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Congestive Heart Failure Patients’ Treatment Options


Treatment options for patients with congestive heart failure are primarily determined by the professional skills of health workers and by the desire of sufferers themselves to recover. For this purpose, the research should be carried out to determine which sampling strategy will be optimal for the solution of the issue. Also, the design of the study should be carefully thought out for the most accurate and effective intervention. The validity of the choice of a specific area is also a rather important criterion that should be mentioned. All the results of the conducted research are likely to be useful and probably will be utilized as a basis for subsequent studies.

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The entire research process can take place either in the hospital where people with heart failure can receive full-time care and supervision from doctors and nursing staff or at home where patients will undergo the program with the help of visiting nurses. It is important to collect all the data as accurately as possible because regardless of the location of the study, such information as blood pressure indicators, the body’s general tone, and other significant parameters should be fixed. According to Hibbard, Greene, Sacks, Overton, and Parrotta (2017), it is possible to distinguish patients who need hospitalization from those who can undergo treatment at home. However, to achieve it, it is significant to not only rely on the data received from a person but also take into account actual medical indications so that a patient with a severe form of the disease could count on constant observation. The primary emphasis will be on hospitalization since regular monitoring is quite an efficient way to conduct a full study.

Sampling Strategy

The primary strategy for future research is that patients will be comprehensively tested in accordance with the stage of the disease and the need to monitor their health status. The higher the risk of a dangerous outcome is, the more attention will be paid. As a result, all the data will be analyzed, and relevant conclusions regarding the effectiveness of treatment will be made. The data from those patients who do not participate in the study can be taken as an additional source of information, and their indicators can be compared with the parameters of the target group.

Research Design

The design of this study can be longitudinal. It means that repeated cross-sectional surveys to establish changes in time will be applied to the participants of the research. The validity of such a choice is that the same people will participate in repeated surveys, unlike the designs of another type where different respondents take part. As Li and Shun (2016) remark, the awareness of the importance of self-care for personal health is no less essential than doctors’ help. Therefore, a longitudinal type of design will be applied since patients will have enough time to receive all the necessary educational information about the methods of self-care.


Thus, the results of the study will certainly help to make proper conclusions concerning the problem of congestive heart failure. All the received data will be used as a basis for the subsequent analysis and studies. The process of research can be conducted either at the hospital or at patients’ homes. The strategy of the reasonableness of people’s hospitalization is quite suitable and explainable. The design that will be utilized for the study is longitudinal.


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Li, C. C., & Shun, S. C. (2016). Understanding self care coping styles in patients with chronic heart failure: A systematic review. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 15(1), 12-19.

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