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Conflict Management: Term Definition


It is stated, that any conflict is the engine of progress, however, conflict management skills are essential for any life activity. It is necessary to mention, that there are various styles of conflict management, however, the management process mainly depends on personal experience. Originally, the styles, that offer the solution of the conflict differ only by the means of solving a conflict, however, the effectiveness of each varies, however, sometimes it depends on the situation and the reasons for the conflict.

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Collaborative Approaches to Solving Conflicts

Arguing on the matters of solving the conflicts, it should be stated, that the most progressive one is collaborative. Collaboration is always the introduction to conflict management techniques. On the one hand, it is rather difficult to overcome the psychological barrier, and collaborate with the person, the relations with who are spoilt with the conflict. However Cooperative way of solving conflicts is often beneficial for both sides of the conflict. Unfortunately, there are no widely known instances of cooperative conflict solutions in the business. However, the instance of the Cold War conflict is the best example: The Soviet Union and the USA agreed to decrease the number of nuclear payloads in order to decrease the danger of the world nuclear war.

It is necessary to mention, that Collaborative conflict solution symbolizes the dolphin, who is eager to help, and often sacrificing his interests. Unfortunately, people are not always ready to sacrifice their interests, that is why they choose other techniques, such as competing, avoiding, or accommodating. Everyone has both merits and demerits, consequently, the choice of the technique depends on the situation.

Tools of Coping with Conflicts

The most effective tool for solving conflict is avoiding it. Unfortunately, most people consider, that avoiding means not mentioning the conflict. This approach is mistaken, as avoiding means not allowing the conflict to the outbreak. It should be stated, that it depends only on the diplomatic skills of the participators of the conflicting relations. The best strategy to act using the strategy ‑ “eat the cake and have it”.

It is stated, that any individual is able to make his or her own contribution to the conflict solution, as the state of the conflict may be beneficial to only some third party, while the conflicting parties can not benefit from the conflict. Again, cooperation and collaboration appear to be the best way of solving conflicts.

Cultural conflicts

This type of conflict is regarded to be the most antagonistic. The fact is that culture is not only the art, the literature, or the way of life that may be changed. Culture is the way of thinking, that is brought up since early childhood. The cultural conflicts frequently run in the latent form, however, if they become open (like wars on a religious basis) they become the hottest. Unfortunately, cultural conflicts can not be solved easily, and the conflicting parties do not see the reason to cooperate with the opponent to solve the conflict. The only way is the compromise, which makes the losses minimum, however, the benefits are also not the largest.

Often, the solution of such conflict may take place after few centuries of its outbreak, however, the technique, that may be applied for this solution may help to fasten the solution process. This technique is called bridging, and the bridge may be the charismatic persons from both sides, who should necessarily have the higher education, and who will be able to explain to the opponents the meaningless of the conflict.

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The technique of solving the cultural conflict with the help of the third party may also be applied, however, it is not so efficient.

Communication Skills

As it has been mentioned, that diplomatic skills are the most essential among the other skills and abilities in solving conflicts. Regardless of the nature of the conflict, the necessity to communicate with the opponent often leads to the beginning of the negotiations, devoted to the solution of the conflict, and sometimes the unification, and getting the essential benefits. However, these unifications often happen beyond the backs of the existing allies, and such agreement is called the separate peace. History knows lots of instances of the separate peace agreements, however, the parties, concluded such agreement frequently appeared to be under embargo.

The communication itself may help not only in solving conflicts but also in avoiding them, which often appears to be more significant than solving.


In conclusion, it is necessary to mention, that the techniques of solving conflicts may be various, but only the enlisted in the paper. However, the basic tools and techniques, that proved to be effective were discussed. The very necessity to solve the conflict, which appears soon after the conflict outbreak, often leads to the appearance of the technique, that would assist in solving it, consequently, the way of managing the conflict is in its essence.


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