).

The poorly performing students face obscurity in both their curricular and extra-curricular activities because of the lack of balance in self-esteem. However, this is not observed in well-performing students. The good students can easily improve in performance with minimum difficulty. In a research study by Martina and Maja, they focused on establishing the relationship between eating behavior depression and self-esteem in high school students (Gareth, 2000).

In a study carried out by RUS-MAKOVEC, it was established that the eating behavior of girls is more affected by their desire to gain or lose weight as unlike in boys. In nearly all circumstances, their eating habit is determined by their anxiety level and the state of stability of their self-esteem, since this sets the boundaries for their behavior.

However, in most cases, the eating habit of boys is not affected by their level of depressions. Furthermore, the girls are more sensitive to self-esteem issues than the boys hence the need for most of them to slim through dieting (Gareth, 2000).

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On the basis of the second methodology used, the Rosenberg model, the higher the score, the higher the person’s self-esteem. When the student has a higher level of self-esteem, he/she performs better. Although there are various things that affect students in their daily life, they are expected to be more articulate and resilient (Halabi, 2007).

In a study done by Jihad Halabi, the nursing students are faced with the challenge of critical thinking being affected by the level of anxiety as well as the stress level of the student. According to their research, teachers are advised to help the student nurses by introducing programmers’ that will be more beneficial to them. It is proposed that the teachers need to introduce more emphasis on the major areas that perfect critical thinking abilities among students (Halabi, 2007).


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