Conflict Management and Team Building

Conflicts can arise from serious and, sometimes, insignificant causes, as well as offensive words or actions. It is vital to study conflicts and the methods of dispute resolution, as disagreement can lead to permanent damage to people’s relationships. Communication is one of the most crucial elements in stable and healthy relationships. It can also affect conflicts positively, as it can help people to identify the causes of disagreements and find ways to minimize them.

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Many studies prove that communication can contribute to the elimination of conflicts. For instance, Wu, Liu, Zhao, and Zuo (2017) report that a conversation not only involves the exchange of ideas but also helps people to connect on an emotional level. Notably, even the willingness to communicate is associated with fewer risks of conflict (Wu et al., 2017). The study by Black (2018) shows that communication is especially vital in some spheres, such as healthcare. Within medical institutions, collaborative relationships based on open discussions can improve the quality of care and patients’ safety. It means that communication is vital both for personal and professional connections.

Communication has such a positive impact on conflict due to several possible reasons. First, it allows individuals that have opposing views to see the issue from a multifaceted perspective. Effective communication can reveal both parties’ concerns and the background of their opinion. Second, it can help individuals to establish trust in their relationships. When a conflict arises, people may see each other as enemies, while communication can help them to realize that they have similar goals and values. Finally, individuals can find better solutions to problems through discussions. It means that communication is a key factor and the basis of healthy relationships.


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