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Concepts of Women’s Health Education


Women’s health education in general, is crucial for safe childbirth, healthy living, and successful parenthood. In recent times, women tend to rely upon formally structured antenatal and health educational systems to enlighten them on childbirth and other health related issues (Stevenson 10). Basically, the proposal will investigate the feasibility of using antenatal and women health campaign program to inform and educate women.

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Problem Statement

According to World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated amount of 1000 women lose their lives every day as a result of preventable causes that are linked to childbirth. Nolan asserted that many women do not acquire early and regular antenatal care (25). Svensson stressed the need for antenatal and women health campaign as it will educate women on the basic childbirth techniques and life with the child (15).


This campaign aims at raising awareness about childbirth and women health. This proposal will place emphasis on the target group and how to reach them, ways by which women can be educated, the most effective time to carry out the campaign, role of men in childbirth, possible media tools to be used in the campaign and specifications for the campaign.

Target Group

The target group of this campaign is women, particularly expectant mothers. A large number of women can be reached by organizing campaigns and community forums. The target group can also be reached via the media.

Ways of Educating Women Health

Healthcare centers play a vital role in educating women on childbirth and health related issues. In a research on expectant mothers’ preferred mode of education, Nutbeam observed that most expectant mothers prefer to acquire information from healthcare centers (161). High quality leaflets will improve women’s decision around labour, pregnancy and antenatal care (Adele 65). Women will also be educated through workshops and community dramatic plays about childbirth.

Time to Carryout Campaign

Antenatal and women health campaign is crucial at all time as every woman needs to be constantly enlightened about childbirth, parenthood and their health in general. However, expectant women need awareness and education on childbirth the most.

Media tools to be employed

The media will play a vital role in the proposed campaign. Media tools such as television, radio, and print media will influence women’s idea, behavior and value about childbirth and their health. Hence, the media will be used to create awareness about women’s health

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Male Enlightenment

To carry out successful antenatal care and proper education for women about their health, male enlightenment and involvement on issues regarding to women health is crucial. Jean and Vene, in their research on male involvement in antenatal education, found out that educating and enlightening male partners about antenatal care services tends to improve their antenatal care participation and as a result, improve skilled delivery and reduce childbirth mortality (560).

Campaign Specifications

Activities for this proposed campaign are:

  • Perform workshop to educate women on antenatal and childbirth. The workshop will be held at strategic healthcare centers so as to reach the target audience.
  • Produce a community play about childbirth, child upbringing and the risk of ignorance. The campaign will liaise with community theater group to accomplish this.

At the end, this campaign will educate and enlighten more women about their health, childbirth, child upbringing, antenatal care and how to reduce the risk of childbirth mortality.

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